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Interesting Ideas: Fast Acceleration Application

Speed and comfort are just some of the reasons why man continuously tries to invent, innovate or improve things or products to our benefit. In this case, we got a car’s acceleration being sped up..

Faster than normal, huh?

If only for regular cars, and even sports cars, faster acceleration would not really be necessary. Really. Just imagine every car on the road with such power. Some even driven by emotionally imbalanced people. Possible road accidents, right?

Thus, such acceleration should only be incorporated in race cars as well as ambulances and police cars. After all, it’s only on emergencies when it’ll prove invaluable.

Maybe you got something also, share with us..

Star Watch: Unbroken’s Angelina Jolie and Louis Zamperini

The interview may have happened 8 months ago, while the movie is to be released 2 months from now; but then, it certainly would be nice to really understand the people behind the film Unbroken..

And in this case, we got director Angelina Jolie, yes she’s the film director; and Louis Zamperini whose life story was based in this epic World War II movie.

Hmm.. when Angelina was said to be directing the movie, what comes to mind? The Lara Croft type of action eh?! And definitely, this is what fans expect from the film. Action and excitement.

And sure enough, as she was looking for a meaningful project – the life story of war hero Louis Zamperini fortuitously came to her lap.

Louis, also an athlete in his time was even able to come face-to-face and gain the admiration of Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. Isn’t that a thrill in itself? The race. The meeting. The trials Louis overcame.

Ah, more thrilling than just being distant neighbors, huh? Well, surely this interview by NBC’s Tom Brokaw showed us not only how sharp a 97-year-old can still be – but how important the relationship between the director and the subject is..

Sadly, Louis passed away last July 2nd, and even before the film could be shown.