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YouTube Review: KLM Lost & Found service

Many would be naturally taken away by our featured YouTube video of the week, after all, it’s a lovable dog in the lead role..

However, there are also those who would say that this is just a marketing campaign to woo in more passengers for KLM. Then again, don’t you think most all videos from whatever establishment is just marketing? Then why not be creative?

Yes, finding lost items seems quite hard to believe actually, although we know dogs could sniff bombs and things like that. But sniffing bombs somehow requires only a single scent, finding lost items and matching them with their owners is quite tough considering the differences in human odor and the vastness of the airport.

KLM Lost & Found service has close to 10 million views over at YouTube, and Sherlock the beagle certainly made that happen. Yet if only not to be thought of as a marketing stunt, how about really training and using more dogs to do the finding of lost items?

Simple Experiences: Starbucks

Most people do like coffee, for one, notice how many coffee
shops are in your town? And even coffee vending machines are sprouting just like mushrooms in your neighborhood.

Yet when it comes to coffee shops, can you think of any coffee shop that comes close to Starbucks?

Starbucks - Glorietta 4
Starbucks – Glorietta 4

Well, this is why people just flocks the resto even at a price.

Then again, not all are the same in terms of this and that as they are franchises. And surprisingly, those in the provinces offers
better service than those in the city.

For instance, Starbucks at Glorietta 4 was just too slow in delivering its goods. And to think of it, t’was just a couple of simple sandwiches that we ordered.

The food we ordered...
The food we ordered…

More so, the crew was less courteous as compared to the
provincial branches. Could it be that they are just attending to many customers? Ah, if so then they got a
“waiting system problem” at that. Besides, there were only just 3 of us at that time.

Provincial franchises, on the other hand, are more attentive; perhaps because they feel they got a lot to prove. The staff are more careful as they understand the brand that they are carrying.

One time in a provincial branch...
One time in a provincial branch…

Of course, the food is just about the same, it’s standard. Quality and price-wise. Plus, all physical structures do comply to their norm.

At the bottom of that coffee cup, it all just boils down to that customer experience. One more cup.. or never again. Hmm… how was your coffee?

Airline Review: TigerAir

After learning that Singapore budget airline TigerAir sold it’s 40% stake with the losing TigerAir Philippines to Cebu Pacific, I recalled my experience with the said airline sometime last year 2013.

tigerair-planes-sit-onFrom the moment you try to secure a plane ticket, it was not so good.

First, they only got limited flight routes and schedules. And it’s either too early or too late, or you need to take connecting flights to reach your final destination. In short, not so business or customer friendly. Oh, perhaps they could not afford to expand it – management inefficiency. Okay.

Second, after making a reservation online, your next move is to pick up your ticket on flight day, right? Well, you’d be surprised then. Why? Because you would still have to pay for the printout of “your flight confirmation.” Wow, it’s like being robbed! Geez, I thought everything has been taken cared of?!wpid-tigerair1_Edited.JPG

Third, upon boarding the plane, it’s like you’re in a military plane. Imagine the ambiance inside. Probably because of the combination of tight seating spaces, lighting.. yes, lighting.. and the attendants uniforms. Not to mention, the attendants were less accommodating.

Well, these were probably signs that the airline was indeed losing money – in effect, low morale. Such a pity.

Since then, I never booked with that airline again.

Hmm… hopefully, with the Cebu Pacific deal, things would improve.

Restaurant Review: Lou-is Restaurant

Located in Balanga City, Lou-is Restaurant caters to both individual and group customers as in entities or organizations who wants to hold seminars and have their meals during or after the event.

Inside Lou-is.. with an on-going conference
Inside Lou-is.. with an on-going conference

The restaurant is actually known for its specialty which is “Kare-Kare”, a traditional Filipino ox tail stew in a peanut-based sauce. Well, if it’s especially your first time to eat kare-kare, you would find that the sauce and the “bago-ong” (condiment made from fermented fish or shrimp and salt) is what makes the dish tick.

And I say this “first time” because although founded on the same basics, the recipe itself would vary from person to person. Nonetheless, in the case of Lou-is, the flavor would be generally okay for most people.

Hmm… anyway, if the food is “fair”, the restaurant itself needs improvement particularly on its lay-out and design – it’s just too bare or boring to some extent. For one, it’s like more of a conference hall than a restaurant.. not to mention that one could overhear an on-going seminar which sorts of removes the customers’ privacy; more so, there is this lack of staff when an event is currently being held as well. Then again, for the latter issue, this could be solved by a good “waitering” system.

