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Consumer Video: Bluetooth Smart Lock Fire Test

Eleven months ago, we featured videos on ‘keys and locks’. Like, how to open your door in case you have forgotten your keys; well, how thieves would possibly open them as well. Yep, most probably by using lock picks or even hair clips and such.

This time, we not only show you how ‘vulnerable’ almost anything is to fire — yes, even locks — but making us consumers think about the moral story of this all ‘lock’ thing, even with such advancements like the Bluetooth Smart Lock.

Hmm… The video is almost unnecessary unless we forgot that fire is the ‘ultimate’ test — even to determining gold. So, as expected the lock is useless when fire was used.

On the thief or “doer’s” side, well for you to burn the lock, you must be pretty desperate. Understandably so, you just got to get in. Then again, you also must have overlooked at something.. Check where the lock was mounted!

Sometimes it could be easier to unlock or break-in by destroying where the lock was mounted. However, first, consider which one is easier and cheaper to replace as well. In case of the video, is the ‘Bluetooth Smart Lock’ cheaper than the chain?

Anyway, just make sure wherever or whatever you used to mount your lock is also sturdy enough against lost souls.

Consumer Videos: Keys and Locks

Many of us must have experienced having lost or forgotten our keys, so how do you enter your house then? Call a locksmith? Well, that’s a natural reaction if you don’t have duplicates; then again, worry not as there are ways to open your locks with some simple items.

Here’s a few of them..

Bobby Pin: Apply minimum torque to the tension wrench, insert the bobby pin into the key way, make use of a vibrating motion, or scrubbing over the pins, after a few seconds, try to apply greater force to the tension wrench to turn the plug. If the pins do not set after several seconds, release the tension wrench and do it again. (szxxxx)

For this lock, a paper clip was used. And as we can see, it’s all about feeling and pushing ’em up. Basically the same principles really.

In the end, it would be good to know how keys are copied and made.. yes, not just for ’emergency’ purposes but for your safety as well.

Goji Smart Lock on Innovation Watch

By the name itself, Goji Smart Lock sounds interesting – after all, it’s basically keyless. Yea, a door lock designed not only to make sure you locked your door but to notify you of people who went to your house, or those trying to forcibly enter it.. and that is by sending you a text message and a picture of the visitor.


Hmm… this seems just like a CCTV only in a different name and package, huh? Of course, the CCTV is basically to monitor people while Goji is for added protection to your house’s door lock.

Well, it is said that Goji is an  “electronic” system with a built-in WiFi and works specifically with smartphones – iPhone 4S and higher, and Samsung Galaxy S3 and up with a 24/7 customer service assistance to help you lock or unlock your door – yes, from anywhere in the world.

And that’s just the beginning of the story..


Once the easy-to-install locking system is fastened, Goji could monitor your door up to 6 feet out. So if it’s you or anyone you give access to approaches, the door automatically opens even greeting you by your name; this is especially useful for those who do you professional services when you’re not around like housecleaning.


And in case you are to authorize an elderly or a child who doesn’t really carry smartphones, access could also be gained through an electronic Bluetooth fob which you could get from Goji. Otherwise, one could also open the door in a more traditional manner by using its key (which mainly exists for back up purposes).

Nevertheless, amazing as this $278 locking system sounds, people who are really concerned with security would ask this..

Isn’t there any chemical (or anything that could deactivate the system) that an intruder could shoot from more than 6 feet away be used? This means accessing undetected. After all, Goji is still a machine.. and when there’s a will, there’s a way. Got the point?