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Street Style: Are Ripped Jeans Starting to Fade?

If there’s one thing noticeable in celebrity street styling these days, it’s their pants. Ripped jeans are being worn lesser, or at least, lesser rips; while the emphasis has gone back to hems and pockets.

Some are bell-bottoms. Others just tight as in skinny jeans. While folding is also making a comeback. Well, that’s how fashion really is — a cycle. Thus, ‘pairing’ is the key, as always.

Bethenny Frankel in NYC

Grayish jeans with a folded hem and no belt for Beth. More than the shirt, it’s her jacket and boots that ‘carried the show’ for her.

Ali Larter in LA

Look at ’em pockets, nice! For Ali, it’s bell-bottoms and no belt as well. Again, the jacket played a role in our celebrity’s style. Cool!

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles

While Selena’s Gianvito Rossi sandals is just too chic to ignore, she simply looks great in her half-tucked tops that went well with her skinny jeans. Yes, for all and sundry, jeans are sexier with no belt — it only shows you don’t need anything to make your figure known.

Reese Witherspoon

Now, how ’bout dresses? Flowers are simply blooming, yes? Just one of ’em designs that has always been around — floral. And Reese is just one of those who wears ’em a lot more than other stars do.

Victoria Beckham in Paris

Victoria would always be Victoria. A fashion icon — that when she wears something, it must be the trend. Hey, long skirts are ‘in’!


Consumer Video: How To Rip Your Jeans

Wanna go with the continuing trend of ripped jeans? Well now, you don’t really have to buy a new one but could in fact make one on your own! Yeah, using your own old pair of jeans!

The idea may sound simple as in just tearing it off but hey, you gotta do it with care — otherwise, you could end up with a ‘ruined’ denim instead of a hot, distressed pair of jeans!

Okay, in this video, altho Giannyl used sandpaper to sort of ‘design’ her distressed jeans — you could also use a pair of ‘tweezers’ for that ripped effect. Just do not overdo it to get the style you want.

Ripping your jeans with a 'tweezer'
Ripping your jeans with a ‘tweezer’

And yes, don’t forget to put a cardboard underneath your denims! For after this tutorial, there would be no need to buy ’em expensive jeans but only choose which one to rip off. Hah!