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YouTube Review: Skinning a Watermelon

Uploaded just last August 31 and it already has 22 million YouTube views, wow! And this video is even just a prank that’s entitled ‘Skin a Watermelon party trick’! Let’s check it out..

Hah! Mark didn’t really skin the watermelon! I mean, he actually used 2 watermelons for this trick.. guess, if it were an actual party with no such video uploaded then people wouldn’t really suspect, right?

Yet only the quick-eyed would notice that the rind already has a cut.

Think it’s cool? Well, you could still try it out.. who knows?!

YouTube Review: Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

With close to 20M views, our YouTube video for the week is a student’s prank entitled Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever by Josh W.

Well, it’s all about making fun of the professor’s policy on answering calls during class. (No harm, it’s April fools after all.) And for Professor Barrow, whenever there’s a call, the speakerphone should be used to answer it.

Presumably, such ruling was implemented to discourage cellphone use while in class. But then, the policy backfired and caught the professor off guard.

Hmm… so would you now suggest a change of policy? Naah, can’t be. April fools just happens once a year, but cheating could happen anytime.

At the end of the day, t’was a nice April fools prank, but.. as the best ever? We suppose that’s just for now.

Looking forward to next April fools day, guys!

YouTube Review: Walking on Water Prank

Well, what do you know?

We now come again to the week’s most popular YouTube video. And who or what is it this time?

Oh, it’s no other than MagicofRahat‘s Walking on Water Prank. With over 2M views and a “miracle” that only One we believe to have done it, Walking on Water Prank promises to be something that we only see in magicians. Ah, after all, it’s MagicofRahat, eh?

Yes, although the “magic” was not explained by Rahat… don’t you think you saw it on cable? Like the show about magicians revealing their secrets? Done in a pool with all those “clear structures” and stuff that was placed, of course, way before the performance started. Not to mention, the most important factor which was the swimmers’ connivance with the magician?! Hehe

Anyway, especially for first timers, it’s still pretty amusing though.

Star Watch: Bieber Egg Attack

It’s been a week since Justin Bieber was reported to have “thrown eggs” to his neighbor.

What gives?

While many may be laughing at the incident as it’s just about egg throwing – others laugh because of the cops’ overkill. Oh, imagine more than 10 patrol cars rushing to Bieber’s residence?! And yet it’s just all about “eggs” not terrorism or something! Oh my…

Indeed, at first glance, it is funny.

Okay, we all have “freedom of expression”… But then, being a celebrity that many looks up to, isn’t Justin supposed to be respectful if not a role model? Nah, this is not about condemning the pop star – it’s about real life values – something every celebrity owes to their fans.

Well, some of you may say that … “ah, that neighbor just wants money or publicity!” But hey, don’t you think other complaints like “speeding with his cars on their residential streets”, “spitting on his neighbor’s face”, and his “loud parties” among others suggests that there’s something in Justin’s system?


Hopefully, fans do understand that this is no laughing matter. See.. can you imagine yourself on the receiving end of Justin’s pranks? And hopefully, Justin realizes that when he gets off the stage – life is not always a concert. We’re all in this together.

Perhaps, it’s time to clean up all the mess.

YouTube Review: Devil Baby Attack

Another week has passed, so, we now go on to our most popular YouTube video for the week – Devil Baby Attack by DevilsDueNYC.

Regardless of its over 2M views, the video is cute especially if it’s only a video. Yes, while many finds it funny and it is – the prank could cause some accidents or even heart attacks. It’s basically “unmanned”! Be careful.

Watch out New York!