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Consumer Videos: Simple DIY Healthy Snacks

Guys, it’s snack time! Now, who doesn’t like snacking?? Well, food is certainly one of those things we crave for — especially sweets and sometimes the ‘out of this world’! And nowadays, the trend has pointed to more healthier food.

Here now are some healthy snack ideas you could ‘do-it-yourself’..

Wow, very tempting yet healthy! Not to mention, easy to make..

It would be interesting to try the peanut butter and jam yogurt cups though as to the chocolate mixes. For one, we already know how chocolate tastes.. Just delicious! Variety would then be good.

Oh, frozen grapes! May not be a new idea but sooo gooood indeed! Guess, Olga just liked to use a bit more fruits here. And like Sarah, chocolate again plays a role in satisfying that sweet tooth. Yep, it is healthy! The real quality ones that is.. As most of these treats are free of refined sugar.

So, which one is your favorite? In both videos, we could see the value of bananas as a big part of not just healthy food but one that could make us ‘full’, satiated. It was just a matter of adding other delightful ingredients to make it, hmm… less boring and more tasty. Hah!


Food & How To: Crab Meat Tostadas (Mexican)

Know what I liked about this next Mexican recipe of ours? That we could give life to a stale yet crucial ingredient. And guess what it is? Yes, the tortillas. Hah! Again. Of course. You just have to be amazed with the variety of ways it could actually be used! As in really.

And for today, we bring you the Tostadas de Jaiva also known as the Crab Meat Tostadas, a favorite Mexican snack.

Tostada in Mexico is simply a hard and crispy corn tortilla which you could ‘create’ by simply frying the stale tortilla. And although a key ingredient, the secret is obviously in the other ingredients that you mix with the tortilla which only serves as the base.

Hmm… noticed a few things? Abuela and everybody else were a bit excited in this one that they actually failed to even mention the ‘tortilla’ itself. Hah! Anyway, you know that it’s fried until it regains some sort of crispiness, so..

Next. The crab that you’d use could either be prepacked, precooked or you could cook it yourself before shredding it into pieces. In this case, they just bought a prepacked one to save time. Okay.

Third. This dish doesn’t really need cooking except for the frying of the ‘tostadas’, so it’s pretty easy to prepare (just basically peel, cut and mix, that’s it). And aside from the mentioned ingredients, you could also actually add lettuce among others with more Tapatio (hot sauce) or less lemon depending on your taste buds. Wow, this just reminds us of the famous pizza on the next corner! Lots’ a toppings!

And indeed, Tostadas de Jaiva could give ’em a good run — whether as an appetizer or a snack — it just tastes great! Enjoy!

VIDEO: Who stole my cookie?

What would you do if you found out that something was lacking in what you bought? Even if cheap.. would you return it or what?

Okay, it’s just a cookie. And it may even sound boring to some. But it’s interesting that HI-RO has “missed” on its packaging not just in one pack but in two snack packs. And more so, not just for the first time…

If you just let it go – especially if most everyone who experienced the same just lets it go – what would happen? HI-RO would just get used to such while we get cheated and they get richer.

Without a question, customers deserve fairness.

Consumer Photos 24

Bread! Bread! Bread!
Bread! Bread! Bread!

While rice is the staple food of Asians, bread is consumed as snack almost everywhere, or a “quick meal” specially for urban workers. And still, in many places, bread has become a choice for breakfast; yet for those who don’t, one reason could be because bread is too light on the belly, meaning – hunger could be felt after 2 hours, and if you don’t have “time” to eat every 2 hours, bread won’t do.

Pizza's popularity is unprecedented ...
Pizza’s popularity has really grown…

Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack – what would you prefer on normal days – rice, bread, or pizza? Me, pizza but I don’t think that many would keep eating pizza in all his meals even for just 2 days.

Snacking out…

…with munchkins. As you see in the photo, working while snacking at a mall is fun; and many ideas come up one’s mind! Hmm…

Working at a corner ...
Working at a corner …

Be careful with your food intake though. See, donuts are good but too much of it may affect your heart health, what with the increase in triglyceride levels after consumption. Uh oh, this heart health is for everybody, young and old alike. Notice the increasing heart problems of youngsters in our society nowadays? So, take it slow…

At any rate, it’s always a treat to be at Dunkin’ Donuts. They are wi-fi equipped, good location – I’m in the corner table on the corner of a mall location. So indeed, good for working too. And of course, their ever evolving products.. from donuts to sandwiches and all.

Well, time to check out now.. see yah!