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In Pictures: Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon (Liloan, Cebu)

There’s really no such thing as all-in-one per se in terms of adventure since earth is not only a division of land and water but land itself has caves, mountains and plains. Thus, in most cases, the nearest thing to an all-in-one could be beach activities (parasailing, jetskiing, and alike) plus camping..

Or swimming and land activities (zipline, wall climbing, and alike); otherwise, you just have to hike to link all ’em activities you like.

And Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is one that includes a mix of water and land activities without the camping among others.

Horseback Riding: P75 for 15 minutes
Fishing: P100 per fishing rod
400m Zipline: P200 two-way (800m)
Wall Climbing: P100 per 3 attempts
Hanging Bridge: P50 one way
600m Jungle Obstacle: P150 one way
Wakeboarding: P500 per hour
Paddle Boat: P200 per half hour
Swimming Pool: P100 per head

Papa Kit’s is just 20 kilometers north of Cebu City — this is in Liloan, near the municipal hall and just a stone’s throw away from the sports complex. Everyone there knows the place, so just ask if you feel lost.

Rooms are available in 2 rates: Overnight and Day Use

Once you are inside this 93 hectare property, the sights could induce you to spend a night or two — and what a spot?! The rooms are even facing the wakeboarding site! By the way, the entrance fee is P100 per head but it is consumable — so enjoy!

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In Pictures: Green Lagoon Park (Compostela, Cebu)

A lagoon park that’s pleasantly close to Cebu City, the Green Lagoon Park is just 27 kilometers north of the city proper! Have you been there?

Well, if you’re all alone or even with a partner, you would not really have to spend much getting there as even a jeepney (with no need to ride a ‘habal-habal’) will do since the place is just along the highway of the municipality of Compostela. See??!

The entrance to Green Lagoon Park
Reception Area
TO THE RIGHT OF THE ENTRANCE: 2-way road going to the shore with cottages on the side
Cottages near the shore
View of the rooms from the back
The playhouse just before the pool
Pool fee is P100 for adults and P50 for kids
This is the only pool they have but it’s good enough

By the way, if you notice, the place is spacious enough, so do not worry about parking space. Check out the video for a ‘live’ feed.

One of those fun things you could do here is play volleyball. Oh, did I hear ‘basketball’?? Sorry guys, I didn’t see any court. Nada.

Volleyball area near the shore

Also, for those who love to sing, there’s no ‘videoke’ here — but you could bring your own tho. And whether there’s singing or not, there is drinking; ey, your corkage fee okay? At the entrance.

In Pictures: Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue City, Cebu)

Over in Mandaue City lies a cool ‘getaway’ amidst the city smoke and noise — and it’s known as the Cebu Westown Lagoon. Yeah, it’s that ‘resort’ near the North Bus Terminal and just opposite UC Med but then again, if you’re not alone and you’d be bringing lots of stuff then riding a jeepney won’t really do..

To Get Here: If only for taking a jeepney, ride 01K whether you’re in E-mall or SM City. Then get off the road opposite UC Med. Yet for all those things you brought, take a cab! Hey, pamper yourself a little.. Anyway, many of us doesn’t really go to these resorts very often.

a entrance 4

The iconic Westown rock
The iconic Westown rock

The entrance fee to the water park is P300 for adults and P200 for kids. It may be steep to many but you also get a free drink with it.

a westown

a youtube thumbnailAnd in case you want to spend a longer time here, they are currently on a promo of P3,800 for Deluxe Rooms — that’s good for 4 persons.

a rock 7

a rock angle

Now, if you just want some fun without spending a night — the water park is open from 8AM to 11PM tho. Just wear proper swim attire.

a gazeebo 3

a gazeebo view

a westown 4
Actually love the fact that the refreshment area is ‘immersed’ in water

If ever you want to keep updated amidst the water fun, there’s Free WiFi at the Lobby and Coffee Shop area — though it’s not that fast.

a kiddie pool 9

a kiddie pool 6

Kids would obviously enjoy their pool — just keep an eye on ’em.

Something like a stonehedge
Something like a stonehedge
a stonehedge path long
Straight path to the jacuzzi

a jacuzzi

And the jacuzzi?? Wow! It could be full on weekends. Hah!

a statue 2
How about a ‘selfie’ with this statue?
Still wondering why the playground is empty??
Still wondering why the playground is empty??


a cottages 2
The gazebos
a picnic area
The picnic area

Gazebos could be quite ‘painful’ to many pockets as it costs P1,200 to P2,400 on weekends. However, the picnic areas are Free — but its on a first come, first serve basis. So, make sure you come early..

a slide
30-foot slide
a top view 2
Atop the 30-foot slide

Wonder how it looks like from the top? Well, now you see it! Coool!!

In case you want to come over in comfort, contact +63 9435247120.