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A Weekend To Remember in Lapu-Lapu (Oct 2016)

Most all of us are hoping for some kinda fun on the weekends, but this time, it certainly wasn’t the case. At least for those who tried to go where I went to..

And that was in Lapu-Lapu City.

Not that the place was awful but because most of the sites — that’s 4 out of 5 that I went to — were somehow inaccessible. Unbelievable!



Nature’s Garden Park Resort and Spa. Located along M.L. Quezon National Highway in Gabi, Cordova, Nature’s Garden Park Resort and Spa was closed. In fact, it’s been 7 months due to some legalities.

Wow, so I said ‘then on to the next one’.



Cebu Happy World Museum. Just several meters off the Garden Park was the ‘museum’. Well, while they didn’t have any legal issues — they were actually ‘cleaning’ the place when I got there. So, as I’d quote them, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’.

Didn’t want to waste the fee of going in while they’re at work, so I just took some shots of the vicinity.. Just check out our video.



Cordova Reef Village Resort. Towards the end of M.L.Q. National Highway was yet another resort, the Reef Village. And although this place was located several meters away from the highway, off I went.

But hmm… Unfortunately, this one has got a different policy. And that is you couldn’t take pictures unless you check in. Yes, you could inquire at the front desk but not photograph their pool and stuff. So I said, ‘Whoa?!?’


With the third boner, I already decided to ask the locals what other resorts were located nearby. Thus, I got back to the highway and trekked Barangay Algeria which then brought me to..


Agila Resort Spa. Well, the fourth place I went to didn’t have any legal problems, however, we don’t really know if they were actually cleaning inside as there was no “doorbell” (?) nor was there anybody outside to ask about the place.

Hey, t’is already the fourth bummer! Oh my! Luckily, Lapu Lapu is a place where resorts are sprawling; and so, I proceeded to the next one, the fifth..

The Best Western Sand Bar Resort. And, and t’was one of the nicest resorts you’ll see not only in Cebu but in the Philippines as well.


Pictures and video about it in our next weekend adventure.. Ciao!


In Pictures: SandTrap Bar and Restaurant (Banilad, Cebu City)

If you’re looking to unwind especially on a weekend, then today’s feature may interest you. And we’re talking of no other than the SandTrap Bar and Restaurant in Banilad, Cebu City.

To Get Here: Ride a number 13 or 62 jeepney to Talamban; but of course, you’d be getting off the Banilad area, so just tell the driver to drop you off Paseo Saturnino — or just before A.S. Fortuna.

If you rented a cab or got a car, check out these pics to guide you..



From Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, The Henry is the most obvious structure that would tell you you’re already at Paseo Saturnino. Once you turn, you’d see the corner going to the ‘sports club’.



Parking would be no problem especially during daytime as you could see in our photo. Adults and not families are the normal visitors, so..





There’s your bar — with cable TV, band equipments and all!




It’s really only one pool but we just tried to give you the different angles of it. And well, the size is just right for the bar.

So, if you don’t feel like checking in a hotel but do want some drinks and a live band to go with a pool — then t’is the place to be. Ciao!

In Pictures: Ring RestHouse (Tisa, Cebu City)

If you are fond of heights, we mean the mountains, well, our next adventure is going to bring you close to nature. A mountain resort. And just within Cebu City!

Really. And it’s not even in Busay — but Tisa. The Ring RestHouse!


To Get Here: Just ride jeepney number 12 from Cebu City proper. Then get off Tisa Public Market, or the corner road going to South Hills. Take a ‘habal-habal’, and you’re on your way uphill!

The main roads are actually okay as they are concrete and two-way; but it’s when you reach the corner towards the resort that it becomes narrow, and where parking is even very limited.





The place has got 2 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools — yeah, located on two levels. Indeed, it’s really a pretty small place, and what makes it appear ‘big’ are the levels or floors in which there are three.




On these levels.. Pools, cottages, and rooms are ‘scattered’ including refreshment areas, bars, and even a little chapel.


Oh before we forget, the entrance fee is P110 for adults and P60 for kids; while cottages are at P300 and P500. They’re lower though on weekdays..

So, if you wish to stay overnight, their rooms are pegged at P1,900, and that’s good for 3. For us though, a visit is good enough considering the resort’s limitations.

Still, have fun!

In Pictures: Circa La Playa (Minglanilla, Cebu)

Just near the boundary of Talisay and Minglanilla is another resort where many spend their bonding time, and this is at Circa La Playa. Located at the inner part of Tungkil in Minglanilla, somehow, this resort lacks some ‘land’ — yes, from parking space to pools.


Parking Area near the Entrance
Parking Area near the Entrance
Notice the cars behind the pool?
Notice the cars behind the pool?

Since their regular parking area could only hold around 20 vehicles or so and ’cause it’s frequented by many, you could park even almost beside the pool! Oh my.. Can’t just say t’was designed as such. Not really good. The landscaping is not right if there’s so many people.

The first pool you’ll see upon entering the resort



The pools on the other hand; well, though they are somewhat ‘well-designed’ (?) — they’re just pretty small. You see, with the number of bathers at hand, the pools’ sanitation becomes questionable.

Yet how do you solve these?

Restrict or limit the number of visitors? Buy more land to the sides of the resort? Well, that’s for management to decide. While the first option could most likely be by-passed by the owner, the second one would take time, what with the development to take place!


Landscaping would have been okay if not for so many people

But for us, for those seeking to relax — at least, ‘healthily’ — these info becomes our basis for choice. Would you, or would you not? Anyway, just check out our video pics..

