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My Home: Will Smith’s $2.5M Motor Home

While there are those who’d like to have a cabin in the woods, there are also those who like mobile homes — whether in a yacht or a large trailer. Today, we bring you Will Smith’s $2.5 million motor home..

Cool! Well, this would be the way to go if you’re an entertainer or one who needs to be (meet or work) on various on-site locations while enjoying the privacy and luxury he desires. Airplanes, hotels.. in this case, they’re just not enough. For one, you’d still need to walk through the hotel lobby, get on that elevator and even try to locate your room if you are drunk. Wow!

Then this kind of home is ideal for bachelors! Really.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you’d miss if you would have a chance to own a motor home — gardening, real home decorating, and especially sending your children to school.

Your address? Ah, never mind.. We live in a ‘virtual’ world now.

Product Review: Tattoo Pocket WiFi Update

After a little over a month of use, we would now like to give you an update of Globe’s Tattoo Pocket WiFi..

Power Button

To turn on the power and off for that matter, one needs to press it long enough. This kind of design is a bit precarious as one could over press and damage the unit.

Besides that, there should also be a better indicator of how much “battery life” is left, instead of it’s current indicator just turning red in the middle of one’s usage.

Charge the unit while in use? You wish. What if the battery’s already hot?


As previously said, the battery really heats up after 1.5h of use; and so the need to turn it off. Would one try to gamble and test the unit’s durability by using it to the fullest?

From a consumer’s standpoint, of course not. It would be a waste of money to buy another unit if it gets damaged.

Warranty? A waste of time especially for busy people. This is why products should be truly durable, otherwise, they would either lose customers or get a backlash.

WiFi Signal

Well, the WiFi signal is actually dependent on the provider’s reach. While it’s good in this area, fluctuations and slowdowns still happen. Imagine if the place is already filled with Tattoo Pocket WiFi users?!

So far, that’s our latest observations..

Let’s just see in the future.

Product Review: LG G3 smartphone

With all the smartphones and phablets around, many would be so confused as to what’s really a good buy.

One with a good camera? Faster processor? Water resistant among others? Hmm… there’s just so many features one could think of incorporating and has probably been incorporated already in today’s smartphones..

But what if your smartphone has a resolution like no other? Say 2,560 x 1,440? Oh, that’s just ultrahigh resolution, eh?! So crisp and clear.

Well, this is the main attraction of the LG G3, and it’s not even a phablet but a smartphone. And with such a resolution goes a great camera, which is exactly what the G3 has in its 13-megapixel rear cam.

Nonetheless, there are questions here. Would you actually know the difference in resolution compared to other smartphones? That’s tough to notice. On the camera side, we always felt it’s all about autofocus, shutter speed. If cameras could take clear pictures of moving objects then that would be the Choice..

And in this case, the G3 has indeed improved on it.

Yet the downside if ever would be its power button which is located at the back of the phone. Not that we won’t get used to it, but, it’s simply not a good location with the pressure it could get if you put your phone in your pocket.

Another negative would be the phone’s locking system, as in the knock code where instead of entering a PIN, all you need to do is tap the screen to unlock your phone.

Hmm… although its creative, it reminds us of some games we download that could in fact damage our phone screen. So guess, if the fingerprint unlocking technology is still unavailable then better stick with the PIN for phone security for the meantime.

Product Review: Cat B15 smartphone

Yea, yea.. If only for newness, our featured product has actually been out since last year; but then, the Cat B15 smartphone is simply worth it.

Looking at it, yea it’s rugged but then, it does have that distinct appeal just like its renown Caterpillar watches – tough, sturdy.

Okay, as many who have actually tried the Cat B15 knows, it can’t be compared to iPhones and Galaxies which are sleek and stylish – while the B15 is thick and heavy.


But for those who value resistance against water, scratches, dust and even mud – this smartphone is for you.

Yes, despite having a poor resolution and camera as well as a lower storage capacity (though expandable), the phone serves it main purpose. Besides, it runs on an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

And more importantly, the overlooked features of having a good battery life, and being able to be operated with wet hands – yes, wet hands – cannot be discounted.

The question is – would you invest in a £300 “rugged” smartphone? I say, why not?!

Innovation Watch: End of Smartphones?

Is it the end of the line for smartphones? I mean in terms of innovation?

Oh, you may say “I see but then why? What’s wrong with phones nowadays anyway?”

Well, many has actually began to notice that these smartphone innovations have just been focused on screen size, camera quality, design, and battery life. Yea, we also know about the huge increase in camera pixels, volume and even water and dust resistant features of smartphones as well – which is of course good but..

Apple's iPhone 5s
Apple’s iPhone 5s

The fact that, when we noticed that Apple and Samsung just kept coming out (since their second model) with upgraded versions of their previous model – what we see are just “bit by bit adjustments” that I even joked a comrade to just wait for their 8th upgrade before replacing his smartphone to see a unique or bigger improvement on their mobiles.

Look. Constant upgrades only gives many consumers a problem; and obviously, it’s “having more cellphones than one would actually need.”

Hmm… okay, there are these trade-ins and things like that, but hey – you’d still be coughing out some money. And if you think of just selling them, who’d buy? The naive? The poor?


Good for you, and sadly, that’s just how business is. But how about your buyers? Certainly, they’d soon catch up with advancement and would be insatiable as many..

..this brings us to a bigger problem which is eventual “environmental” issues – again, which is really the result of a dilemma in cellphone disposal.

See? While advancement is good, the price to pay is heavy. So, if manufacturers could only do minute improvements to a newer model – then why not wait or save all (multiple not just one) your ideas for a greater jump in innovation?

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

Well, that’s if only manufacturers could agree.. and we, consumers, could also contribute on what we really want. Yes, forget those simple camera or music improvements. Instead, don’t be afraid to imagine. Ask for the moon.

