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Top Travel Tips: How to Go on a Business Trip

Obviously, not all trips are just about fun and adventure – some do happen on emergencies while others travel for business or work reasons.

Yet for this article, we shall be focusing on the business or work side of globe trotting – and tell you, this is more than just wearing a suit and making a fashion walk. It’s about the practicalities of business travel from a real leader’s standpoint – as there are those who take business travel as some ‘escape from work’ or even for flirting.

You are on a business trip because it’s a ‘business’ trip. Be responsible and accountable.
  1. Do not go on a trip just for the sake of going on a trip. If you are really dedicated to your company, then you should weigh in the benefits, costs and urgency of traveling. After all, we are well into the internet age where realtime conversations are not just possible but even free. You should know that.
  2. Develop contacts in the travel industry, obviously, to make travel processing easier, cheaper and faster for anyone in your company even upon quick notice. This is important in emergencies since business can sometimes be very unpredictable as is traveling, so do not forget to secure a travel insurance as well.
  3. Be an informed traveler. Like, not just being aware of travel warnings but understanding the culture of your destination – of course, especially on the business side of things, from attitude to communication style to social engagements to gift-giving and all.
  4. Elaborate a goal-oriented yet flexible travel plan beforehand. Stick to your itinerary. And forget the leisure part of traveling (unless it’s in the partner or client’s culture which you should understand firsthand) until you complete what you are supposed to do in your destination. Business before pleasure.
  5. If you have more than one destination, be on the next one at least 36 hours before the scheduled meeting for better preparedness. Thence, regularly keep in touch with your office and the people you would be meeting with. Communicate and coordinate.
    If all you’d do is sleep, drink or entertain yourself and just work an hour, just go for the economy class (even premium) instead and chat with ‘consumers’.
  6. Being practical has its rewards, too. Travel on business class only when traveling with an important client. Think costs and help your company by trying to forget legroom unless you are a frequent flyer with far better mileage programs or so.
  7. Have a quick meeting with your team. Delegate accordingly and make sure there are enough operational resources while everyone knows their priorities and responsibilities before you leave. And do not forget about your secretary’s “to do” tasks.
  8. If you are not the head, make sure someone could temporarily take your place. Leave instructions and whatever files needed to do the job. And review with your boss your basic itinerary.
  9. Double check your company and travel papers, sample product and whatever equipment or gadget you may bring. Make sure your papers are complete and your equipments are working.
  10. Try to make a duplicate of all your documents especially important papers and travel documents. One set should basically be with you at all times or as necessary, while placing the originals in your hotel’s front office safety vault for safekeeping.
    Next to yourself, your papers are most important – be sure you have an inventory of them.
  11. As always, keep your stuff to a minimum with just the necessary pair of suits or formal attires, footwear, a couple of casual wears along with your grooming or beauty kit.
  12. Of course, inform your family the what, where and when of your trip including your hotel bookings, scheduled return date and the preferable time you could be contacted. Just update them if there would be any changes.

Remember, you are the company, be a good and proud representation of it.

Consumer Photos 26

bq sporting goods_Edited
Sporting goods …

Well, we can’t be with our tablets or computers all day, we got to get a life. Flex your muscles and mingle – physically! Hey, there’s still so much fun under the sun!!

Electronic store ...
Electronic store …

This store has really been growing in popularity and of course, in sales, what with the cheap electronic items they offer. Right now, they are just all over the archipelago!

Safe Malling…

With the recent “terrorist attacks” at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya — would you still go malling?

Well, certainly. Malling has become an integral part of modern life that no bombing news would deter consumers from excluding it from their lifestyle – unless it happened in their vicinity, of course. If such is the case, people would simply wait until the smoke has cleared, until security is once again in control.

But then again, malls and authorities should not take it easy knowing that this is the mentality of consumers. By all means, no. Malls owe it to consumer patronage that they are flourishing. Government needs to ensure a safe society. These entities should collaborate in making leisure less worrisome but instead pleasurable.

Malls, simply part of modern life
Malls, simply part of modern life

CCTV. Body checks. Terrorists already knows these, hence, they are prepared for it. To stop terrorists, think like a terrorist. Like what would you do if you were a terrorist yourself? Prepare for eventualities. Swiftness is key.

As for the public, don’t be too lax when going out, understand the “times” we are in. Be alert of suspicious characters. They don’t have to wear eye-catching clothes for you to know one. Shifty eye movement, rushing, purposeful steps, carrying of hand bags or backpacks – the presence of these factors is a dubious sign, so beware!

Frequent Flyer

Inside a plane ...
Inside a plane…

I could say I’m sort of a frequent flyer as I’m in the sky.. monthly.

Well, we all know of these air miles and other promotions by the aviation industry which makes frequent flyers more in tune with their preferred carriers, yes especially from large and known airlines – whether domestic or in international routes.

But what about budget planes? Inside these planes, oh – you’d still have to buy food and drinks, and souvenir items if you wish which is to a certain extent understandable because of its lower price. Still, with growing competition from other airlines and transportation sources – isn’t there any other promotion but price.. and place?

Certainly, these low cost carriers really pack them up especially in places where travelling by ship costs just about the price of a budget plane ticket. So, travelling by plane is absolutely a relief.. yup, even though we see a notable number of air accidents recently.

Okay, if price is the only thing here.. then how about having that frequent flyer program for budget planes in place as well?

Or say, an even lower plane ticket for the next flight? Ah, that’s easy and already happening in some airlines. Then how about gradually lowering one’s plane ticket on flights within 30 days, 60 days and so on? Develop a range and a budget flyer card – after all, since budget planes is all about price — then drop it even more.

The thing with these airlines nowadays is that, they have this really low priced tickets — both for domestic and international routes — but you need to book several months or even a year ahead just to avail them. Whew! Who knows what could happen then? Sudden change of schedules. Illness. Emergencies. To say the least, such a promo is like a little short of swindling. Too bad.

Want to be above competition? Want to serve more passengers? Get a little more creative. Right.


Inside the bus ...
Inside the bus…

Just had a long, out-of-town ride the other day. It’s been a while since I commuted, and on this route … and so I noticed, many buses now are offering Wi-Fi inside their buses to attract more passengers. In fact, many more bus lines are following suit.

Ah, now we could do work while going several miles an hour. Great!

Oh no! But looking at the window just makes some dizzy, and worse, the bus freshener makes the condition even sickening. Well, not that the freshener stinks, of course not; but the mix of odor and that apple scent makes one experience nausea. Too bad.

While many operators may be focused on using technology to their advantage, most have forgotten that comfort is a key determinant to retaining customers, or passengers for that matter. Yes, of course, safety and the right speed are a given as well.

So, how about changing that fragrance? Make it counter or blend with different odors in a pleasant way. Maybe it would help.

More so, how about adding a first aid kit to buses? Like an ointment or tablet to take when especially before feeling dizzy.

Good service only takes focus.