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Gift Ideas: 5 Intangibles for Her this Valentine’s 2016

So, have you already bought or even thought of a gift for your special someone? Hey, it’s barely 2 days to go before Valentine’s day! Well anyway, don’t sweat it too much. As long as you are aware and you have prepared something, that’s more than enough. Really.

Okay, many women doesn’t really like ‘surprises’, but sometimes, it ends up as the most memorable one especially if it leans more on the intangibles. Here are some ideas that could make her heart flutter..

Photo: atlantichomerepairs

Gift her with a free home repair or house cleaning. Whether your loved one is a home-body or not, she would surely appreciate your help in fixing the house — repairing or cleaning.

Photo: studio244

Treat her to a spa or let her have a beauty treatment (hair, facial, manicure and pedicure). If you are not really good at home maintenance, then pampering your woman would be a better choice.

Photo: orbitz

Dine at a 5-Star hotel or a real classy restaurant. It is always nice to experience dining at luxurious places; after all, it is not always that we get to be served and dine with such lavishness.

Photo: abta

Bring her out-of-town and explore. Being a traveler myself, getting out of your locale brings a new level of understanding to the world we are in. A different kind of experience that when shared with our loved one would bring us even closer together.

Photo: youqueen

Give her your undivided time. What are presents when you do not even see ‘eye-to-eye’? What’s a relationship when it’s all ‘physicality’? Though we need them, love is more than these. It’s about sharing a meal, an umbrella and doing things together. It’s about having a walk and sharing concerns. It’s about fixing and dreaming together..

And quality time reinforces that bond.

Gift Ideas: Cute Valentine’s Gifts for 2016

In a little over a week, we once again celebrate love. A feeling that’s at the center of it all. The one emotion that actually keeps us going. Hmm… and so, we got Valentine’s day. Yet for those with partners or a special someone, don’t force yourself on expensive gifts; but just somethin’ thoughtful, somethin’ that could bring in a smile.

Here are some suggestions that you could even find alternatives to..

0203 Key-Ring-Set

Key Ring Set. A key has always been symbolic of ‘good tidings’. Make its holders special with something like this set — the Yours, Mine, Ours Leather Key Rings ($19 at westelm).

0203 Fingerless-Gloves

Fingerless Gloves. I tell you, Valentine’s gloves doesn’t necessarily have to be just for those feeling chilly, or for decorative purposes only but it should be helpful in things like chores as well — like the Beyazdukkan Fingerless Heart Gloves ($20 at etsy), it’s cool but should be multipurpose too, yep, like how a ‘real’ partner should be.

0203 Hand-Towels

Hand Towels. Probably one of the cutest gifts you could ever give your special someone, the Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels ($25 at thinkgeek) or somethin’ like this towel. The print just explains it all!

0203 Wine-Glasses

Wine Glasses. Simply cool is the Susquehanna Glass Co. Rough Day Stemless Wine Glasses ($35 for four, originally $50). Imagine the grin it could bring to the drinker, its receiver?! Rough day no more! Hah!

0203 Pajama-Set

Pajama Set. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to be the last person your loved one is thinking of before sleeping? Then a pajama set like the Forever 21 Heart Print PJ Set ($23) would fit the bill. Right.

So have you made your choice?

Gift Ideas: Best Toy Gifts for Christmas 2015

2015 is about to wrap up but that does not mean we are done with wrapping for the year. No, no. Still got gifts for our children. Whoa, again?! Well, are you sure they’re happy with what they got?

Anyway, if you still have the budget then these toys would surely break ’em children into a wide grin. Yup. Just look at these..

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon.com
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon

Well, who wouldn’t like robots, huh, especially a Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic? And what’s nice about this is that its remote control could do over 1,000 action combinations using its ten-button program; its got exciting sound effects with coordinating head movements as well as walking and spinning actions, too.

Plus it could move forward, backward, left and right, and turns — not to mention it could even project a 16 inch (height) image of Princess Leia on the wall. Hah! How cute?!

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon.com
Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon

Still, how about a ‘strolling’ toy or even a ‘traveling’ companion?Hmm… the Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter would certainly fit the bill. It features silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology for a super smooth, hoverboard-like ride which reaches speeds of up to 6 mph on a run time of 115 minutes of continuous use. Cool, that would be lots of fun!

Yet although its got an anti-slip foot platform, it’s only ideal for those aged 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs..

Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart
Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart

Can’t have enough of Star Wars? Then this toy would be the closest thing to being part of the movie, the Jedi Master Lightsaber.