Kare-kare in the blue bowl and some Marlin on the hot plate
Kare-kare in the blue bowl and some Marlin on the hot plate

Finally, as for Lou-is’ location.. this is about 2-3 hours away from Manila; so, for those nearer or within the province, yes, it may not be in the heart of the city but it is accessible to those who wish to have a different dining experience.

And why not? The parking space is also good.

When you stop t…

When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer. When you turn your back, you’ve lost her. – Estee Lauder

For Estee Lauder, this is all about attention. Just like personal relationships, a girl just wants someone who could make her smile. And if companies could do that “regularly” then you could keep your customer.

For how long? Until someone else talks more??

Nah, while you could continuously reinvent yourself, your product … while keeping ’em happy.

Trust…is the …

Trust…is the foundation for innovation and coordination of the supply chain, customer interaction, and market, product and service development. – Peter Keen

Well.. yes.. as people would not just say “something of value” to people they do not really know, especially Trust.

But then, how is this trust gained when you are not family or a close friend? Or how do you become a friend anyway?


“Give each other a chance” … do not just end your meeting with one hello. Sometimes, although there might be mismatches of interests – that hump is actually a key to growth for both parties, whether business or personal.

And in business, manufacturers get that “hump”, that consumer idea of how to model their products.

Just remember – do not be “domineering” and keep your word.

This means your product, your promotions? Make sure they really work.

Consumer Photos 37

Patched up cracks of a toilet at ICM's LG level
Patched up cracks of a toilet at ICM’s LG level

Earthquake consequences: Weakened structure. This is expected after a major calamity like an earthquake. Thus, ICM management should give more consideration to its structure – don’t just patch up, go deeper in your repairs, this is no small house but a mall.

Benches near the UG Level entrance 2 of ICM
Benches near the UG Level Entrance 2 of ICM

I was seated at about 12:35pm to 12:45pm trying to feel the consumers’ pulse, instead felt the flooring was actually “shaking” with the comings and goings of people. Nobody’d probably feel it unless you link to your senses to the floor with no thoughts of just fun.

After standing up, I transferred to another area near BDO’s kiosk and ICM’s Home & Fashion… and lo! I still sensed it, the “shaking.” This could be “dangerous” in the long run if taken for granted. Whether a series of strong aftershocks or just plain influx of people (which is longer compared to aftershocks), the unimaginable could surely happen.

Safety first!

Consumer Photos 36

Italian Fettuccine with meatballs
Italian Fettuccine with meatballs

The food is okay though adding a bit more garnish would help; and as expected the garlic bread stick blends well with the fettuccine.

The store's green motif is good...
The store’s green motif is good…

Although their place at ICM is a little tight – their staff was helpful.

Still, they got a “bad” side… unfortunately. Yes, they may have WIFI and accessible electrical outlets – Frankie, the owner, was a bit “rude.” When he notices picture takings of his food – he turns off the WIFI and leaves the store. Is that good?? Huh?!

I’ve been a cus…

I’ve been a customer of the top venture capital firms, so I know exactly what they do and don’t do. – Marc Andreessen

So you see, most customers do know what they are getting into. They know what to expect. Yes, some maybe unreasonable but then they know what is … and what is not.

Nonetheless, the real essence of customer service lies in sincerely serving those who does not “exactly” know what they are looking for – these are those who just purchases according to what they have overheard.

Lest mind you, sincerity means you inform to educate “of all alternatives” and not to sell your product as a priority. The customers’ choice is their choice according to their real needs.

People will buy…

People will buy anything that is ‘one to a customer.’ – Sinclair Lewis

Oh, “anything” that is ‘one to a customer’?! This simply means any product that meets the desires of the customer – it does not matter whether it’s a necessity or not, he would buy it. Okay… though this is just one-time.

What about long-term, what could fortify this connection? A relationship.

Just like couples or family, if any of your loved ones requests or needs something, would you just turn them down? If you do, especially if it’s reasonable, you’d just be selfish. There’s a God. Life is temporary and it’s better to give than to receive. If you don’t believe in it, try being on the receiving end – see how tough it is to wait. That’s why there’s Karma.

Thus, if your product or service could link with emotions – that bond would be deeper than simple needs or seasonal purchases.