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Carcar. Lechon Paksiw. And Ice.

T’was already noontime after my early morning visit to Simala Shrine, and so, my belly started to complain. Many people were at the eatery just outside the ‘sacred grounds’, and most visitors actually heads straight to that place to satisfy their appetite. Then again, the menu is quite common and even pretty expensive at that. Yeah, even a cup of rice was, what, P12 or so..

And so, I decided to head downhill and then, have an impromptu visit at Carcar — Cebu’s ‘chicharon’ capital.


The stretch along the road where 'chicharon' is sold
The stretch along the road where ‘chicharon’ is sold

Hmm… Do you know that ‘chicharon’ could in fact be consumed as one’s viand? Oh, we’re sure you do unless you’re from some place else. Well, that’s how tasty chicharon is!

Carcar's famed rotunda
Carcar’s famed rotunda

But since we already know Carcar’s reputation for chicharon and even lechon, better have somethin’ else — a spin off! Right. And yeah, ‘lechon paksiw’ certainly fits the bill!

So, could it make its mark as chicharon and lechon did?

Lechon Paksiw
Lechon Paksiw

Okay, the rind or skin was just right — not ‘rubbery’. The sauciness or ‘soup’, if you want to call it as such, wasn’t like just vinegar or soy sauce mixed with chopped lechon. The ‘laurel’ was enough, though they could have used some pepper. The meat.. not so soft, as in perfect.

Open, sidewalk eatery
Open, sidewalk eatery which is actually just along the ‘chicharon’ stretch

That if ever there was some ‘serious issue’, t’was actually not in the lechon paksiw or even on the eatery’s open sidewalk location but — in its soda?! It was just dead warm, and no ice!? Wow!

Okay, no big deal.. Till then. Ciao!


Food & How To: Lechon (Filipino)

One of the more popular Filipino food is the Lechon, or the roasted pig. Though you could have ‘lechon’ anytime, you’d normally see it in fiestas, or in places where there’s a celebration — of course, we’re not talking about just a slice of it but the whole pig itself.

So, what’s the secret? How is it ‘exactly’ done? Let’s see..

Hmm… take note of the ingredients that’s placed inside the pig, that’s one secret. Others just generally put some tamarind leaves then wipe the pig with soy sauce while being roasted — but this one has a lot more to it, even pineapple chunks..

See the ingredients inside the pig while it’s being sewn

However, the chicken that was placed inside is optional, or on request, so don’t sweat it.

Still, estimate the salt you’d be putting in the pig. Also make sure you clean it well that the heat may spread and penetrate easily and equally. Another thing to note of is the pricking of the pig’s skin that is to vacuum the heat inside even as Cris Salvador said. Do it when you start seeing some juice on it. Yep, it’s important that the skin doesn’t balloon and burst open, otherwise, it wouldn’t be crispy anymore.

And when it’s almost done, increase the heat a bit to further ensure the skin’s crispiness before toning it down again. Roasting takes around 2-3 hours, so relax and surely the wait is worth it.

Juicy meat, crispy skin.. Enjoy!