In the end, while you may not see your exact wish come true, the devices that would come out in the future are far greater than just upgrades to existing models.

YouTube Review: Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

With close to 20M views, our YouTube video for the week is a student’s prank entitled Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever by Josh W.

Well, it’s all about making fun of the professor’s policy on answering calls during class. (No harm, it’s April fools after all.) And for Professor Barrow, whenever there’s a call, the speakerphone should be used to answer it.

Presumably, such ruling was implemented to discourage cellphone use while in class. But then, the policy backfired and caught the professor off guard.

Hmm… so would you now suggest a change of policy? Naah, can’t be. April fools just happens once a year, but cheating could happen anytime.

At the end of the day, t’was a nice April fools prank, but.. as the best ever? We suppose that’s just for now.

Looking forward to next April fools day, guys!

Goji Smart Lock on Innovation Watch

By the name itself, Goji Smart Lock sounds interesting – after all, it’s basically keyless. Yea, a door lock designed not only to make sure you locked your door but to notify you of people who went to your house, or those trying to forcibly enter it.. and that is by sending you a text message and a picture of the visitor.


Hmm… this seems just like a CCTV only in a different name and package, huh? Of course, the CCTV is basically to monitor people while Goji is for added protection to your house’s door lock.

Well, it is said that Goji is an  “electronic” system with a built-in WiFi and works specifically with smartphones – iPhone 4S and higher, and Samsung Galaxy S3 and up with a 24/7 customer service assistance to help you lock or unlock your door – yes, from anywhere in the world.

And that’s just the beginning of the story..


Once the easy-to-install locking system is fastened, Goji could monitor your door up to 6 feet out. So if it’s you or anyone you give access to approaches, the door automatically opens even greeting you by your name; this is especially useful for those who do you professional services when you’re not around like housecleaning.


And in case you are to authorize an elderly or a child who doesn’t really carry smartphones, access could also be gained through an electronic Bluetooth fob which you could get from Goji. Otherwise, one could also open the door in a more traditional manner by using its key (which mainly exists for back up purposes).

Nevertheless, amazing as this $278 locking system sounds, people who are really concerned with security would ask this..

Isn’t there any chemical (or anything that could deactivate the system) that an intruder could shoot from more than 6 feet away be used? This means accessing undetected. After all, Goji is still a machine.. and when there’s a will, there’s a way. Got the point?

Innovation Watch: Samsung Galaxy S5

Our feature for today could actually fall under the Product Review category but since it got a feature that many, if not all, consumers are looking for.. it might as well be discussed for its Innovation, and it’s no other than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unveiled just about last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the S5 is “water” and dust resistant. Yes, it is.. and though it’s not yet water-proof, certainly it’s a big leap towards what we really need.

See, many manufacturers are just simply enlarging their screens with little to no progress towards flexibility where water is involved..

..oh yeah, the trend also includes some biometrics like heart rate and things like that. But know what, though the S5 also has this feature, the youth especially would not care so much about it (unless you’re real sickly or old) compared to mapping and its built-in camera.


And speaking of cameras, the Galaxy S5 has equipped itself of a 16-megapixel cam. Hmm… with this upgrade, we can now say goodbye to digital cameras. Oh!

In the end, a smartphone would not be “complete” if its security is common – what with all the theft and hacking going on?! And for Samsung Galaxy S5, they now also have this “fingerprint” reading feature..

..with one swipe, you can unlock and gain access to your phone and its most secured data.

Innovation Watch: pCell

Did you know that Artemis Networks has come up with a technological advancement that would make mobile data connectivity (like video streaming) run seamless and.. faster than it is today?

Steve Perlman

Well, yes.. Steve Perlman has developed what he calls pCell or “personal cell” technology. And this network equipment could actually draw a signal that is unique in itself for devices that connects to the transmitter, and thus, taking full advantage of the bandwidth.

See, one major problem with our connections (shared mobile bandwidth) today is that when there are so many users – congestion makes connectivity jam up. But with this technology, we could now experience faster and uninterrupted mobile data – even with a ton of users as these pWave radios are small enough to be placed just about anywhere. So.. is it goodbye dead spots as well?


Oh, just think of what Perlman told the Business Week, “…it’s like the wireless equivalent of fiber-optic cables. ”


At any rate, exciting as it may seem, the question would now be.. when would this pCell technology be available for the rest of the world, and “without technical problems” at that? Yes, it’d be set out in the U.S. before the year ends; but sadly, many countries (especially in their provinces) are just left too far behind.. even for as simple as the 3G.

Gaming Review: Flappy Bird – R.I.P.(?)

It’s been several days now since the phenomenal Flappy Bird was removed from Apple and Google Play.. and what do you know?


The bird is still alive not just in millions of phones and tablets but in the heads of many as well.

Hmm… pretty amazing, huh? When you think about it, the game is just too simple to get addicted to yet how come many has even gone to extremes as a reaction to the pull out from Apple and Google store?

For one, you could have the game’s installer through Bluetooth, right? So why threaten or even buy mobiles with preinstalled Flappy Birds? Relax.

Well anyway, when one tries playing it.. clearly, a steady hand or finger is the key – what with a single missed tap and the game’s over?! And this is what, in fact,  makes it challenging. After 3 “game overs” or so, you just find yourself pushing harder to overcome those pipes. Oh?!wpid-FlappyBird.jpg

And so, despite the potential income for the Vietnamese game developer, we understand the decision of Nguyen Ha Dong to delete his creation.

Still, aren’t video games naturally addictive? It’s just a matter of appeal that the game has – graphics, challenges or what – that connects it with those hungry gamers.

For now, it’s game over for Flappy Bird.. and may you bring peace to your fans the world over.