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Review: TP-Link Smart Plug (Controls Your Devices from Anywhere)

For only $29.99 you can have Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Home Automation Modules — the TP-Link Smart Plug! Yep, this controls your devices from just about anywhere. That’s right, anywhere!

With that alone, it should give us an idea of how such could happen. Well, Smartphone. Kasa app. Internet. All rolled into one, of course, and you now have an automated home.

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Lower Energy Bills. Since you could then schedule the power of appliances and electronics at home, turning ’em on and off as needed, this would help you save money. Obviously.

Safety. We are aware that there could be ‘things’ that are heat sensitive, or could easily burn especially if left unattended — now, with TP-Link Smart Plug, this doesn’t only lower your energy bills but keeps your home from potential fire hazards, even if you’re away from home.

Security. How would potential burglars react if they would notice someone’s home? Many would actually shy away, right? They’d likely wait for you to leave or have some vacation before attacking, again. Right. But what if you could make your house appear as if you never left, as if someone’s in there? Then that would frustrate the burglars. Definitely. And perhaps, they would look for another target instead. Result. House secured. Yes, even if you’re miles away.

Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo
Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo

Hmm… And if these are not enough, Smart Plug also has this thing called ‘voice control’ where instead of tapping your smartphone, you could use ‘voice command’ — through Amazon Echo using the Alexa Voice Service. T’is sold separately tho. Haha!


One. Though chances are low, what would happen if there’s an app breakdown, you know bugs? Yeah, especially if you’re miles away from home, there should be an online fix; otherwise, imagine what could happen while you’re gone?!

TP-Link Smart Plug

Two. Just in case, would a reset or a reinstallation of the app require a resetting of the appliances and electronics at home? Certainly, we want less of those hassles.

Three. And how equipped is Smart Plug on sudden power interruptions or accidental unplugging? Clearly, there should be some temporary form of continuance (like the UPS) on its design.

In all, and in an ideal world, TP-Link Smart Plug is indeed a good buy.

Gadget Review: Samsung WiFi Oven

We’ve heard of smartphone-controlled TVs, fridges and other kinds of appliances — and now we have the oven. The Samsung WiFi Oven. It comes in two models: NE9000 (electric) and the NX9000 (gas range).

You know what? Judging from the video alone, being able to remotely control the oven is cool but this could also mean ‘leaving’ your oven always plugged. For how could you make your oven work for you when you’re gardening or coming from the office if there’s ‘no power’ in the oven?

So, doesn’t it sound a little risky?

Being multilayered, it’s a little common. Timers, the same. Flexi-door, not so amazing. Ability to preheat remotely, that’s nice; so you won’t waste time while doing something else or when coming from afar. Then again, the risks.

Short circuits? It’s most likely been addressed, just like ‘overloading’. Other possible oven issues? This one may have even been overlooked. Better check it again. But what concerns us more are the things around the oven. Especially combustible ones and kids.

You can’t just tell ’em don’t play with fire when an inviting ‘fire’ is already in front of ’em! So??

Product Review: QBracelet

So, how about a fancy bracelet that could charge your smartphone, wouldn’t that be cool? You bet..

And that’s what we are featuring for today from qdesigns.co, the QBracelet – a super lightweight, stylish bracelet of 1.8 ounces that works with iPhone 6 & 6+ and could charge an iPhone 5S to approximately 60 percent..

Comes in 4 colors

Oh yes, as for its sizing, here are the following:

SMALL (6.42 in) Recommended for most women..
MEDIUM (7.12 in) Recommended for most men..
LARGE (7.91 in) Recommended for most men with large wrists..

More so, it’s also available with Apple Lightning Connector.

While charging

Then again, we got a couple of issues with qdesigns though..

ONE. How about coming up with models that could also charge other smartphone brands?

TWO. Is this bracelet “waterproof”? You know, it should at least be able to withstand drizzling or something like that.

Anyway, although it’s retailing at $98, we could have one for $78 on a pre-order discount. Not bad..

But only limited quantities are available. Now, that’s bad.

Innovation Watch: Yotaphone 2

Here’s one smartphone that would really be nice to have – the Yotaphone 2.

It’s the world’s first double-screen smartphone. This means, it does not only have the regular front screen that we know – it also has back screen, or what is called the e-ink display..

What you can do on the main screen, you can also do at the back – from checking emails to using social media to getting bar codes in apps scanned to what have you.

What’s more is that the phone’s back display can stay on all the time – there’s no such thing as “low batt.”

Cool, right?!

That would be great for emergencies! Two things though – how protected really is the back from scratches and stuff? Also, how long is long? The “power all the time” thing, I mean.. Hopefully, til the necessary support arrives.

Innovation Watch: Bluesmart Carry-On

Now, this is the travel bag that probably most of us have been waiting for – Bluesmart Carry-On. Just check out the photo…


This is more than just going for a scooter where not really everyone would want to, like, “toy” with. With Bluesmart, though the carry-on has been designed with business travelers in mind – travelers of just about any background would be glad to have one, let’s go through some of the features..

Built-in scale. This is something travelers would certainly appreciate as we no longer have to worry about “overweight” fees, just in case. Now, we could easily monitor weight right while packing.

Battery charger. Definitely a necessity in today’s world especially when traveling. So imagine the comfort of having one, and right in your bag without the need to look for an electric outlet. Bluesmart-smart-carry-on-luggage-11

Digitally controlled lock. This may sound good but since it’s controlled by an app – don’t you think it could get hacked? Otherwise, such locks would only be useful if they got some alarm system to notify owners of hacking, or the use of physical force in opening the bag not done by you.

Location tracking and Proximity notification. These features would be great if the bag has not been stolen and put away in a swift manner. Consider the “digitally controlled lock.”

Still, despite of some negative possibilities, a pre-order price of $235 is absolutely a good buy for an innovation like Bluesmart.

YouTube Review: iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

Actually noticed this YouTube video a couple of months ago; and yeah, it’s been gaining ground since then..

Well, clearly because it’s one product most of us uses – smartphones.

But in this case, it’s about the iPhone 6 Plus.. And its malleability if you want to call it that way.

Hmm… the video has gathered over 62 million views yet when you really think about it – it’s just common sense. Products made of aluminum has that tendency to bend, so why make a big fuss if your iPhone does bend?

Of course it can’t be as soft as clay but in areas where there are cut-outs – it could and would bend. Now, the real question is if whether the screen has loosened up?

Check it out.

Innovation Watch: Elliptic Labs’ Multi Layer Interaction Technology

Are you ready for the next-generation mobile gesture control? That’s right, swiping on your smartphones and tablets would inevitably be a thing of the past – what with “gesture recognition”!

As we can see, there would be no need for us to really touch our screens anymore, thanks to Elliptic Labs’ Multi Layer Interaction Technology. From navigating maps to watching videos to playing games – to even turning on/off your smartphone’s power control – everything becomes easier with just a wave of your fingers.

Simply hot stuff, eh?!!

Just wondering how are we gonna control our texting now? Ooops!