The Bladebuilders system includes numerous components that are compatible with the Jedi Master Lightsaber toy that your child could create over a hundred different and unique Lightsabers with their own imagination. This popular Jedi Master toy comes with a main Lightsaber that features both light and sound effects. It also has two Lightdaggers that are independently-lit, an expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, and a dual and cross connector.

And don’t forget, this set requires 9 AAA batteries: that’s 3 for the Lightsaber and 3 for each Lightdagger. Can you dig it?

Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon
Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon

Now here’s one for the slopes, the Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled. It features sleek wide-track skis, steering wheel and brakes. Kids and even adults would now love navigating downhill even more!

But, but, but be careful. Yes, it may have a foot brake and a strong tubular-steel frame with a retractable pull rope on its 11-pound 56 1/4 x 24 x 17 1/4″ makeup but — you’re still going downhill, so too much fun might make you forget about the dangers a sled poses..

Just a reminder.

Gift Ideas: Unique yet Affordable Gifts for Him

If not gadgets, watches or sports items then what would you give your man? Well, something unique and portable. Something very useful and multi-tooled. Something like that of MacGyver’s stuff — yeah, something like the 2008 version of the Swiss Army Knife!

But since its popularity, such has become a bit common (though not everyone has it of course) that many would shy away from it also because of its price. So, how about some unique yet affordable items for him?

Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply
Dart Coat Hooks for $34.50 at GentSupply

These chromed steel Dart Coat Hooks (each dart is 6.7″ long and comes in a pack of 3) with screw-in wall fixing looks real cool you may not want to cover them when hanging your coats! Really. Just wish we could stick them wherever we go without reprimands.

Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay
Shot Flask for $9.45 at eBay

Well actually, shot flasks are slowly catching up in popularity like that of Swiss Army Knives yet t’is still something too cool to pass off.

This Black wrap SS Flask is a 6.8 oz. Stainless Steal Flask with Built-In shot glass that features a faux leather black wrap; polished finish top and bottom; and a screw-down cap. The flask measures 3 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 1″ while the shot glass stands 2 1/4″ tall and 2″ in diameter.

Just real handy you would dare not have.

Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply
Key Bottle Opener for $9.75 at GentSupply

This key bottle opener is made of stainless steel and measures 3″ x 1″. And yup, you could say it’s a modern design classic. So much so, if you really want to impress your mates when drinking al fresco, watch their amazed faces as you open your beer with your keys!

If only to catch attention — not bad for the price of $9.75.

Consumer Video: DIY Weird Christmas Presents

Gift ideas all over! We just can’t help it.. And we just love it! After all, it’s a time of giving, bonding and sharing. Now, how about a some ‘weird’ DIY Christmas presents this time around? You know, just to make the holidays more fun.

Who knows, your folks might love ’em, too! Let’s see..

So, which one did you like most? Hmm… the ‘microphone sponge’ was a little impractical. Oh my, you just made your bathing sponge smaller! Hah! Same goes with the ‘phone hologram’ — it may be interesting but it needs more improvement.

The ‘iPhone battery transferer’? Well.. do you still have lots of usable phones and no charger nor a ‘powerbank’??

Tell ya what, the nice thing ’bout these DIYs though is that materials are cheaper and easier to secure — making it really worth trying.

Yup. And the ‘hoodie pillow’ was a good one especially if you can’t live without your hoodie. Hah! But the cutest and most useful is the drink dispensing purse. Makes bottle-carrying a thing of the past.. Just be careful with that beverage plastic though, or everything inside your bag could have a drink as well. Great!

Gift Ideas: Cheap yet Sassy Gifts for Her

So, how about something unique yet affordable for her this holiday season, huh? No need to spend every single penny in your pocket only to have nothing for yourself, you know. Hey, all we need is do a little surfing and, Hola! You found us! Hah!

Here now are some cute gift ideas for the girls in your life..

Chevron Scoop Set for $16 at Brika

These scoops look great on ice cream, buffet tables, and cupcake but can also be used for bath salts. They measure 4″ L x 1.75″ W and are printed in chevron pattern. It includes 4 scoops (raspberry, orange, mint, and turquoise) per set and are reusable. Perfect for mom.

Oh, and most of all, they are made of grade A birch.

House Of Holland Nails for $8 at asos
House Of Holland Nails for $8 at asos

Nail art would especially be part of a sweet, carefree spirit, and what a relief would it be if she could just stick ’em instead of painting it on her nails?! That would be cool! Just great for your sister.

