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Food & How To.. Eat Sushi!

Many may have thought that ‘eating’ is just as simple as putting food in your mouth and chewing it — especially for something like the Japanese Sushi — but wait, it’s in fact a little more complex than you think.┬áLet’s check out Chef Naomichi Yasuda as he teaches the ‘proper way’ to eat Sushi..

Hmm… Interesting here would be the ‘temperature’ factor as the Sushi could taste different depending on where you’d eat it. Wow, so don’t you think there are those who might not even try Sushi at all? Hah! ‘Cause for one, hey, this is just too meticulous! Then again, you wouldn’t be reading this, much more watching the video if you’re not aware of Sushi’s value. So..

Anyway, as we know Sushi is just composed of the seaweed wrapper, rice, wasabi, fish, some scallion and ginger. It is rolled into like a ‘rice cake’ (Sushi rolls) and cut before being served.

Normally, we just dip it into the soy sauce and that’s it. But actually.. Actually, you also just have to ‘lightly’ dip one side of it only ‘without shaking off’ the soy sauce. More so, ginger is not to be taken at the same time but as a ‘follow up’ after the Sushi goes in your mouth.

Okay, don’t worry about the chopsticks if you’re not used to it — just use your fingers and enjoy!