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The Location game…

Location (including structural design) is crucial in the food business and especially if you are still a new player..

The store known here as "McDo"
The store known here as “McDo”

Though consumers will find wherever their store is, popular fast foods still try to go for that edge – that “busy corner” location.

Max's Restaurant
Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant, known for their chicken recipe, did a good job in its lighting particularly with its entrance and selected “dimming” within.

Mang Tinapay
Mang Tinapay

Mang Tinapay, a new corner bakeshop has its visibility blocked by fruit stands and a mini-terminal – but “newness” attracts, so?

Okay, being near a terminal is good however if your store is just too close to vehicles then it could affect “the brand it wants to establish.”

Nonetheless, in the end, it all depends on the “location” – this time it means the locality or region where your store is; and on how tolerant the culture is to such.