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Consumer Video: 8 ‘House’ Things That Makes You Tired

Have you been feeling listless lately? Yes, tired. Have you? And what do you think is the reason for it? Ah, excluding being sick or under the weather, of course. Still, have you ever thought that there are actually things ‘at home’ that makes you tired? Let’s check out the video before drawing up conclusions..

Hmm… ‘clutter’ would actually bother mom more than us, right? So, more than the clutter, the presumed stress here is in fact ‘mom-stress’ — on us — sorry moms. But guys, isn’t it time to get organized? Com’ on, love ya mom!

TV? Tablet? Unless you use the TV or tablet before bedtime (and for some, on a regular basis), don’t think it would affect your sleep. It’s a matter of getting used to it. How long would it take for melatonin to go back to its normal levels, anyway?

Coffee maker. Home bar. Junk food. All negative in the long run. Cellphone? Unless someone tries to contact you during the ‘unholy’ hours of the night then surely, it’ll affect you the coming day. Just like how ‘drawn curtains’ would affect you, too.

Lastly, a ‘lower thermostat setting’ would not make us feel tired but sleepy, you know. So, this is about not being productive.

At the end of the day, just have a healthy lifestyle. Yeah. Exercise. Eat healthy. Be organized. Take time to refreshen. Bond. Live. And you would be able to combat the stress and fatigue your work, school or chores bring you..


How to Install a Hanging Room Divider

If you got a large studio space – which is really more common to those renting, or those in highly urbanized places like New York – but doesn’t actually have visible dividers to separate areas like the living room, then this feature is especially for you..

Installing a Hanging Room Divider brought to you by ‘Engineer Your Space’.

So.. Obviously, the trick lies in IKEA’s Kvartal Track System where we could hang those pins and curtains after installing them on the ceiling.. And floor.

While Isabelle gave us a good visual of it, if you’re still bit confused, you know you could always check the manual – guided by the objective of creating a wall behind the sofa as well as creating those corners using curtains.

Hmm… Keys in this whole thing though lies in making sure everything is ‘aligned’ and according to plan. From the use of those masking tape on the floor to using a plumb line to mark ceiling spots to utilizing a laser just to be sure of the ‘alignment’.

With these things considered, everything would surely fall into place..

Just don’t lean on those walls!

Home Makeover: Small Space – Interior Design

Do you have a small-spaced house? Like the living room, dining area and the kitchen barely giving you room to maneuver? Not only that, but it’s even sucking the ‘light’ out of your home?

Well, our featured home makeover might give you some invaluable ideas for better living; and perhaps you could improve on them according to your exact setup..

So, did it relate to you? Anyway, here’s our take..


  • Though it’s a design no-no, Maia did well in pushing the sofa to the wall since the 3 other sides are either stairs or a window; however, adding a small frame just above it could have improved the presentation further.
  • While the round table is cool, the books on top are “too arranged” as if they’ve become part of the furniture – lessening the “library” impact. Quite simple to fix though, so no problem.
  • The vases are nice on the floor but since there are kids and who knows “dogs” as well – such design becomes impractical and dangerous.


  • The choice of furnishing and color is just great save for the frame.. its color mix kinda contradicted in a “different” way.


  • The idea of removing the divider was cool as indeed it brought in more space and light to the house’s section.
  • Just neatly arranged with the peninsula and window maximized.. though ideally, a stall or a plant could have been placed (before the fridge) beside the window.

In all, the makeover was just fantastic. Colors. Lighting. Furnishings. Drapery. The place simply came to life.

Good job!


Home Makeover: Shared Boys’ Bedroom (Crespo Family)

Do you practice ‘room sharing’ among your kids? Well, for whatever reason it maybe, ‘room sharing’ has its pros and cons. Yet if only for economy, ‘room sharing’ is absolutely among ’em pros. Ahh, then again..

Messiness would clearly be an issue especially for a small space..

Hmm… Boys are boys! They always leave their stuff wherever they last used them, but.. If you could train them to be more organized then even space won’t be that big a chore.

And many times, it just starts with having those closets and drawers fixed.. You know, getting them to an almost “bite-size” (as if it were food, ha-ha) fit. Kids just love ’em, actually even big girls do.. It’s just cute.

Just make sure the ‘study table’ has enough lighting with a couple of inspiring toys that’s within reach..

Oh lastly, shelves should be like those bed bunks, like it could be detached whenever you don’t feel like having it anymore – but just be ready to move those closets, yeah, as if preplanned.

Room Makeover with Grace Helbig

So, so, so.. Time now for another home makeover, and this time with Mary Elizabeth on Grace Helbig’s room.

Let’s check it out..

Simple yet good impact. That’s what Mary brought to Grace’s room. The ambiance is bright and yeah, playful and whimsical, it’s nice; however, there’s one thing a bit “disturbing” though..

