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From A Distance: Calypso Restaurant (Shanghai)

This week, we now visit a restaurant that’s just 7 months old, the Calypso, an Italian restaurant located at the Jing’an Kerry Center in Shanghai.

Are we gonna eat? Not really.. it’s more of looking at everything from afar. Like a curious critic checking out the structure, furnishings, and restaurant design even before getting glimpses of the food.

Anyway, for those who doesn’t know yet, Calypso’s design was actually a collaboration between Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and design firm AvroKO.

And lo, what we really see here is more than just patterns of woven bamboo but..

The most obvious would be the fabulous lighting it utilized and the wood it used for the structure itself.

Hmm.. anyway, combined with large windows and high ceilings, that soft yellow tone of lighting really glows in an enticing manner.

The structure, as many would notice, looks like a greenhouse all because of those big windows of course. And this required furniture that’s simple, wide and sturdy.

From the inside, the seating in fact looks like a ship’s classy dining area. While the lounge at the roof top would feed your desire for some fresh air where you could wine and dine – just like you’re in a cruise.

Negative: If ever there is one, it should be those large photos imaged on windows near the door and on the corner. Somehow, it makes it look like a salon.

They could have simply placed some sort of Japanese paper instead. Good thing, the surrounding’s just great.

Where is this again?

Well if you’re ready to spend, it’s just right next to Mao Zedong’s museum or former residence.. With address at Jing’an Shangri-la, No. 1218 Yan’an Zhong Lu Road, near Tongren Road.