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Gift Ideas: Unique yet Affordable Gifts for Him

If not gadgets, watches or sports items then what would you give your man? Well, something unique and portable. Something very useful and multi-tooled. Something like that of MacGyver’s stuff — yeah, something like the 2008 version of the Swiss Army Knife!

But since its popularity, such has become a bit common (though not everyone has it of course) that many would shy away from it also because of its price. So, how about some unique yet affordable items for him?

Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply
Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply

These chromed steel Dart Coat Hooks (each dart is 6.7″ long and comes in a pack of 3) with screw-in wall fixing looks real cool you may not want to cover them when hanging your coats! Really. Just wish we could stick them wherever we go without reprimands.

Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay
Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay

Well actually, shot flasks are slowly catching up in popularity like that of Swiss Army Knives yet t’is still something too cool to pass off.

This Black wrap SS Flask is a 6.8 oz. Stainless Steal Flask with Built-In shot glass that features a faux leather black wrap; polished finish top and bottom; and a screw-down cap. The flask measures 3 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 1″ while the shot glass stands 2 1/4″ tall and 2″ in diameter.

Just real handy you would dare not have.

Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply
Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply

This key bottle opener is made of stainless steel and measures 3″ x 1″. And yup, you could say it’s a modern design classic. So much so, if you really want to impress your mates when drinking al fresco, watch their amazed faces as you open your beer with your keys!

If only to catch attention — not bad for the price of $9.75.

Consumer Video: Making a Sports Bra out of Men’s Underwear

Wanna see something creative? Well, today we are gonna feature some ‘ingenuity’ that could actually save you girls some money. Yeah, that’s right. And it’s about making a sports bra out of men’s underwear..

Okay, several things here though..

One. Don’t use a dirty or worn out underwear, it would only make you look lousy and worse, gross. Two, if you want to buy a ‘new’ men’s underwear to convert it to a sports bra, why would you?! Ha! Nah, it’s okay if only to be creative. See, in some cases, men’s underwear may even be cheaper than a sports bra. Three, try to cut neatly to make the transformation more ‘appealing’. Otherwise, see if you could stitch lightly.

And speaking of ‘appealing’, don’t worry that you’re actually wearing a man’s underwear for a sports bra unless you just wanna show off (for then, people would surely notice the bra’s ‘crudeness’ more than its ‘ingenuity’), or unless you ‘cross’ any of the three reasons previously mentioned.

In the end, be confident. It’s still a wonderful creation.

Fashion Up: Men’s Casual Wear (F & X)

Hey guys, it’s your turn to dress up! And what time ’cause we found some cool items for you at a bargain for this week at F & X SM Manila. So here, and check ’em out..

F & X shirts and pants
F & X shirts and pants

shirtWow! Blue checkered F & X long-sleeved shirt at Php1,100 each, or 2 pieces for only Php1,750..

pantsHmm… Wouldn’t it be nice to pair ’em with this grey F & X pants? Yup, whether for simple parties or gatherings.. And it’s only at Php1,200 each.

shoesStill, it would be your cool Olaf style Hush Puppies that would make that imprint at just Php5,600 a pair.. Yes, you’d absolutely look great in either black or brown, though the latter would be preferable.

So, fashion up guys!

Gift Ideas: Armani Tie Gray Herringbone Logo

How many should, or would actually buy a designers necktie? Better yet, how many could in fact afford it?

Armani Tie Gray Herringbone
Armani Tie with Gray Herringbone Logo

Many would shy away from such ties (if only for ties) considering the price, obviously. But what if it’s offered on a discount? Much more, at a time when it’s the holiday season?

Then many would have a chance to have one, or gift someone special..

Armani is one of those revered brands that’s giving men a chance to own some of their valued products; in this case, the Armani Tie with Gray Herringbone Logoarmani-tie-141280gyl_1024x1024

These ties are handmade in Italy and 100% silk; comes in gray color with a width of 2.9 inches. It used to be priced at $195 a tie..

But now, it’s down to $103.96 each at Tie Deals.

Certainly, a nice gift idea for men. After all, it’s an Armani Collezioni.