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Gadget Review: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

What we normally think of tablets is just, you know, games and stuff. Like as simple as having a bigger screen compared to a smartphone, of course, but with the power of a computer — though it’s just a little smaller than laptops where we could comfortably type.

But this one, dubbed as ‘The Ultimate Video Tablet’, Yoga Tab 3 Pro actually has several features that not regular tablets could offer; and the ‘ultimate’ of which is possessing a 70″ built-in projector. Wow!


For gamers.. Yep, nothing to worry. It’s got a 2 GB RAM which could accommodate just about any popular game we have today.


For movie and music lovers? Well, the nice thing about this is that you could actually ‘hang’ it, so even if you’re doing something, you could still enjoy its 4 JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos along with its 10.1″ QHD (2560 x 1600) screen — and it’s even splash proof!


For photo junkies. Okay, it’s still the regular 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front cam. But hey, it measures 9.72″ x 0.18″ x 7.05″ and is only 1.47 pounds with a capability to stand!


For heavy users, hmm… How does an 18+ hour battery life sound? Cool, eh?! It’s got a 10200 mAh after all. And it’s powered by an Intel Atom Quad Core processor. Yeah, with Android 5.1 as its OS!


But, do you think this would sell like hotcakes at $479.99? Really?!? The projector thing is just too inviting that one wouldn’t even mind if the splash proof design could really last. Or if apps are running while you play with RAM-hungry games. Or even if the tablet could blow up while cooking.. Whoa!?

What matters is that you are aware of the gadget. And would really take care of not abusing its features. Only then would it be worth it.

Product Review: Lenovo G480 laptop

After just 6 months of use, the Lenovo G480 already showed signs of age. Yes, just 6 months since it was purchased.

What happened?

Well, the screen just doesn’t light up or display anything. Can’t be because of the OS, as it’s good after fixing it ourselves. Nor because of any preexisting factory defect, as it was tested beforehand besides it’s only after 6 months that a malfunction has occurred..

..so, it must be G480’s ventilation system rather than the whole motherboard itself – as you could already feel the heat when you stick your palm near the keyboard.

Perhaps Lenovo should try to improve the unit’s battery life as an empty batt could be a contributor to its weak ventilation. Still, the more telling inconvenience is the fact that warranty repairs could take 3 weeks since the place where it was bought has no service center.

Hmm… this is one thing manufacturers need to address as well. They shouldn’t just get sales partners, instead, they should have technical agreements with these distributors so they are able to fix the laptops themselves.

The key here is not only to make sure of their training but to provide them with enough spare parts in case of replacements. A good monitoring system would help Lenovo.

As for the other tangibles, well, while the laptop is affordable at less than $500 a unit, it’s a bit thick and quite heavy..

Do we still need a new model to address these concerns?

App Review: Whoscall

And the winner is… well, you know who. Who else but “Whoscall”! Whoscall?

whoscall3Whoscall is an application designed to determine the origin of calls and text messages regardless if the caller’s number is on your phone book or not. Also, Whoscall helps you block callers you do not want to talk to.

Oh, that’s nice. But wait, what is this “winner” thing all about?

Hmm… it’s all actually about last year’s winner for Google’s Best Application. LINE Corporation in partnership with developer Gogolook utilizes databases of over 600 million numbers taken from the Yellow Pages among others.

But then, good as it gets, there’s still much room for improvement.

One. It is said that the offline databases are only available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.. This means many of those who would want to install this application would not be able to maximize its capability because of this limitation – besides, we can’t always be online, you know.

Two. Many have been complaining that Whoscall does not work with certain phone brands such as Lenovo. If this is the case, what’s the use of the application then?whoscall4

Three. One of its system requirements says that the “use of battery conservation apps may cause performance issues.” Well, then we won’t be able to take “conservation measures” if we use this application?! Some trade-in, eh?

Lastly, numbers in our phone book would not be “automatically” collected by LINE Whoscall service. Key word: automatically. This means, it would be stored – eventually. So, what about our conversations?

With all these privacy violations nowadays, should we just develop some kind of “Morse code” to be used within our contacts? Hopefully, things gets fixed before another round of problems ring our phones.