That persimmon peonies wallpaper. It just has too much peonies that it sort of contradicted with the nice green, leafy cushion. In this case, it’s a matter of choosing which one to highlight by reducing the “glow” of the other..

And as it turned out, it’s not really the marble table and set that gave that “negative space” to balance the room’s pattern but the peonies. Yes, it actually brought some “awkwardness” to the room. Really.

Just as the lights were okay, they were in fact peony-like, too.. So again, cool as it is, just choose which one – the peony wallpaper or the cushion – to emphasize.

Other than that, the white tiger.. The giant giraffe.. The plant at the corner.. The piano.. All were just well-placed. Good job. Yup! Including the console table which was creatively utilized..

Not to mention those bamboo slides that coolly matched the ‘jungle’ culture of the room.

Home Makeover with Ingrid Nilsen (Part 2)

Well, time now to complete MissGlamorazzi’s home makeover; and for our second part, let’s get into her bedroom and office..

Again all stones were turned as a little table was even added to the hallway. That’s useful, you know.

Hmm… a flag is always a pretty decor, and a vintage one adds some kind of touch to it. Still, the guest bedroom doubling as an office is okay if there are no guests; otherwise, your guest could feel a bit uncomfortable especially if you hang around too long on the table.

And yes, though the bedroom is not really big, it’s definitely cozy with that mix of lamps and mirrors on the side. The yellow light even gives you that nice hostel feeling..

Oh, cool headboard!

Home Makeover with Ingrid Nilsen (Part 1)

The next 2 features of My Home would be divided into 2 parts as it origins from one source and so, one home. So now, let’s take a look at the first part of Home Makeover with Ingrid Nilsen

Hmm… you know what’s nice about Ingrid’s decorating here?

One would be the mix of frames in her gallery wall. Not all are shaped the same.  And not all are necessarily flat. So, it’s kinda unique..

Which brings us to the horns that was placed on top of the TV set. Normally, you would not see those horns and the TV close to each other; or perhaps, we just don’t notice it because where it’s placed is sort of dark, and yes, the wallpaper just makes things unnoticeable.

The dining room though is not really built for a family. I mean, it’s round with only 4 chairs that looks unconventional for a regular family setting. It’s good for single people though, or only for couples..

This makes us wonder what could be those furnitures she didn’t bring to her new apartment? Anyway, the large beach frame shows the type of occupant it has – cool and single.

Just like ’em bamboo set. And ’em tidbits of books in the living room.

My Home: Rosanna Pansino’s Home Makeover

In this age of connectivity, more than being an actress, many have come to know Rosanna Pansino as a YouTube personality in that bubbly little baker for her video series – Nerdy Nummies..

Now Ro is into something again, a home makeover of her house with Christiane Lemiuex..

Hmm… while the living room was marked with an insertion of a chandelier and “yellows”, the green room just needed some furnishings which was really a no-brainer..

Then again and though it’s okay, guess not everybody would like their TV set in their bedroom’s shelf, right? As for the closets, obviously the shelf design did the trick – organized and cute.


Oh, in case you were wondering how even one of these areas looked like before the overhaul, take a look at the kitchen’s photo above. Cool? Yes. Suddenly, you might even forget that you’re cooking something! Hah!

In all, Ro’s house is just wonderful. Bright. Clean. Spacious. Simply inspiring!

My Home: A Home Makeover from Houzz & Ellen DeGeneres

What happens when Ellen DeGeneres and Houzz, an application that could help you in your home renovation needs, join hands?

Fun! And a better home design, let’s see..

Like what Ellen said, Houzz, does 3 things: aids you in browsing design images that would inspire you, helps you shop for the things you want, and assists you in hiring the best professionals who could install those things you bought for your house.

Clearly, the key here in this redecorating are the photos that gives you those ideas on what’s needed and how it’d probably look like. Otherwise, without those photos, you could just buy whatever your impulse suggests and end up in a bad mix of furnishing.

Consider the size, space and shape of your house then look over those designs. See which ones comes near, or what you could tinker to be unique yet still have a beautiful interior design..

And don’t forget to work on your budget!

My Home: Girls and Being a Handyman

Do girls really need to be a handyman? Well, not necessarily but knowing something on home repair and improvements would definitely help her everyday living..

In this video, instead of simply designing her own room, Nicole did some hammering and stuff..

Hmm… If you really think about it, the tasks were actually simple – even for girls. Putting up frames. Changing light bulbs. Tightening door handles. Fixing door bells.

What we saw was just a matter of either the hammering or tightening of light fixtures – this makes us realize something then..

A great part of the world has both sexes conditioned for just certain jobs which is why some tasks or activities were never tried out by the gender that it’s not normally designated to.

Perhaps, it’s about time to take the initiative and grow..