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TODAY: Top 10 Food Kiosks in Cebu City

Okay, let’s now get into kiosks — not those big, fast food chains or restaurants that we instinctively think of but the more popular, little ones that we usually see in the malls of Cebu City.

Yes, while a couple of them may have already found their way out of food carts and onto resto-type spots with a few tables and chairs — they still could not be categorized as a full-fledged food store as they still don’t have enough of such franchises instead many still thrives on kiosks that we know of.

And so, we bring you today’s Top 10 Food Kiosks in Cebu City which we categorized as follows: Current Craze, Fast Rising, and Old Favorites.


  • LEYLAM. Now, who doesn’t like beef? Well most everyone does except, understandably, for those bounded by religious beliefs as well as some vegans out there. And with options for rice, noodles or wrap, Leylam has become the biggest hit in Cebu City as you could have them for either a dreamy snack or a delightful meal.
  • POTATO CORNER. Fries. And more fries. Guess, it’s more than just those flavorings but it’s simply the love for these delectable slices of deep-fried potatoes that even with just plain salt would do.
Potato Corner
  • HOTDOG ON STICKS. Cheesedog. Bacondog. Save for a real dog, hotdogs have been a favorite practically since time immemorial — that other similar kiosks have sprouted all over town!
Hotdog On Sticks
  • PEDRO PEDRICO’S. For pizza fans, this store must be heaven. While they don’t really have as many flavors as those big players, their options for slices and solo packs gives them that edge on affordability.
Pedro Pedrico’s


  • TURKS. Here’s more meat and all wrapped for you in Turks — where the only disadvantage could in fact be its classy image and therefore its price, yeah, as we are speaking of the general public.
  • SANTINO’S SUPREME SLICES. Speaking of class and just like Turks, it’s the layout of Santino’s is what makes it classier than other pizza kiosks. Then again, with mainly just four common flavors, the only advantage it has compared to those bigger pizza chains is that it could be bought per slice — while against other kiosks is of course its size.
Santino’s Supreme Slices
  • LUGAW NI BOSSING. Clearly, many just liked the idea of bringing mother’s arroz caldo out of the kitchen and onto the public through Lugaw ni Bossing as we could see in its reception. But while there may be some differences with mom’s delicious home-cooked delicacy, this is the closest that you can get.
Lugaw ni Bossing


  • CEBU’S ORIGINAL LECHON BELLY. The simple yet not so simple lechon has been the pride of Filipino cuisine. Yet even with its crispy skin, how could we just forget its succulent belly?
Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly
  • MASTER SIOMAI. Another of Cebu’s pride is the siomai — or the dumpling as known by many other than locals is just as tasty as it could be. And probably the only fix here could be its consistency with the sauce.
Master Siomai
  • WAFFLE TIME. Nope, it’s not really tiring to have especially if it’s cheap and still tasty as pancakes but only with a hotdog or some filling inside. Waffles are simply a good choice for those on a budget.
Waffle Time

Notice that most of these kiosks are just about in every mall in Cebu City?

Food Review: Eat All You Can (Kogi-Q)

Eat-All-You-Can restaurants has been on the rise, guess to counter the more popular ‘unli-rice’ food houses. Yes? Well, both has its pluses.. Yet where would you actually eat?

If only for the cheaper side, ‘unli-rice’ restos would be the clear choice. Still, if for the experience and all then the ‘eat-all-you-can’ would certainly be in the mix.


Now, what would you like — ‘already-cooked’, or the ‘cook-them-yourself’ buffet? Mind you, the latter is more expensive.

Oh, aside from the price, here’s some pros and cons to these.. If you’re to cook them yourselves then you know it’s fresh or newly cooked; and the way you want it done. Otherwise, if all you do is choose ’em cooked food then you may not even have time to digest ’em. Haha!


Right. Cooking takes time, so digestion also has time to do its job, thus, more food intake. However, all you could do here is grill your food, so it’s sort of limited. Our palate needs some kinda sauciness or soup, you know.

And so, you wouldn’t normally enjoy eating an all-grilled food the whole time — unless you’re in a beach, and swimming. So just charge ’em to experience.


Got to be careful though. You could pay P150 per head if you don’t finish the food you got — that you should be ready of when in an ‘eat-all-you-can’ resto. So..

Till next time.. Enjoy!

Food Review: Bam-I and Fried Chicken (Mother’s Fried Chicken)

Sometimes our choice of meals could be the same but dining at different restaurants, much more, at different places makes different experiences.

