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Product Review: Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter

Our adventure continues with a valuable camping tool in the Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter. And for $8-$13 (depending on where you bought it), let’s see what it really has..

Okay, it’s first of all another way to quickly light your tinder on fire. Then again, it’s actually the best way to do so! Compared to regular matches, thisĀ magnesium fire starterĀ is weather resistant — it doesn’t die down when lighting it up that is. More so, it’s also wind-proof, this means you don’t need to cover in worry while striking.

Cool? Well, here’s more.

It’s got a compass which could certainly be of help. And it also has an emergency whistle — at 150 decibels. Plus a little blade to cut small tinders just in case. Yet another nice thing about this is that the ‘fire starter’ rod could easily fit in your gears since it’s just 5.5 inches!

Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter
Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter

And so, compared to matches that only carries 24 sticks and more so is affected by water and weather. magnesium fire starters could light up to 15,000 times with no problem.

Wow! Isn’t there anything negative about this? Sure. if you could take its price — just don’t leave it with your kids, or else..