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Consumer Video: Building your Shipping Container house

While the Japanese are having a ‘micro’ apartment boom, the West and others have also been busy with their ‘shipping container’ homes. Yep, all these in the name of being practical and for spending our precious earnings not just to survive but to enjoy life.

You may say, “Oh, enjoy life? In a ‘shipping container’ home??”

Why, yes! It ain’t so bad! Fact is — it’s not bad at all! It’s just a matter of being creative and you’ll then have something of a dream house actually. Here’s how to make one..

Hmm… Know what actually came to mind when the main material to be used for a home was a ‘shipping container’? Rust. Rain. Leaks. Especially for an older container.

Then again, those could be addressed. Let’s see how..

So, it’s basically about cleaning the rust and repainting it with a rust converter; however for ‘holes’, obviously, you gotta patch ’em with steel or some GI sheet. Better yet, for insurance and a nicer looking house, you could also purchase metal sheets normally used for regular roofing and affix it on your ‘shipping container’ home..

Then after all the hard work, you can finally enjoy your new home!

Santa Cruz shipping home
Santa Cruz shipping home

Okay, we know what you’re thinking of.. Shameful? Hey, what’s so embarrassing of living in a shipping container?? It’s unique — that you should even be proud of! And a used ‘shipping container’ is only less than P70,000 each. See? Cheap but nice.

Now, time to find a lot! Just contact +63943 5247120.