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2016 NBA Weekly: Today’s Best Shooting Guard is…

There’s been a lot of talk on who is the NBA’s current best shooting guard. A couple of years ago, this distinction was passed from Kobe Bryant to James Harden of the Houston Rockets — what with even premier big man Dwight Howard himself spurning the Los Angeles Lakers in favor of the Rockets citing the past (Kobe) and the present (Harden) in terms of NBA championship potential — and in tandem, Harden followed it up with an MVP-worthy season.

But that was, what, 2 years ago and then last year — when everyone thought that the Rockets would actually dominate and go all the way to lifting that Larry O’Brien trophy year in, year out.

Jimmy Butler fend off James Harden
Jimmy Butler fends off James Harden

It didn’t happen. Instead we saw the continued dominance of the San Antonio Spurs and the dawning of a new powerhouse in the Golden State Warriors via the ‘Splash Brothers’. ┬áNot to mention the immense growth of Chicago’s Jimmy Butler into ‘superstar’ status.

So, who’s really the league’s best shooting guard now? James Harden? Klay Thompson? Jimmy Butler? Any other contender?

While Harden and Thompson separately declared themselves as ‘the best’. Butler doesn’t want to be included in what he considers a nonsense proposition — although he even surpassed the legendary Michael Jordan by scoring 40 points in one half to MJ’s 39.


Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson

The best shooter would obviously be Thompson. The best scorer would probably be Harden. But the best two-way player would definitely be Butler. So, who’s the ‘best’ now? We can’t just categorize them as such. Otherwise, what’s the use of being named the very ‘Best’?

Best should then be based on ‘impact’.

Thompson. He’s not the Warriors’ main man. This, notwithstanding his hot shooting in recent games. After all, he basically gets the ball only if Steph Curry can’t make a play.

Harden. He’s the opposite of Klay. He always has the ball that the team, more often than not, suffers because of it. And his averages are high simply because he keeps shooting more than anyone else!

Butler. With his game founded on the ‘value’ of defense, he has continuously expanded his play to be the Chicago Bulls’ primary weapon — that it’s even no longer Derrick Rose’s team now!

So, who do you think is the ‘best shooting guard’ of the NBA?