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TV Review: Nine (Channel M)

Actually, the series is not yet over, at least in Channel M. And I’m talking about the Korean drama Nine 9 Times Travel; then again, the teaser is just so romantic, it would be a sin not to feature it.

Okay, many may not understand what they are saying as there are no subtitles; but then, romance in its purest form has only one language..

And there you see.

Now, the problem with this drama is not in the drama but the TV station or perhaps, Cignal.. The episodes just keep repeating forever that suddenly the drama has become snail-paced.

Well, hope they could just keep airing it without delay, then just repeat Nine from the beginning if they wish.


YouTube Review: Chubby Korean baby dance

The actual title of our featured YouTube video for the week is quite long and less appealing; and so, we cut it short but don’t worry, the cuteness of the video still remains.

With over 11 million views, What a dance by a chubby Korean baby! got its fair share of likes, dislikes and feedbacks – especially since the original music was replaced.

While there are those who worry about the table dancing as the kids might just fall off, guess the guardians are well aware of the danger.. So? No problem.

Still, more than putting the cute baby to dance.. Guess the video was quite simple, something that every proud parent would do.

More than congratulating the baby, our hats off to the parents! Good balance and “sumo” dance move, maybe they could consider sumo wrestling as a future career..

But the baby’s a girl, right?

Kimchi (Korean) on Food Review

Regarded as the 12th most delicious food in the world is Korea‘s most beloved Kimchi. Yes, more than Bibimbap, the Kimchi is one food that any true Korean cannot live without. As a popular Korean saying goes, “a man can live without a wife, but not without kimchi.”

Hmm… looking carefully at the dish, its secret really lies in the fermentation. Okay, there’s the soaking of cabbage (if it’s baechu kimchi) in salinated water as well as the preparation of the kimchi marinade; but like wine, leaving it for 3 around weeks to ferment optimizes its flavor..


..which is either “spicy”, or “sour”, depending on your taste and the numerous varieties that it could be made from.

And for today, we will be looking into Tong Baechu Kimchi or one of the more traditional kimchis that is particularly made of Napa cabbage.


The Ingredients...

In 6 cups of water, dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt. Cut 2 pounds of Napa cabbage into 2-inch squares before putting them into a large bowl or pot. Now, pour the brine on the cabbage.

After weighing down the cabbage using a plate, let it stand for about 12 hours.

Then drain the cabbage while keeping the brine. Afterwards, you are to mix the cabbage with the following ingredients: 1 medium carrot cut like French fries, 6 scallions cut 2 inches lengthwise, 1/2 tbsp minced garlic, 1/2 tbsp minced ginger, 1 tsp sugar, 1/4 cup Korean ground dried hot pepper, 1 cup shredded Korean radish (moo), and an additional 1 tsp salt.

Oh, if you wish more than a vegetarian kimchi, add 3 tbsp of brine shrimp sauce or anchovy fish sauce.

Here, you’re almost done and nothing is really left but placing your kimchi mixture into a jar. When you’ve done it, pour the brine you saved earlier onto the cabbage before sealing.

Now, let the fermentation take place in a cool area of temperatures no higher than 68 degrees for approximately 3-6 days.. or until it’s as sour as you like.

Done? You can now store your kimchi in the fridge where you could consume it for months. Have you watched the Korean drama Cinderella’s Sister? Notice the kimchi preparation of its lead star? That’s actually good for a couple of months consumption.

And with the scorching summer heat, a regular dose of Kimchi would more than work wonders. Being rich in vitamins, having the ability to aid digestion, and even said to reduce cancer growth – no wonder even Health Magazine named Kimchi among the 5 healthiest food in the world.

So, here’s to health and satisfaction!