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App Review: Tinder dating site

With over 5 million downloads at Google Play, Tinder is among the hottest applications being downloaded today.

Tinder is actually a matchmaker of an application. And just like other dating sites, it mainly bases its search according to gender, age and location among others.


However, unlike other apps, Tinder is a bit more appealing with all those swiping as even athletes from the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics uses the site to find dates, and especially last Valentines day.

Still, it was not all a “bed of roses” for its users as a flaw was recently discovered from the dating app. And what was it?

A user’s actual location could actually be pinpointed (by just using some high school math) when as we believe should be anonymous, right?


For one, this could be dangerous especially if one unknowingly encounters a “scheming” individual. The consequences.. oh, you could just imagine.

Sure, Tinder has promptly acted on it, but they better make sure that it’s really fixed and no other hacking would happen.

Movie Review: Harry Potter’s Love Triangle

Would you rather prefer Harry over Ron for Hermione Granger? Why? Because Hermione’s always there for Harry?

Ah just recently, J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter felt that it’s how it should have ended as Ron and Hermione’s personalities are completely incompatible.. and only to end up retracting on what she said days later.

Anyway, let’s answer the issues and possibilities.


As Rowling even said, Ron has to work on his self-esteem while Hermione needs to be less critical for their relationship to work. How do we see this? Hermione could only be appreciative of her partner if he is actually better than she is, otherwise, the relationship is going to be a failure. This is probably why Rowling saw that counseling could help strengthen their “togetherness.”

Wait. If that’s the case, Ron and Hermione could last together but they would not really be happy. This means, if Harry and Hermione crosses their paths in a “conducive” scenario, she could end up expressing her desires.. and who knows what could happen next regardless if they only saw each other as friends.


Now about Harry and Ginny, Ron Weasley’s sister.

So, what makes many think they are not good for each other? That they are not compatible? That their relationship came out of the blue? That Ginny is Harry’s best friend’s sister? Come on. If you’ve been in love, you should know that love works in mysterious ways.. or Rowling’s pen that is.

Among the many reasons, only two are worth answering here; but we’ll leave the incompatibility to your imagination and take on the “best friend’s sister” issue instead.

Okay.. best friend’s sister? That code is only good if you guys simply want fun. Like, of course I don’t want my sister to be used then dumped after my friend gets bored. See? But if your best friend is a real “good” guy per se, you’d certainly want your sister to be with familiar and safe hands. Makes sense?!


In the end, though it would really be nice to see Harry and Hermione ending up with each other, it’s not about who goes to who.. it’s about Rowling. She just seems to be trying to create some buzz.

And more importantly, it’s about the “misalignment” of the novel to the movie. Rowling should have just focused on what she really wanted to create, and insisted on not commercializing the characters’ relationship with each other instead presenting the real Ginny, the real everybody in the film as to what her novel says.

App Review: Part-Time Love dating site

We all need love.. well, at least many of us do. And most of us needs a partner – but a part time lover, do you? Well, in our world today, perhaps many would love it.

This is like no strings attached.. although Helen Croydon, the creator of dating site Part Time Love doesn’t intend it to be that way.wpid-love-lost-quadriplegic.jpg

As she said, the dating site is about getting a partner and at the same time enjoying freedom.

If that’s the case, we could then do almost anything that we want including having another relationship on the side. Hmm… now you see him, now you don’t.

Well, if you’re not really into commitment, you’d surely like this kind of set up.

On the other hand, Croydon could say, “that’s not what I mean, it’s freeing oneself from constant checks while having a life of your own.” Ah, then that’s still about commitment issues.

So, as Krishann of Babble would describe such a relationship – it’s complicated. This is especially true since she’s an all or nothing kind of woman.

And it certainly makes sense, hey, why would you get into a relationship as if it’s a game or something? What, just sex? If you’re not ready to commit then just stay friends.

If it’s all about freedom, you could talk about it and make compromises – while still enjoying and reinforcing your vow to each other.

wpid-316726_450_height_f9b4f3.jpgIn the end, life is a journey and it would definitely help if the one we are with is someone who would really share our tracks – flat tire or not. And that.. we only get with commitment.

Oh well, relationships is actually quite a sensitive topic. We all have our own needs, wants, and goals – not to mention our culture, spirituality, and family values that makes up our being. The key then is sincerity to define expectations.. from the start.

Part time Love? It’s your choice.

I’ve been a cus…

I’ve been a customer of the top venture capital firms, so I know exactly what they do and don’t do. – Marc Andreessen

So you see, most customers do know what they are getting into. They know what to expect. Yes, some maybe unreasonable but then they know what is … and what is not.

Nonetheless, the real essence of customer service lies in sincerely serving those who does not “exactly” know what they are looking for – these are those who just purchases according to what they have overheard.

Lest mind you, sincerity means you inform to educate “of all alternatives” and not to sell your product as a priority. The customers’ choice is their choice according to their real needs.