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The Pacquiao-Mayweather Aftermath

UPDATED (May 5): Complaints of “dirty” fighting would naturally come from the loser and his supporters – even if it’s not Pacman. Thus, we should always look at things objectively.

First, Mayweather was said to be punching while entangled with Pacquiao. Is it dirty? If it is then many of the great fighters (especially from the welterweight to the heavyweight division) we know are “unworthy” because it’s been done since time immemorial. And every time, what happens is – the referee just goes near and breaks them up – with no real penalty. So, this is simply about using one’s wits.

Stance alone speaks. Defense versus offense  (Photo: Mashable)
Stance speaks. Defense (L) versus offense (R)

Second, Pacquiao was said to have a shoulder injury yet Nevada allegedly didn’t allow the postponement of the fight – and even prohibited Manny from taking his vitamins and stuff, 3 weeks before the fight.

What is he taking anyway? Steroids? And how could you allow a fight with an injured boxer?

If true, now, this IS dirty. It’s like a conspiracy to assure Floyd of the victory. The boxing world should really look into this matter if it doesn’t want its reputation tarnished.

Yet probably the bigger issue here is – why did the Philippine camp keep saying Manny is in perfect condition? Even Philippine boxing experts and all kept saying Manny is in top shape – up until the fight. Confident? Then now, sour graping? Something fishy here.

Better investigate the Nevada complaint first. If proven true, Mayweather should be stripped off his win and a rematch held in place.

As we know, the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight took 5, 6 years in the making; and now, May 3, 2015 Philippine Time..

It’s finally over.

Billed as the “Fight of the Century”, Mayweather got the victory after 12 rounds of tactical boxing.

Many may not agree with the decision particularly die-hard Filipino fans, but you got to be objective in this one – at least for peace of mind.

If only for being aggressive, Pacman certainly got the edge – it’s his style. Manny relies on volume punches while Floyd is a defensive tactician. See. Even before the fight, Manny even told Floyd, “you can run but you can’t hide” – which means he already expected a dancing Floyd Mayweather on their date.

So, what happened to Pacman’s fight plan?

Slippery Floyd
Slippery Floyd  (Photo: Mashable)

Well, unfortunately in boxing, aggressiveness doesn’t always bring in the W.. Especially if you’re not really hitting your target.

More so, I felt that Pacquiao’s chances lies on how he fares when Mayweather is on the ropes.. But Mayweather just showed he’s a master of such situations.

And one can’t just say, stay still and fight. Hey, what’s the ring “space” for? Otherwise, how about changing the ring’s perimeter to 2 square meters and let the fighters just stand face-to-face? You know, just punch each other like robots. No dancing.

See?! The use of ring space is for strategists; and simply standing toe-to-toe is for sluggers. The great Muhammad Ali is one fine example of a strategist; while Mike Tyson is your typical slugger.

What’s not good is if one uses “dirty” tactics. Now, mind you, dirty tactics is different from “maximizing” rules.

The ropes was Manny's chance
The ropes was Manny’s chance  (Photo: Mashable)

Elbowing, which Floyd did a couple of times is not good; but was let go as it appeared to be more of a “soft habit” that never really hit its target. Still, Floyd could’ve been at least deducted a point for his actions.

Arm locking, which Floyd did many times to slow down the fight is okay. No hard rules violated. It’s called strategy.

Below the belt punch, which Mayweather did at least once during the fight was rightfully let go; as looking closely, it only happened because Floyd was trying to sneak-in a punch to Manny’s abdominal area.

Head locking, which we saw Mayweather do was more of because Pacquiao was ducking while charging – this then makes it just incidental, although bordering on strategy to some extent.

The real “issue” if you want to call it that way then lies in the viewers’ choice. It’s just hard to fight emotions and you can’t just please everybody..

Yet we’re simply talking about the fight and the boxers’ styles here – not their personalities.

In all, it was a good tactical fight that many who wants to see blood would not appreciate.. But what would you expect from an undefeated boxer who knocked out only 55% of his opponents coming into the fight?

If the fighters involved are in top shape, the strategist would more often than not beat the slugger.

Manny Pacquiao and Basketball

If you happen to be watching the preseason games of the PBA, you must have chanced upon the game between Blackwater and Team Kia, the team of playing-coach Manny Pacquiao.

Yes, you heard me right.. and you must have known it by now. 8-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has indeed ventured into basketball, probably his second love in terms of sports. Manny-Pacquiao-with-Team-Kia

Well, I only watched the first half of the game actually and saw Pacman’s limited minutes. His stats says he compiled 1 point, 1 rebound and 1 turnover at the half. Though t’was still the first half, it’s definitely not the stat you’d wish for in your player.

And based on what we saw, the team still needs to improve a lot and, enough of the sweet talking though – Pacquiao clearly is not for “professional” basketball. He was basically lost and lacks the fundamentals to excel in the sport.

And so, I stopped watching.. obviously, he’s just for boxing.

mp playing in the PBA for KIAStill, the sadder part is yet to come when the team and Pacman gets into the regular season and if really lucky, to the playoffs where his lack of skills would be further exposed.

Hopefully before that happens, the coaching staff could develop a good system where Pacquiao could just shoot or pass and not dribble the ball when on the court but that’s just for offense – how much more when he’s on defense where he could be exploited?

As far as coaching is concerned, ah, it’s not the regular games yet – besides, Pacquiao has got other undertakings to blame if he fails.

To Team Kia, just be more prepared when you meet better teams.

Gaming Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition

While there has been requests for Nintendo to make their classic games available in Android, Namco Bandai Games has already brought to that platform an 80s classic many of us love in Pacman.. and this time naming it Pac-Man Championship Edition.


Actually, Namco has about 10 Pacman variations in Google Play; and the one that we are featuring has over 5 million downloads with some good feedbacks from gamers.

Nonetheless, with the same basic objective of eating those pellets while avoiding or eating (once you get the power pellet) ’em ghosts.. what’s noticeable in this upgrade (from joysticks to finger-sliding) by Pacman’s original designer himself, Toru Iwatani.. is not simply the waving of the screen whenever you eat a power pellet but that the maze is no longer filled with pellets that you have to finish.

Unlike the original, it’s no longer level-based but timed where eating a fruit is more than an incentive for points – but the key to “refreshing” the maze for another power pellet. That’s actually a good innovation by Iwatani.. it makes the game more exciting as you got to earn your keep.


Then again, though the Android game also comes in 6 modes, controls or navigation would be an issue. For one, if you’re especially new to the game, your finger or hand could block your vision of the maze. And this experience could go either way – challenge the gamer to master finger sliding, or simply give up in frustration.

In the end, if you like “escaping from stalkers” and getting back at them as well.. then Pacman will give you a different kind of satisfaction.