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Product Review: Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia is trying to bounce back by getting bigger in mobiles. Yup, as you know the Nokia Lumia 1520 has a 6-inch display and hmm… pretty big for a regular pocket. But why go big when small seems to be the way to go?


It’s a phablet not just a smartphone that’s why.

Ah, so are they trying to conquer the world of phablets? Seems to be. At any rate, let’s go through some notable factors on this interesting creation by Nokia.

First, though the size is the first thing that you’d notice with the Lumia 1520 – it’s its value and what comes with the size that matters more.

This means a bigger working area for you. Then again, does bigger mean better? Well, whether you’re a student doing school work, or a professional carrying out company projects – yes. But would you be willing to bring it in a bag instead of putting it in your more reachable pocket? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better then to just use a “separated” laptop and smartphone instead?

The next critical factor about Lumia 1520 is its 3400 mAh battery. Oh, it could actually last for more than a day with numerous texts and phone calls to boot. Even so, most consumers would certainly want even a 48-hour battery if possible, instead of having to constantly charge which just gives owners that hassle.


Lastly, Lumia’s camera has addressed what many smartphones have not including that of its predecessors – which is the camera’s “shutter lag.” See, even if Lumia 1020’s camera comes with 41-megapixels, the value of fixing the “shutter lag” is far more crucial especially to those who value real time photography.

On the other hand, the “firsts” that were installed in Lumia 1520 is basically about speed; but then, what is speed if the operating system is a bit faulty? This is something Lumia 1520 has to address if it were to be a truly “top-of-the-mind” phablet.

App Review: Whoscall

And the winner is… well, you know who. Who else but “Whoscall”! Whoscall?

whoscall3Whoscall is an application designed to determine the origin of calls and text messages regardless if the caller’s number is on your phone book or not. Also, Whoscall helps you block callers you do not want to talk to.

Oh, that’s nice. But wait, what is this “winner” thing all about?

Hmm… it’s all actually about last year’s winner for Google’s Best Application. LINE Corporation in partnership with developer Gogolook utilizes databases of over 600 million numbers taken from the Yellow Pages among others.

But then, good as it gets, there’s still much room for improvement.

One. It is said that the offline databases are only available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.. This means many of those who would want to install this application would not be able to maximize its capability because of this limitation – besides, we can’t always be online, you know.

Two. Many have been complaining that Whoscall does not work with certain phone brands such as Lenovo. If this is the case, what’s the use of the application then?whoscall4

Three. One of its system requirements says that the “use of battery conservation apps may cause performance issues.” Well, then we won’t be able to take “conservation measures” if we use this application?! Some trade-in, eh?

Lastly, numbers in our phone book would not be “automatically” collected by LINE Whoscall service. Key word: automatically. This means, it would be stored – eventually. So, what about our conversations?

With all these privacy violations nowadays, should we just develop some kind of “Morse code” to be used within our contacts? Hopefully, things gets fixed before another round of problems ring our phones.

How’s the Sun been?

Guess telecom companies should not give any sort of misleading claims or promos especially when they do not have a stable signal – for they could face many consequences from losing customers to legal suits.

As for what happened to SUN Cellular

See? Connection problems...
See? Connection problems…
Okay, but they're trying...
Okay, but they’re trying…

Despite the flaw, SUN is a good provider. They try to fix problems; but the problem is.. signals still need fixing. And.. they lack, at least, one more phone brand on their list – Alcatel.

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
Basically a good procedure except…

Notice the last photo? Most known phones are listed but no Alcatel

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone…

…although FB Zero has now been working every now and then. Still..

Screen protector..??

See that "film strip"? That's the screen protector ...
See that “film strip”? That’s the screen protector…

Now the question of the day is… is a screen protector really needed? Yes? No? What?

Well, we could agree that while screen protectors are not a necessity, having one could help in protecting from scratches or for other unwarranted ‘harm’. Of course, you would not intentionally try to destroy your phone but accidents do happen – like, it being scratched by your keys while unknowingly putting your phone in your pocket, you know.

This is like owning a car. Would you deliberately bump another car or even a fire hydrant? Of course not. But again, accidents do happen. Thence, more than just being an alert driver, it is a must to have your car insured. Actually, do you know of any car owner who has not insured his vehicle? So, see?

Still, it would boil down to money. Other than protect the screen from scratches, what else can it do? Yes, screen protectors are not really expensive but can they really contribute to durability? Like, if it drops while being chased by a killer, could the phone still be used to call for help (just because of the screen protector)? Otherwise, compared to car insurance, it’s not a must but simply a luxury to have one.

