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NBA Christmas 2013: Clippers versus Warriors…

The recent NBA Christmas game in Oakland saw some altercations in different occasions with the likes of Andrew Bogut, Blake Griffin, Green, Jordan, and Barnes among others.

Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow
Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow

The game started normally.. sinking or missing baskets, going on fastbreaks, playing defense and all. But the competitive spirit and court “space” that these players hold was too much to handle – and so resulted in sporadic “hard” shoves and retaliations.

Many would call on “sportsmanship” in such incidents. Of course. But then, it’s the heat of the moment and the “sportmanship” most every competitive “person” understands is actually only seen after the end of the game. Know what I mean?

When the clock ticks zero – only then would there be handshaking and hugs.

Just some Christmas cheers…?

Players play hard during the game. Even getting hot under the collar. Some spewing trash talks while others getting physical. It’s part of the game. Anyhow, it’s important to note that a “clenched” fist should NEVER be used – which didn’t really happen in that game.

As for the penalties..

Ejections were justified. Two technicals result in such penalty. A flagrant 2 merits the same result. That’s the rule of the game.

However, as for suspensions..

Well, there was “no clenched” fist, or did you see one? And nobody really tried to ruin another player – t’was more of shoving. So, no need.

In the end, it was a nice game.. something fans would love to see again.