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Consumer Video: The Top 10 Footwear Brands?

So what brand of shoes do you prefer? Like, the shoes you usually wear, you know — what brand is it? Well, that should be the basis of a ‘top footwear brand’.

Yeah, more than just prominence, popularity, profitability, and influence on competitors — ‘customer satisfaction’ or preference should be the ‘real’ basis for a top brand. After all, products are not meant to be displayed but ‘used’. And, and you can’t categorize sales merely on dollars — but should be on a per pair of shoe thing.

Anyway, here was last year or 2015’s Top Footwear Brands..

See? Being a top brand can’t just be about gross sales, or shoe price and stuff. Remember, there are pricing differences, so the totals would be misleading. And in this case, how many of these shoe brands do you actually recognize? Seriously.

In this part of the world, numbers 7 to 9 are not really known by the majority. Steve Madden. Dr. Martens. Aldo. On the other hand, New Balance seems to always be on sale here. Really. Like it subtly says that the company is struggling or something, huh!

And while Puma SE is kinda limited to our soccer audience.. Okay, and some running, too; Vans is actually gaining ground.

Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche
Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche

But as for the Top 4 brands, well, that’s more or less accurate. This is a basketball-loving country so, the top brands would certainly have something to do with the sport. Otherwise, the footwear should be easy on the feet as well as on the pocket.

Interesting though is the exclusion of Timberland and local brands like Accel from the honorable mention. Oh well, the survey is not about the Philippines, however, we’re givin’ you some idea ’bout it.


Fashion Up: Men’s Casual Wear (F & X)

Hey guys, it’s your turn to dress up! And what time ’cause we found some cool items for you at a bargain for this week at F & X SM Manila. So here, and check ’em out..

F & X shirts and pants
F & X shirts and pants

shirtWow! Blue checkered F & X long-sleeved shirt at Php1,100 each, or 2 pieces for only Php1,750..

pantsHmm… Wouldn’t it be nice to pair ’em with this grey F & X pants? Yup, whether for simple parties or gatherings.. And it’s only at Php1,200 each.

shoesStill, it would be your cool Olaf style Hush Puppies that would make that imprint at just Php5,600 a pair.. Yes, you’d absolutely look great in either black or brown, though the latter would be preferable.

So, fashion up guys!

Innovation Watch: GlaGla Connect shoes

Know what, if there are products where I don’t really trust putting electronic chips or sensors into – shoes must be one of them.

Just imagine the weight of a person all coming down on the shoes?! The impact! Can you dig it?

What would then happen to a misaligned chip, or a miscalculated ratio between a “large” human and the shoe’s cushion?

GlaGla Connect shoes is hopefully well-designed. Well, if only for being a health tracker (monitors calories, steps taken and calculates altitude) transferred from wrist to sole – GlaGla is already the first of its kind.

Powered by Zhor-Tech technology, it involves a Bluetooth pairing between an iOS app and a sensor built into the insole – which are charged via USB port. All these aside from its capacity to promote better posture and foot health.

Then again, release date would not come until late 2015 and early 2016. So, the charging time, the battery life and even the price has yet to be fixed.

Gift Ideas: Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

This is one of those shoe brands that has already peaked but then has survived time, the Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes – a wonderful gift for any gender or age..

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2-Eye boat shoe
Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2-Eye boat shoe (color: Sahara Leather)

Among its valuable features are:

  • Genuine hand-sewn Tru-Moc construction for durable comfort
  • Stain and water resistant leather for durable and lasting wear
  • 360° Lacing System™ with rust proof eyelets for a secure fit
  • Shock absorbing EVA Heel Cup for added comfort
  • Non-marking, rubber outsole with Razor-Cut Wave-Siping™ for ultimate dry / wet traction
Women's Sperry get-up courtesy of College Fashion..
Women’s Sperry get-up courtesy of College Fashion..

Yes, for just $88 a pair and I’m talking about the boat shoe in the above photo, your money’s worth the class and comfort these Sperrys bring..

Ah, and don’t forget – flexibility and durability. As not only is it good on men, women or kids – it’s also cool in just about any attire you’d wear – save for gowns and tuxedos, of course.

Hey, chill out, this boat shoe could be worn on planes too!

Fashion Watch: Balenciaga Boots

It’s been 100 years since Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga started his fashion line Balenciaga.. today, the brand is especially famous for it’s motorcycle-inspired handbags called the Lariat.

In recent years though, it also came up with other eye-catching fashion statements like the Balenciaga boots.


Hmm… if you notice, the Balenciaga boots is actually a cross between a shoe and a boot. Yet what’s great about it is not just it’s fabulous leather design, but it’s flexibility.. it’s simply suitable on most any, of course, casual wear.

See? Cool, huh?! Ah, by the way, it’s good on males as well. wpid-black-balenciaga-boots-black-spye-x-shicnyc-sweater_400.jpg

The issue, just obviously, would be its price which costs over $1,000..

Oh yes, though there is this item from Urbanog just worth around $45. That’s great then, eh?

So, if you got style – dare to express!

Footwear Review: Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor. This is a “classic” if there’s such a term for footwear, particularly for sports or casual shoes. Time passes, styles change, brands come and go.. but Chuck Taylor? It has weathered all revolutions in fashion.

Chucks Low
Chucks Low

Yes, we used to see these shoes on basketball players. Well, actually, until now there are those who still wears it when playing. And why not? It’s light when you run and sticky when you apply the brakes. Yeah, you don’t easily slip with it.. although your ankles need some “wrapping” to prevent injuries (high or low cut) since what covers your foot is basically cloth-like.

True, competition has somewhat phased it out of the basketball court but still, what makes it really cool is its “flexibility.”

From the court, it is now used more for strolling or going to school, and even in beaches – wherever, unless it’s a formal outing. And sure, it comes in different colors… and designs, of course, built on the same “shoe frame.”

Chuck Taylor All-Star collections
Chuck Taylor All-Star collections

Chuck Taylor was introduced in 1917, and back then it was still known as the “All Star”; and it was not until 1923 when Converse incorporated Chuck Taylor (a basketball player, also a salesman) on to its patch.

Ah, it’s been a while… but instead of fading away, it’s even been emulated. Wow!