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In Style: Rainy Day Make-up

While it’s summer in other parts of the world, here, it’s the rainy season. All those storms just lashing out islands and properties and things like that..

And that even on a simple rainy day, it affects poise and beauty. So, how do you go out then, and still be able to maintain your looks, more so look great?

For this feature, we shall check out how to do that rainy day make-up as presented in Pony’s Beauty Diary, a Korean collection of videos on beauty tips hosted by Park Hye Min.

Notice how important your beauty foundation is? Clearing stuff and using the right products? Ahh, of course you could switch to alternatives to be more cost-efficient but remember to take note of the active ingredients.

Use the free trial and even smell them if possible..

In the end, Rainy day make-up is making sure your make up could withstand the rains.. and still look in style.