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2016 Olympic Basketball: Who’d likely Challenge the USA for the Men’s Gold?

At first, we all thought Spain was the second best team and could challenge Team USA for the men’s basketball gold — well, that was before the 2016 Olympics got started. Yup, and this in spite Marc Gasol not making the team. But then, we also wondered what happened to Serge Ibaka?

Still, this seeding was basically because of Spain’s previous showings — that is being second in the last 2 Olympics and all. Yeah, without anyone really considering their ageing roster..

The omen why Spain may not make it
The Omen why Spain may not make it

But now it has shown. More than Jose Calderon not really playing, the team has greatly deteriorated in firepower with Juan Carlos Navarro unable to provide that outside touch and Rudy Fernandez now losing a step or two in his game.

Okay, they still got 3 more games left; but the only team that they’d likely beat in their remaining games is Nigeria. Argentina, Lithuania? That is if those teams get lazy while they get lucky — what with Pau Gasol even missing crucial free throws?!

FRANCE. Uhm, with Tony Parker leading the anchor, seems like the French are in good hands. Problem is — it’s only Parker doing the damage. Boris Diaw can’t just talk about their team ball, it doesn’t show. They got to get Batum, Gelabale and Gobert more involved!

ARGENTINA. Yes, they’ve aged but if they could play controlled ball to save gas for their stars while executing well — and especially if Delfino could get back his shooting touch and Laprovittola is given more offensive plays — then they got a chance!

AUSTRALIA. As it is, the Aussies seem to have the best chance of upsetting the US — but they need more than just the shooting of Patty Mills who most likely would just get bottled up if they can’t execute or move the ball well — they need the toughness of Andrew Bogut and Matt Dellavedova round-the-clock as well as the inside presence of Aaron Baynes.

The Omen why the Boomers could make it
The Omen why the Boomers could make it

Lithuania. Their 2 wins were close, so you might as well say they were just lucky. Brazil. Without Splitter and Varejao, they lost big men who could pass well — that should have been a plus in team ball. Serbia and Croatia basically plays the same — though Croatia would be a tougher nut to crack if Saric, Bogdanovic and Mario Hezonja would click.

For any team to win against the US, they got to slow down the game. Move well without the ball. Minimize turnovers and control the boards. Defense? Just make it tough on the shooter and cover the passing lanes especially those lobs or near the basket forays.

Easier said than done? If so then you won’t win. Hey, defense has no day off! And in offense, you’re the one handling the ball — so all you need is a good system to bring home the bacon!

Movie Review: Eddie The Eagle (2016)

Sports stories. Especially true stories. These are just one of those movies that inspires. And that speaks the same for ‘Eddie The Eagle’, a biographical sports film based on the story of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards who achieved his dream of representing Great Britain in the 1988 Winter Games.

Of course, it’s understandable that ‘not everything’ in any ‘true-story’ movie really happened, but for producers, it’s as close as it could be. Let’s check out the trailer and get a glimpse of it..

Know what really makes this encouraging? All the discouragements he’s been getting — right from childhood. Yeah, even from his father! Well, it’s not because his father doesn’t believe in Eddie but because his father cares. He doesn’t want Eddie to be disappointed or his wife hurt considering Eddie has physical disabilities to begin with. So, how could one even think of being an Olympian?!

Still, he continued his self-training while growing up with all those dejections — where even the country’s sporting body doesn’t want him in — showing he’s got the heart of a champion.

Then again, while one must really have a strong character and focus to keep going — truth is, it’s the ‘wind beneath our wings’ that pushes us to succeed. And that is having at least one person in this world who believes in us, who’d be with us no matter what. In Eddie’s case, t’was his mom. Then, a mentor who’d help you be you.

The 'real' Eddie Edwards on the inset
The ‘real’ Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards on the inset

The movie was long enough to bring its message across, as Warren Sharp said ‘a true Olympian is not just about a God-given skill set, it’s about never giving up no matter what; knowing that doing your best is the only option even if it results in failure’ — but because many would want to see some ‘love story’ in the film, Eddie The Eagle only surpassed its $23M budget with a $41M box office so far.


At the end of the day, we’re humans. We need a reason to live for. To share our moments and all. Unless one is deeply selfish or greedy then he’d prioritize goals over lasting attachment.