Trading in or going small?

Trading in or going small?

With the iPhone 5S and 5C basically out – have you already thought of trading? Well, the race is on now from $50 to as high as $450.

iphone-cash-money-subsidy-e1332800637842And there are several WHEREs that you could trade-in your old iPhone – from Amazon.com to Nextworth to Best Buy to Radio Shack to Wal-mart to GameStop and more.

Certainly, we all look for the best possible deal. Yes, the most money we could get – but other than that, have you also considered buying a smartwatch instead of a smartphone? Hey, it could do many things a smartphone could do – from social media to calling and of course, telling time. If you just want games, why not a tablet or an iPhablet? Or even your old iPhone will do. See, saving is also a good deal.


Then again, if the world is moving towards wearables as the trend is showing – then smartwatches should be a better choice than smartphones – after all, more than just taking in credits for trade-ins, you got the money to upgrade. Know what I mean?

In all this, it’s still your choice.. and it all really depends on your “actual” needs. So.. think well. Choose well.

A cheaper iPhone?

A cheaper iPhone?

Well, almost 2 weeks ago, there was this news that Apple was to produce its iPhone 5C with a plastic back – resulting in about a $17 cut on its manufacturing cost per item.


Sounds good? Not actually. Because this drop is only good for Apple – not for potential buyers. It’s Apple who saves not the consumer.

Wow, then why buy it? Because it’s Apple? But, but wouldn’t it be unfair to consumers? If Apple found a way to cut its manufacturing costs – why not do the same for its customers? Consumers are absolutely looking to save as well. If consumers looks at this as a “one-way” scenario between Apple and themselves — we could eventually see a sales drop outpacing “curiosity.”

Then again, today, September 10 — Apple is to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and now lower-priced 5C’s for patrons to enjoy.. and so, let’s see.

Social media now on your wrist …

Social media now on your wrist …

While some analysts says the Samsung smartwatch is no game changer, what’s more important is what consumers would say — right? Not what some small group of people who are mostly paid to say what manufacturers’ would want them to say.

So, what are this smartwatch’s attributes anyway?

Basically, the basic functions it’s supposed to do. This includes the ability to receive incoming calls, e-mails, and tweets. It’s also said to be equipped with a 4-megapixel camera, speakers, voice controls, Wi-Fi capabilities along with health-related features like heart-rate, workout, and diet monitoring. Besides that, it could also connect with Samsung Galaxy S phones and tablets, obviously.

smartwatch makes calls

However, for consumers, an obvious issue here is not really the size of the watch (look at the photo) but the need for one to still connect with a Samsung smartphone to be able to access its full functions.

In some way, this is like holding one captive. Hmm…

Then again, another feature that Samsung should consider is the smartwatch’s real storage or memory capacity; and of course, while it could make calls — could it send and receive text messages? It’s just too small then, right? One more thing, what about music? Possible.. but beware of overusing it. The watch’s battery should really be capable of 10h of heavy use then, regardless, if it’s said to be good for a day. And TV? Now that would be real small — forget it.

As for simplicity, do you mean lesser features to make it easier to use? Well, simplicity is more than just ‘features’ but about being ‘user-friendly’ — just like what softwares and computers suggests.

Here’s the catch for manufacturers.

If you can’t combine a watch, a phone and some functions of a computer into a smartwatch – then what’s the use of a smartwatch? Complimenting the phone? I’d rather buy a nice, real watch instead and a good smartphone to go with it — after all, a watch is really just for telling time in the first place.

For now, let’s just enjoy Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

Looking to trade your iPhone?

Looking to trade your iPhone?

Here’s one program that could benefit you, you, you, and us. Yeah!

Apple has launched an iPhone trade-in program… so, in case you want to change your current mobile — you now got a better choice of how to. In this case, you protect the environment and you get some credit for your old iPhone when you purchase a newer model.

Got it? How’s that for a deal?!New_iPhone_5S_iPhone_6_release_date_3

Okay. Then again, this means you can’t get any other brand for the trade-in. Right, but hey! It’s an iPhone – a leading mobile brand. It may be priced a bit higher compared to other brands but if it’s an Apple, it’s simply one of those brands that you’re assured of quality.

In any event, this is not a rush kind of thing, you could still hold back until further announcements and newer models are released. Yet if you’re worried, you could always feel the beat with us and every Apple store — which is just about everywhere.