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In Pictures: Mantayupan Falls (Barili, Cebu)

Here is one of the more than 90 falls you could find in Cebu province.. the Mantayupan Falls in Campangga, Barili — some 60 kilometers southwest of the city.

Oh, did you know that it’s just about 300 meters away from another wonderful adventure? Well then, let’s see these pics first..

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Hmm… Can you see ’em clearly? I mean the print on the signboard. If not, here goes. There are actually 2 falls here, one is 14 meters high and the ‘main’ falls is about 98 meters high..



This is the 14-meter high falls; and it’s the first falls you’d see.



Now, t’is the ‘main’ waterfalls at 98 meters.. A lot really gathers here to have picnics, you know. The ‘wind’ is pretty cool off the falls, yeah!


For the curious, here’s what that small sign says — check it out!



And yes, in case you wish to spend a night or two, they got rooms.


So, what can you say? Okay, the water is not blue nor green; well, it just rained before we got there. Still, it’s bathable. After all, it’s running water, remember?! Just be careful.


In Pictures: Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary (Cebu)

Now that you already know how to get to Olango’s Bird Sanctuary, let’s take a look at how it is ‘inside the wildlife’ sanctum.

Registration Area



If you’re not fond of birds and stuff, you might get bored after reaching the end of your walk; yet since you’re already there, more than just taking ‘selfies’, how ’bout understanding these wonderful creations of the Almighty?!

Hmm… As we have said in the video, the ideal time for ‘birdwatching’ would either be very early morning or late afternoon as this is when the tide is low.


An Egret

Yep, at that time, you could see more than just a handful of various species that migrated all the way from the northern hemisphere.

A mix of flying Whimbrels and Godwits


Mostly Whimbrels with a few Godwits

Fleeing from coldness. Resting. Feeding. All for your appreciation.


And with a good eye plus preparedness to spend a night, hehe, all it takes is a few steps to see a whole ‘new world’.

Till then.. Ciao!!

In Pictures: Ring RestHouse (Tisa, Cebu City)

If you are fond of heights, we mean the mountains, well, our next adventure is going to bring you close to nature. A mountain resort. And just within Cebu City!

Really. And it’s not even in Busay — but Tisa. The Ring RestHouse!


To Get Here: Just ride jeepney number 12 from Cebu City proper. Then get off Tisa Public Market, or the corner road going to South Hills. Take a ‘habal-habal’, and you’re on your way uphill!

The main roads are actually okay as they are concrete and two-way; but it’s when you reach the corner towards the resort that it becomes narrow, and where parking is even very limited.





The place has got 2 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools — yeah, located on two levels. Indeed, it’s really a pretty small place, and what makes it appear ‘big’ are the levels or floors in which there are three.




On these levels.. Pools, cottages, and rooms are ‘scattered’ including refreshment areas, bars, and even a little chapel.


Oh before we forget, the entrance fee is P110 for adults and P60 for kids; while cottages are at P300 and P500. They’re lower though on weekdays..

So, if you wish to stay overnight, their rooms are pegged at P1,900, and that’s good for 3. For us though, a visit is good enough considering the resort’s limitations.

Still, have fun!

In Pictures: Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery (Cebu City)

Have you ever been to a sanctuary? Uhm.. a butterfly sanctuary? Well, come join us in our little adventure at the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery in Basak, Pardo, Cebu City.


How to Get Here: Located just several meters off Cebu South Road, you could actually reach the place from Ayala Center in just one ride 12L. Then just get off Punta and have some exercise by walking past Metro to the right till you reach Jumalon Street. Or ride number 44.

There’s actually a lot more butterflies and other insect displays in their mini-museum where you would not only learn more but also appreciate their existence. So, come on, let’s go see them!


If not for global warming and stuff, the above species are what you’d normally see at the sanctuary — tho they also come up on seasons.





By the way, the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery is a private museum, art gallery and nature reserve run by the Jumalon Foundation; and this was actually started by Cebuano Lepidopterist Julian N. Jumalon back in 1974.

11 12



Incidentally, Jumalon was able to amass these butterflies and insects through his travels and exchanges yet his love for butterflies didn’t end in frames as they say..





He wanted these beautiful creatures close by; and so, he invited them by planting butterfly food plants, and the rest is history.





Oh, did you notice some butterflies have kinda letters designed on their wings? Well, you could see the whole array in our photo — as well as the butterfly species around the world just above this text.

Hmm… As Julian Jumalon lived a full life enjoying his passion, let’s celebrate with him in this more than just an educational experience!

Want to live long?

Want to live long?

Well, who doesn’t want to live long? And healthy, of course! Yet, what is exactly the secret of a long and healthy life?

123-year-old Bolivian farmer Carmelo Flores
Bolivian farmer Carmelo Flores

At 123 years of age, the oldest man alive, Carmelo Flores, says that his Andean diet of Quinoa grains, mushrooms and coca leaves has kept him this long and kicking.

Hmm… as we know, food has a lot to do with our health – thus, don’t just pick up anything from the grocery but check the label. Hey, you don’t pressingly have to keep eating the same food over and over again but go slow on preservatives, on salt, on unhealthy oil, and sweets. This is no joke.

Nowadays, people just rely on tablets or supplements to keep themselves healthy – how about having some regular exercise, too? See, Flores is a farmer, and don’t you notice? Farmers normally live long. Why? Exercise. They may not intentionally try to keep walking and lift weights, but their work is making them do so. Naah, you don’t necessarily have to be a farmer – just fix your lifestyle.

And one more thing – avoid polluting our environment in whatever way. We are all consumers of air as well as consumers of fish, cattle and poultry that their habitat are just adulterated by many. Oh my, do you really want to live long? Take care of planet earth!