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The first law o…

The first law of economics is that when the price goes up, consumption comes down. This is a divine law. You cannot change it. – Sheikh Yamani

We all see that, Sheikh Yamani… but good to hear it again though.

Notice consumers? They shy away from such. But since it’s the holidays, many sellers are just taking advantage – and customers are, well, paying customers.

Buying is a pro…

Buying is a profound pleasure. – Simone de Beauvoir

This quote is especially true for clothing and accessories where one could just stockpile their stuff and change outfits on a daily basis – while for other products, well, turn-over takes a little longer.

But then, what really makes consumers “enter” a store?

A renown brand. A good location. An attractive window display.

For “whys” and “what ifs”, hmm… we could talk about it.

A cheaper iPhone?

A cheaper iPhone?

Well, almost 2 weeks ago, there was this news that Apple was to produce its iPhone 5C with a plastic back – resulting in about a $17 cut on its manufacturing cost per item.


Sounds good? Not actually. Because this drop is only good for Apple – not for potential buyers. It’s Apple who saves not the consumer.

Wow, then why buy it? Because it’s Apple? But, but wouldn’t it be unfair to consumers? If Apple found a way to cut its manufacturing costs – why not do the same for its customers? Consumers are absolutely looking to save as well. If consumers looks at this as a “one-way” scenario between Apple and themselves — we could eventually see a sales drop outpacing “curiosity.”

Then again, today, September 10 — Apple is to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and now lower-priced 5C’s for patrons to enjoy.. and so, let’s see.

The consumer is…

The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything. – David Ogilvy

Many times, this is actually where companies fail — it is when they misinterpret consumer behavior thereby coming up with obvious and childish schemes.

Consumers always think for their best interest, whether price or features. And this varies from place to place. So, if your marketing strategy just relies on sweet-talking or freebies without really meeting their needs, or considering competition and lifestyle — I tell ya, you’re out of the picture.

If you pay pean…

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. – James Goldsmith

Peanuts? Monkeys? What do you actually mean by that??

Obviously, it’s all about currency and goods. Your money determines the kind and quality of product or service you pay for. That if you want a good product, you got to pay higher for its value; and if you could only afford a low end product – then you just have to accept it as it is. Oh my..

Take pirated tapes or CDs for example. Isn’t it that when you buy these replications – you get lower sound quality or poor resolution copies?

Yet in all these, as consumers, we want to get more out of our monies even for bargain products – so, manufacturers just have to dig it. Quality at a lower price.

$325,000 hamburger, anyone?

$325,000 hamburger, anyone?

Finding solutions to food shortage and food-related diseases is good – this is why we truly welcome food innovation even “cultured” ones. Health is wealth, you know.

Hamburger_Culture_WideThe problem is that, of course, the ‘unusual’ taste and the price.

Okay, we understand that researchers could be doing something about the taste; but affordability should, especially, be addressed if advocates really want this to take off. Maybe scientists should do something about “stretching” the formula to maximize the production of these cell burgers. Makes sense?

If only to continue its studies, billionaires could pour in money as Google’s Sergey Brin did; however, yes, entrepreneurs understand the importance of pricing yet if they hope to do business with this..

I mean, who could afford a $325,000 hamburger?