Marvelous Metamorphosis Wall Decor Set for $14.99 at ModCloth
Marvelous Metamorphosis Wall Decor Set for $14.99 at ModCloth

Imagine the warmth these butterflies could bring to your girlfriend?

Crafted from crisp white plastic and completed with distinctly curved wings and curled wire antennas, these refreshing rabble of butterflies (measures approximately 2-4″ L x 2.5-4″ W, set of nine) can be easily mounted to her wall by just using a small self-adhesive dot. Yes. Suddenly, her simple space would now be floating with your gentle thoughts this Christmas. Isn’t that sweet?!

And like these butterflies, distance is no longer a problem, you can have just about anything at your doorstep through the ‘net’. Right.

Gift Ideas: 3 DIY Christmas Gifts Set 2

So, here’s another set of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Christmas gifts your loved ones would treasure, and of course save you money for the holidays. And they are the sweater totes, the handmande candles, and the button rings. How are they done? Let’s read through it..

Sweater Tote 

Sweater Totes
Sweater Totes

The main material? Stretched out or shrunken sweaters! It happens to everyone at least once — a wool sweater finds its way into the washer and dryer by mistake, and the result is a garment so shrunken it will fit only the cat. The reason? Wool fibers have microscopic hooks that when wet, warm, and agitated grab onto one another, making the fabric denser and smaller. this process is called ‘felting’, and it works best if a sweater is made of 100 percent wool. When choosing sweaters, remember that a thicker sweater makes a stronger tote, and that patterns really liven up things. And how to make a ‘sweater tote’?

First, you gotta secure the materials you’ll need:

  • 100 percent wool sweater (L and XL are good for totes)
  • Washer and dryer
  • Laundry detergent
  • Large needle
  • Strong thread (carpet, quilting, or embroidery)
  • Scissors
  • Additional sweater for pockets (optional)

Then, transform your sweater. Wash and dry it on regular heat in the dryer. repeat if necessary. Cut off the sleeves and neckline of the sweater. refold so the seams of the sweater and the strap openings face front. Turn the sweater inside out and sew across the bottom, 1/2″ in from the edge. Fold straps, slightly overlapping, in thirds and sew to secure. stitch around the bag’s opening to keep the tote’s top from stretching.

Finally, make the pocket. It can be any shape you like, but mitten-shaped ones are a charming nod to the tote’s knitted origin.

Handmade Candles 

Handmade Candles
Handmade Candles

Teacups offer elegant vessels for hand-poured candles. Repurpose china from old place settings, mixing and matching pieces. Or single out a favorite new find, such as this one from Anthropologie. But how do you make candles?

Well, you’ll need wax, wicks, putty, a pencil, and a candy thermometer, all of which can be found at a craft store. Wax can be sold in blocks, sheets, and shavings, which is to be melted on a stove or in a microwave.

Now, for pouring the wax. Wrap one end of the wick around a pencil. Set pencil on egg cup, suspending the wick. With putty, secure wick’s metal clip to bottom of cup. In a double boiler, melt wax according to package directions; use a candy thermometer to gauge temperature. Pour wax in a cup; allow to fully cool. Trim wick to 1/4 inch.

Button Rings 

Button Rings
Button Rings

Emily Peters sells these baubles at the Country Living fairs, but she’s also generous enough to tell you how to craft your own. If you become so carried away that you need more buttons, etsy.com  has a killer selection of vintage ones — or of course, you could look for good ones in your local store.

Step 1: Start with an adjustable brass ‘ring blank’, the band that wraps around your finger ($6.50 for 10; filigree findings.etsy.com).

Step 2: If your button has a shank on the back, snip it off with wire-cutting pliers and sand down the back surface with a rotary tool (dremel 4.8-volt, $24.97; homedepot.com).

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of metal-bonding glue (beacon’s glass, metal & more glue, $6.99 for two ounces; createforless.com) to the back of your button, then adhere it to the top of the ring blank. If you’d like to add a second button, apply a thin layer of the glue to its back side, then adhere it atop the first button. Let it dry for 24 hours. Done.

Don’t you just love these DIYs? You not only make your loved ones happy but you also save some cash — with a bonus — you even learn something! Wow! Just a little care with the sweaters and candles..

Gift Ideas: 3 DIY Christmas Gifts

Well, December has set in and the countdown begins; but does that mean our wallets has to suffer in gift giving? Uh oh.. Not so much, hah, if we could only be a little more creative. Yes, surely the effort would greatly be appreciated by our real friends and loved ones.

Here are some of our choices and courtesy of Country Living..