After all, even the road to the resort is just so tight — it’s like a road only good for 1 1/3 vehicles but forced to become a two-way street. So, imagine the weekend traffic? Yeah, we’re talking about the road near the bridge (Tungkil Market) and going to Mohon road. Juuust wondered why officials aren’t doing something about this?


In Pictures: Aqua Cainta Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

Our featured resort for today, unfortunately, is one with a couple of glaring issues. First, the road to the resort is kinda right and rocky. Then, the pool is a bit small — one of the smallest, if not the smallest of the pools on the resorts we have visited actually.

And we’re talking about none other than — Aqua Cainta Resort.

24 road 2
The path is just too narrow
18 road
This is just a one-way road
16 entrance gate
The Entrance

The resort is located deep into Talisay City, so it’d be better to take a private vehicle with you — especially with the stuff you’re bringing.aqua cainta map

13 parking area 2

Since we were one of those who didn’t want to go through another narrow road, we parked at where it was a little wide. Hah!

17 parking gate
Gate of the parking area

11 parking area 1

Further down the narrow road though is their ‘actual’ parking area.

The waiting area
The waiting area
The slipper drums
The slipper drums

Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your getaway at the resort. Yep, once you get to see the water, you might well forget the narrow road and the small pool — and just get excited to take a dip!

1 profile photo
The main pool
3 other pool
The supplementary or the kids’ pool
Just some of the cottages
Just some of the cottages which costs P250 each

And if you want to stay for the night, like most resorts — they got rooms of course, and starting at P1,000 for 2 people. Not bad.

4 to accommodations
The inside path to the rooms and the parking area

5 accommodation 1 6 accommodation 2

By the way, here are the other fees for Aqua Cainta..

9 rule 1

Hey, don’t get us wrong. Despite the limitations, there are still many who comes over here — since it’s near and affordable. Try it!

In Pictures: Estaca Bay Gardens Resort (Compostela, Cebu)

Formerly known as Stakili — the Estaca Bay Gardens Resort has that appeal to the masses not only ’cause it has a pool and a beach to boot; nor because of its affordable entrance fee but because of its ambiance..

Yeah, it smells here. It smells ‘accommodating’. Hah! After all, the location is not really so deep into Compostela, Cebu. In fact, it’s just along the highway so, it’s very accessible.

Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
entrance 3
Entrance fees are lower on weekdays (P30) but even higher on Saturday nights at P75 for adults
entrance parking
The parking area

Mind you though, this is one resort that emphasizes day and night use as well as different rates for resort entrance. On a weekend or on holidays, the fee is P50 for adults and P20 for kids.

On weekdays though, it’s just P30 for adults but still P20 for kids.

a beach 4 a beach 5

a beach 6

Also, cottage fees here has got a pretty complex structure. I mean, there’s just too many classifications. So, you better ask first and check out which one you’d prefer. Anyway, it ranges from P350 for nipa huts to P800 for cabanas to even P1,500 for open cottages!

Though they got these plastic table sets that’s only P170, so..

big pool 1 big pool 2

Pools also have a different fee. And that’s P100 per head. Wow!

small pool 1

small pool 3

small pool 5

But don’t worry, it’s for both pools.. All the ones there is!

accommodation 3

accommodation 1

accommodation 4

Still, if you want to spend a night or two, you know that there are rooms. Again, it’s quite complicated in structure. Hah!

beach view 2 beach view 3

But as always, it’s just really good to be by the sea..

To Get Here in comfort — just contact +63 943 5247120.

In Pictures: Cebu Westown Lagoon (Mandaue City, Cebu)

Over in Mandaue City lies a cool ‘getaway’ amidst the city smoke and noise — and it’s known as the Cebu Westown Lagoon. Yeah, it’s that ‘resort’ near the North Bus Terminal and just opposite UC Med but then again, if you’re not alone and you’d be bringing lots of stuff then riding a jeepney won’t really do..

To Get Here: If only for taking a jeepney, ride 01K whether you’re in E-mall or SM City. Then get off the road opposite UC Med. Yet for all those things you brought, take a cab! Hey, pamper yourself a little.. Anyway, many of us doesn’t really go to these resorts very often.

a entrance 4

The iconic Westown rock
The iconic Westown rock

The entrance fee to the water park is P300 for adults and P200 for kids. It may be steep to many but you also get a free drink with it.

a westown

a youtube thumbnailAnd in case you want to spend a longer time here, they are currently on a promo of P3,800 for Deluxe Rooms — that’s good for 4 persons.

a rock 7

a rock angle

Now, if you just want some fun without spending a night — the water park is open from 8AM to 11PM tho. Just wear proper swim attire.

a gazeebo 3

a gazeebo view

a westown 4
Actually love the fact that the refreshment area is ‘immersed’ in water

If ever you want to keep updated amidst the water fun, there’s Free WiFi at the Lobby and Coffee Shop area — though it’s not that fast.

a kiddie pool 9

a kiddie pool 6

Kids would obviously enjoy their pool — just keep an eye on ’em.

Something like a stonehedge
Something like a stonehedge
a stonehedge path long
Straight path to the jacuzzi

a jacuzzi

And the jacuzzi?? Wow! It could be full on weekends. Hah!

a statue 2
How about a ‘selfie’ with this statue?
Still wondering why the playground is empty??
Still wondering why the playground is empty??


a cottages 2
The gazebos
a picnic area
The picnic area

Gazebos could be quite ‘painful’ to many pockets as it costs P1,200 to P2,400 on weekends. However, the picnic areas are Free — but its on a first come, first serve basis. So, make sure you come early..

a slide
30-foot slide
a top view 2
Atop the 30-foot slide

Wonder how it looks like from the top? Well, now you see it! Coool!!

In case you want to come over in comfort, contact +63 9435247120.