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Movie Review: Transformers – The Last Knight (2017)

So we’re already on the fifth of the Transformers series in The Last Knight — and have you seen it last night? Ho, kidding aside, this franchise is one of the most followed series for past the decade — and rightfully so, it’s got a good foundation way back from its first release in 2007.

The Synopsis. Humans are at war with the Transformers, and Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving the future lies buried in the secrets of the past and the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Now, it’s up to the unlikely alliance of inventor Cade Yeager, Bumblebee, an English lord and an Oxford professor to save the world.

Looking deeper and beyond movies, humans against machines could be in an inevitable war — what with the continued development of robots, yes, especially in terms of AI. See for one, there are already those who lost their jobs to automation — and later on, this number would only grow.

Yet what’s more scary is when the time comes that these robots could not be controlled anymore — and that’s gonna be the start of a real war between man and machine! Actually, these thoughts came to screen in The Terminator from long time ago — and the Transformers only made it a little ‘playful’.

Anyway, ever since Shia LaBeouf (a.k.a. Sam Witwicky) had been replaced as the franchise’s lead star, the movie has actually gone sour. Like, the interest just got affected somehow, let alone, when Megan Fox left after the movie’s second installment. Not that Mark Wahlberg did a bad job, it’s just that the ‘life cycle’ jumped way too far. Hey, can’t they just grow with the film? Like Harry Potter and many others, you know.

The box office just shows the effects. Let’s see why.

One. The Last Night have become a little messy, yeah, the story line. Like, robots having a past here on earth?? These are just robots, mind you. And trying to incorporate robots into human history is already like an overdose of brainwashing. It’s unnecessary. This is not some kind of super hero or fantasy film like Peter Pan or something — so, there’s no need to go overboard.

Two. If the foundation is shadowy then what follows is sort of questionable — like robots at sea or something like that?

Three. The movie is what, more than 2 hours long?? Wow, just way too long! Two hours could have been enough to make a diehard real satisfied, so definitely scenes should have been cut in the narrative.

In all, if all you want to see are robots that are fighting then perhaps you would be entertained here; then again, the battle scenes have just become a little monotonous — while the effects are, well, guess they just tried too hard to give viewers a good time.


Gadget Review: Grillbot – The Grill-Cleaning Robot

Like grilling? Who doesn’t?! How ’bout cleaning your grill after using it? Oh, after all the fun, well, that’s a different story. And so it goes..

Now in comes Grillbot, the grill-cleaning robot, to save your day!

So what can you say? Good to see that ‘warning’ on keeping it away from fire, this only reaffirms it could only handle temperatures below 200 degrees. And as well as reminding grillers to close their lids, which only means the Grillbot is applicable to grills with lids.

Still, he could have tested it with a ‘used’ grill to really see its effectiveness. Know what I mean? 020716 Grillbot-0

Anyway, it looks like a cute, giant bug. Hah! Okay, it would be helpful especially for lazy grillers — but obviously not for those who wants their grills ‘thoroughly’ clean. For one, you know it can’t reach deep under the grill. That’s just one. How about the robot’s safety? We saw how one of the metal bristles fell off. While one may say, it’s just an ‘assembly’ thing — the manufacturer should anticipate ‘excited’ users and therefore equip it with safety measures. Whoa, kids?!

Just some reasons why it’s not really a ‘must-buy’ even for grillers. Not to mention it’s $129 each.

Gadget Review: Jibo, the Robot

If you have heard of Siri, in Jibo, you will have a deeper kind of experience.. Something like that of R2-D2.

Jibo is actually a project of Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at MIT, and is currently launching a crowd funding campaign to help improve what is billed to be the first family robot. It is currently being sold at $499 to consumers and $599 to developers.

But what can Jibo currently do?

For one, it can take pictures of you or light up when it sees you pass through the door.

It can also relay texts and phone calls to you once linked to your email and phone accounts.

Also, it could alarm you of your appointments and provide you with next-level video-chatting where the face of Jibo reflects the person you are talking to.

Not only that, Jibo could do interactive reading.. Just upload its library with books and it’ll even narrate with cartoon images as well as character-appropriate voices.

Then again, there’s a lot more room for improvement. Like, artificial intelligence and the ability to follow you around the house.

As we can see, it’s still just like a smartphone or tablet that the only difference is that you don’t need to hold it.. Yea, tablets do have stands but Jibo looks like a lamp and is capable of rotating – not just standing still.

LEO the Maker Prince on Gadget Review

Have you heard of a children’s book that not only tells stories but prints.. and in 3D?!?

Wow, that must be so cool that most every kid and perhaps even some adults might want to have or try one, huh?!


Well, in today’s feature we present to you LEO the Maker Prince. Yes, as you know, it’s actually a book. Hmm… a book about robots and its ability to print in 3D – any object that Carla draws.

Carla, by the way, is Carla Diana.. the book’s author who in the story treads her way around Brooklyn with Leo, the walking and talking robot with that 3D printing ability.


Okay, the fact that the book teaches children about 3D printing is already a good thing.. making kids stay up to the task is even cooler. With Leo’s robot friends, each having their own printing or storytelling abilities as well, kids will never run out of interest in this innovative creation by Carla Diana.


Oh, not to mention some entertaining add-ons that would surely keep your kids glued.. like adding rice inside a 3D print to make a shaker musical instrument.

You say what?? Oww, we say you better try it. Educational. Entertaining. Definitely a cool way to spend your vacation, kids!

Movie Review: RoboCop (2014)

After watching the movie RoboCop, I felt the “tone” that made it a classic was sort of missing. I mean, yes, times have changed but what was loved by the public then became a question mark today.

We understand that director Jose Padilha wanted to focus more on the realities of today like that of drones and politics instead of action(?). But then again, it’s a sci-fi film – that has already built a name! If you focus a little more on politics (unless it’s Transformers), don’t you think that it would change the tone?

At any rate, the actors only follow the script and instructions, so you can’t totally blame them if there are shortcomings. Joel Kinnaman did pretty well for a relatively “unknown” actor, though his support could have carried the film to even greater heights than they did.RoboCop-2014-oped-RoboCop-3

Still, the suit looks great as expected; but looks silly on the wearer when he runs. Oh, the screws must be tight, ugh!

In general, the film is okay, though guess the production simply tried a bit too hard to keep up with the “classic.”

Anyway, if there’s a scheduled Batman vs Superman movie for 2016,.. how about RoboCop vs Iron Man? Now that would be something!