In this case, the affordable Bam-I and Fried Chicken at Mother’s Fried Chicken restaurant.


Still, many times in dining, though the meal’s combination is crucial — understand that the region and the menu has something to do with our overall experience as well.

What would you pair with fried chicken? Mashed potatoes? Beans and carrots? All of ’em plus more. What else? Well, that’s normally the thing in Western meals. But at MFC, aside from rice, you got a choice amongst Bam-I, ‘palabok’ or spaghetti. That’s their packaging. Hmm…


Anyway, while the chicken was okay as in a little juicy — the Bam-I was quite dry. As in dry. No moisture at all that you’d need to drink your lemonade to avoid getting your throat ‘scratched’! Haha!

Oh, why was that? Perhaps I should have just paired my chicken with spaghetti, but that’s too common. So maybe ‘palabok’, at least you know and could really see the sauce on top of the noodles.

Till next time.. Ciao!

In Pictures: SandTrap Bar and Restaurant (Banilad, Cebu City)

If you’re looking to unwind especially on a weekend, then today’s feature may interest you. And we’re talking of no other than the SandTrap Bar and Restaurant in Banilad, Cebu City.

To Get Here: Ride a number 13 or 62 jeepney to Talamban; but of course, you’d be getting off the Banilad area, so just tell the driver to drop you off Paseo Saturnino — or just before A.S. Fortuna.

If you rented a cab or got a car, check out these pics to guide you..



From Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, The Henry is the most obvious structure that would tell you you’re already at Paseo Saturnino. Once you turn, you’d see the corner going to the ‘sports club’.



Parking would be no problem especially during daytime as you could see in our photo. Adults and not families are the normal visitors, so..





There’s your bar — with cable TV, band equipments and all!




It’s really only one pool but we just tried to give you the different angles of it. And well, the size is just right for the bar.

So, if you don’t feel like checking in a hotel but do want some drinks and a live band to go with a pool — then t’is the place to be. Ciao!

Restaurant Review: Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo

Well, compared to other Japanese restaurants or any other restaurant for that matter, Tokyo Tokyo is one of those that offers ‘unlimited rice’. Yup, just like the famous ‘chicken’ resto we have come to love.

Then again, ‘unli-rice’ can’t be the only reason why one should eat in a particular restaurant. Of course, the food, the ambiance.. and the crew, notwithstanding. And so, we tried out one of Tokyo Tokyo’s more popular meal packages — the Sumo with Big Chicken Katsu.

Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu
Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu
4 pcs. Prawn Tempura
4 pcs. Prawn Tempura

This meal package includes 2 drinks and 2 ‘initial’ rice for just P375..

The Sumo meal package
The Sumo meal package

Our verdict. The Prawn Tempura does not have much difference with regularly fried prawns save for its crispy covering which makes the piece look bigger. On the other hand, the Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu tastes pretty good for a seemingly ‘breaded’ chicken as their sauces don’t really matter much with their kinda bland flavor that doesn’t blend well with the dish. The rice, good — glossy, soft and a bit sticky — just like real Japanese rice that you’ll keep asking for more!


In all though, the food is pretty ‘average’ with the Coleslaw side dish particularly lacking in carrots, among others — and that you’d only want to eat in its SM Seaside City Cebu branch if only for variety.

Hey, their place is sort of tight! And their crew, hmm…

Simple Experiences: Mismukuno Teppanyaki (Ayala Center Cebu)

Just recently, I got to eat in another Japanese restaurant; hmm… That is at the Ayala Center in Cebu, and it’s called Mismukuno Teppanyaki.

Well, t’was an interesting experience..


First, the food. Rice cakes are always a treat. Just love its tastiness even if a couple of the slices weren’t as neat. You could see.


Always enjoyed the blend of mushrooms and meat in the Gyudon, only that this one soaked my rice with too much sauce. Ahhh..


Still, one meticulous diner may wonder, “why was the side dish even served before the ‘meat’ dishes?”

Hah! Your guess.


Yet somehow, eating Teppanyaki simply reminds me of the Filipino ‘beef steak’ (have you tried one?)..

But with their flavors actually coming from how ‘soy sauce’ among others was really used. Really.

In the end, more than the ‘dancing’ performance of the restaurant’s staff, the bar-like ambience gives you that relaxing mood. Good for after-work camaraderie.

Simple Experiences: Max’s Restaurant

Chicken is served in many restaurants and even a specialty in a number of them from foreign ones to local dine-ins.. 100414max_Edited

But how about Max’s Restaurant? How would you rate ’em?

