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Food & How To: Gamjajeon (Korean)

Gamjajeon is a Korean dish that’s otherwise known as the potato pancake. Oh, must be real starchy, eh?

Well, better see how it’s done — then taste — before judging. Hehe.

Wow, if there’s more to potatoes than fries then it must be cool!

Anyway, potatoes and grated onion would obviously be too watery; and so, starch is needed. Hmm… Kinda reminds me of the Filipino dish, ‘torta’. You know, the recipe of ‘diced’ potatoes, beaten eggs, some ground pork if you wish, but definitely with cornstarch.

Main ingredients being mixed


Still, what’s interesting here is the sauce. Like for one, why use ‘soy sauce’?? It’s potatoes — and fried! Like French fries!? Which, as we know, uses ketchup for dipping! So?

Trying it out would answer curiosity. And it only takes 10 minutes!

In the end, being made of starch, it’d indeed be chewy; at the same time — crunchy like fries since t’was fried. But the taste? It’s for you to deliciously find out with the help of ’em sauce..



Food & How To: Poutine (Canadian)

We now bring you one of Canada’s favorite recipes, the Poutine. Hmm… consider the ingredients. Potatoes. Fresh cheese. Gravy.

Now, the process. Fry the sliced potatoes. Then put the fresh cheese on top of the fried potatoes. And end it by pouring some gravy sauce.

Oh my, it’s just like taking a slice from 3 different recipes, right?!

Simple and so easy to make yet very addictive. As French fries alone is already enslaving – same goes with cheese that doesn’t really need anything to be noticed. And what about the gravy? Doesn’t it remind you of steaks? And you know steaks, right? It certainly brings out all your obsession in food. Just mouthwatering!

So, try it out and.. Enjoy!

Food Review: Colcannon (Irish)

Meaning “white-headed cabbage”, Colcannon is also known to be Irish’s national dish. Its key ingredients consists of mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage – with spring onions, milk, butter, salt, pepper and scallions to complete the recipe..

Hmm… Just amazing with what we could do with potatoes, eh?

And considering its other ingredients, the recipe is really quite simple; obviously, the only thing you should be wary of is the amount of each ingredient that you’d mix for the Colcannon.

Yes, butter may be meshed generously but without the right amount of salt – its overall flavor could get affected. And while cabbage could be a substitute for kale – understand that each veggie has a unique crunch which may be huge to some. Still, the pairing with beef and Irish coffee would make Colcannon something you’d always long for..

Truly a great delicacy, and worthy of being referred as the “Champ.”


Food Review: Shepherd’s Pie (British)

Our featured recipe for the week is the British classic – Shepherd’s Pie – done by the Master Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay..

So, did you guys get it?

Guess that’s probably the only problem in Gordon’s cooking – it’s the way he instructs it. Clearly not all viewers would be able to get what he was doing if they do not at least repeat the video.

Putting up an instructional online should not be about you but your audience. Speed is good but this is not an exhibition.

Anyway, you could do your cooking whichever way you want it so long as you maintain the key ingredients – minced lamb, potatoes, carrots, and spices. Here, Gordon had red wine, Parmesan cheese, and egg yolks added to his recipe instead of some butter and milk – either way, it still has that great flavor.

So, after frying, mixing and baking – it’s now ready to be served..


Food Review: Masala Dosa (Indian)

Here’s a popular Indian street food that made its way as the 39th most delicious food in the worldMasala Dosa.

The delicacy is basically, well.. Potatoes. Boiled. Mashed. And used as some filling. Let’s see how it’s actually done..

Hmm… if you notice, the potato filling is really not that much as the underlying key here is to make a real crispy Masala.. Not to mention a spicy one at that. Truly a tempting Indian specialty.


Food Review: Potato Chips (American)

Who wouldn’t like potato chips? Now, tell me.

Well, guess majority obviously likes potatoes that many recipes have been developed out of it. Still, for now, we talk about the chips – acknowledged as the 37th most delicious food in the world from America..

And as simple as it may seem, let’s just see how it’s done..


Clearly, the key would be in the slicing. A thick slice doesn’t make a chip but a “round fries”, makes sense? Then, we also have the soaking in water to remove the potato’s starch.

As for flavoring, of course we naturally apply them when the chips are already cooked, and while waiting for it to cool down.

With that, enjoy!