Mason Jar Lid Coasters
Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Mason Jar Lid Coasters 

For once, the ubiquitous mason jar isn’t the star of a DIY hack — we focused on its cap instead. First, gather four lids: We used weathered zinc ones ($1.65 each; 3 1/4″ diam.; candlesoylutions.com). Place your lids upside down on top of adhesive cork shelf liner ($7.99; 12″W x 4’L; containerstore.com). Trace around the lids with a pen, then cut out the circles. Next, stamp an image into the center of each cork circle — ours references the classic Ball jar — using solvent-based ink, which won’t smear when wet (stamp, $8.75; 1″W x 2″L; dragonflybuzz.etsy.com. StazOn solvent ink pad, $7.99; hobbylobby.com). Let the ink dry at least one minute, then peel the backing off the cork circles, affix within the lids, and crack open a cold one. (Alison Gootee)

Marigold, Honey, and Oatmeal Soap

These creamy cleansers aren’t just beautiful, they also pamper your skin: Marigold soothes, honey moisturizes, and oatmeal gently exfoliates. A pound of melt-and-pour Castile base ($4.46; bulkapothecary.com) yields about six 3-ounce soaps. After drying your marigolds, follow these steps:

Marigold, Honey, and Oatmeal Soap
Marigold, Honey, and Oatmeal Soap

Step 1: In a large pot, melt the soap base according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, in a small, microwave three tablespoons honey for 15 seconds on low until the honey is slightly runny. Stir into the melted soap base.

Step 2: Add five tablespoons dried marigold petals, four tablespoons coarse oatmeal, and 10 drops mandarin essential oil ($2.36 for 1/2 oz; bulkapothecary.com). Stir to combine, then remove from heat.

Step 3: Grease a six-cavity metal tartlet tin with sweet almond oil (for similar tin, Bakers Select, $14.37; amazon.com. Oil, $4.81 for 16 oz; bulkapothecary.com). Evenly divide the soap mixture among the cavities, then gently tap the tin against your work surface to release any air bubbles. Let the soaps set at room temperature for four hours; carefully run a knife around the edges to release. (Yuki Sugiura)

Homemade Trivet
Homemade Trivet

A Homemade Trivet

Whip up a Scandinavian-style table protector from–get this–wooden clothespins and floral wire. Oslo-born crafter Paul Lowe shares his easy how-to in ‘Sweet Paul Eat and Make’ ($30; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Simply disassemble 40 clothespins, lay them flat side down, and drill a hole in each, about ½ inch from the tapered end. Thread the pins onto the wire with the double-notched sides facing right, as shown. Then, pull the wire into a circle and twist the ends to secure. You’ll be done before the kettle boils. (Alexandra Grablewski)

So?? Cheap.. or kinda expensive? Com’ on! The coasters? The trivet? Maybe a little more effort that is, especially with the soap. Got to be careful indeed. But if you could really finish well, surely they’ll be awed and thankful. After all, these are something from the heart..

Gift Ideas: Frederick’s Lily Lace Babydoll Lingerie

Now, here’s a gift for her that many guys have always thought of and gave especially during Valentine’s Day – a sexy lingerie.

And our choice of lingerie would be mild to hot Frederick’s Lily Lace Babydoll that comes in 5 sultry colors: peony/black, white, black, Hollywood red, and soft sage which happens to be in our photo..

Lily Lace Babydoll, color: soft sage
Lily Lace Babydoll, color: soft sage

Oh our featured image, Hollywood Red is hotter, right? Well, color indeed has some say when it comes to sexiness. Still, with the lingerie’s design, most any color would make you sigh in awe..

The mesh ruffle cups. Pretty satin bow at the bust. Easy adjustable straps. Matching G-string. And it’s made of polyester/nylon in a tempting length of 28 inches for only $38.50..

Just perfect for those white hot nights!

Gift Ideas: JAECI Old Soul Young Heart Oversized Cutout Necklace

Our gift idea for the day could be either for a him or a her as this is a unique kind of necklace – a 64 inch piece that you could do just about what you want with it..

oversized necklace5

Whether you hang it on your shoulder like a bag.. or wear it like a harness, a cross body chain, or wrap it twice around your neck.. or just use it as a plain, long necklace – you can wear it however which way you want it. Your style!

oversized necklace6

And tagged at $48 over at Gifts, the Old Soul Young Heart Oversized Cutout Necklace comes in either stainless steel or as a 14K gold-plated, oversized necklace..

Surely, with this kind of gift you’d give – how could they forget you?!