Well, been to Max just recently and had some Sisig (a Bicolano specialty), Tofu, and the pride of Max’s – its fried chicken.

The verdict? At least for the food..


Personally, the sisig was okay, it’s worth the order, although I would have wanted it a bit more spicy. And the tofu was just right, not overcooked and not kinda raw. On the other hand, the fried chicken has quite evolved through the years..


What used to be pepperish and juicy has become sort of like it’s rival (in terms of chicken not restaurant) in Chooks-to-Go, the surging chicken stand. Soft and saucy.

Max's fried chicken..
Max’s fried chicken..

Now, mind you, saucy and juicy are different. Saucy is a bit sticky with sauce while juicy is like the meat is not well-done. Depending on your preference, you’d naturally go for what your taste buds crave for, and..

It’s juicy for me.

From A Distance: Calypso Restaurant (Shanghai)

This week, we now visit a restaurant that’s just 7 months old, the Calypso, an Italian restaurant located at the Jing’an Kerry Center in Shanghai.

Are we gonna eat? Not really.. it’s more of looking at everything from afar. Like a curious critic checking out the structure, furnishings, and restaurant design even before getting glimpses of the food.

Anyway, for those who doesn’t know yet, Calypso’s design was actually a collaboration between Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and design firm AvroKO.

And lo, what we really see here is more than just patterns of woven bamboo but..

The most obvious would be the fabulous lighting it utilized and the wood it used for the structure itself.

Hmm.. anyway, combined with large windows and high ceilings, that soft yellow tone of lighting really glows in an enticing manner.

The structure, as many would notice, looks like a greenhouse all because of those big windows of course. And this required furniture that’s simple, wide and sturdy.

From the inside, the seating in fact looks like a ship’s classy dining area. While the lounge at the roof top would feed your desire for some fresh air where you could wine and dine – just like you’re in a cruise.

Negative: If ever there is one, it should be those large photos imaged on windows near the door and on the corner. Somehow, it makes it look like a salon.

They could have simply placed some sort of Japanese paper instead. Good thing, the surrounding’s just great.

Where is this again?

Well if you’re ready to spend, it’s just right next to Mao Zedong’s museum or former residence.. With address at Jing’an Shangri-la, No. 1218 Yan’an Zhong Lu Road, near Tongren Road.

Restaurant Review: Lou-is Restaurant

Located in Balanga City, Lou-is Restaurant caters to both individual and group customers as in entities or organizations who wants to hold seminars and have their meals during or after the event.

Inside Lou-is.. with an on-going conference
Inside Lou-is.. with an on-going conference

The restaurant is actually known for its specialty which is “Kare-Kare”, a traditional Filipino ox tail stew in a peanut-based sauce. Well, if it’s especially your first time to eat kare-kare, you would find that the sauce and the “bago-ong” (condiment made from fermented fish or shrimp and salt) is what makes the dish tick.

And I say this “first time” because although founded on the same basics, the recipe itself would vary from person to person. Nonetheless, in the case of Lou-is, the flavor would be generally okay for most people.

Hmm… anyway, if the food is “fair”, the restaurant itself needs improvement particularly on its lay-out and design – it’s just too bare or boring to some extent. For one, it’s like more of a conference hall than a restaurant.. not to mention that one could overhear an on-going seminar which sorts of removes the customers’ privacy; more so, there is this lack of staff when an event is currently being held as well. Then again, for the latter issue, this could be solved by a good “waitering” system.

Kare-kare in the blue bowl and some Marlin on the hot plate
Kare-kare in the blue bowl and some Marlin on the hot plate

Finally, as for Lou-is’ location.. this is about 2-3 hours away from Manila; so, for those nearer or within the province, yes, it may not be in the heart of the city but it is accessible to those who wish to have a different dining experience.

And why not? The parking space is also good.

Consumer Photos 44

Lunch at The Buzzz
Lunch at The Buzzz

If only for food, lunch at The Buzzz was not bad. I had a good meal as you can see with the above photo, and customers were even treated to complimentary “chewables” with the photo below. That’s good.

Yes, the staff were polite and attentive… and oh, they had WIFI of course.

Complimentary food...
Complimentary food…

Unfortunately, although The Buzzz does not intentionally turn off their WIFI – they got a “bad signal.” I mean, it sorts of fluctuates, and they could not reset their router and stuff because its location is bit high as only their technical staff who appears once-in-a-while could handle it.