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YouTube Review: The Dangers of Social Media

It’s been a while since we had our YouTube review as there’s been so many interesting ‘consumer’ videos at hand; but for today, we got an ‘important’ one to share, something that would serve as a warning not just to parents but especially to youngsters in social media.

Here’s the child predator social experiment..

Mikayla. 13 years old. Meet up at the park. Obviously, you should remember the face of your Facebook friend if you are to meet him.. Then again, if you’re still that young, better meet with your parents around.

Julianna. 12 years old. Opening the house’s front door. Even if you’re at the comfort of your own home, again, especially being that young.. It would be better if your parents are around if you are to entertain visitors.

Jenna. 14 years old. Getting into a car. If you think it’s no longer safe at the park or at home, how much more if it were to an automobile that you get invited to?

Kids.. Beware.

App Review: Split – The Antisocial App

You know Facebook, right? Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare also? They are social sites where we make friends, right?

But then again, what if you don’t want to meet that someone? Meaning, just like in the real world, there are those who tries to avoid someone they don’t share good memories with.. Or even someone they just don’t like to meet.

What would you do then? How would you avoid them?

Well, in comes Split, the antisocial application. It gathers location data from social updates and then maps out where you should be to avoid those you are avoiding.

Cool? In some ways, yes. Hey, you could now be sort of incognito to whoever you wish. But then, these data could also be used by stalkers to track you down..

..and perhaps this is the only reason why the application has not really been a hit so far with only over 10,000 downloads at Google Play among others.

No matter if the creators of Split says the app is there to protect you from surprises – the fact is that it could also be a tool to follow you.

Verdict: No deal. But it’s your choice.

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

Yes, it’s May 4, and a day of unity among Star Wars fans. Well, although the first Star Wars film was shown on the 25th of May 1977 – this fans day was established to celebrate the movie and to coincide with the movie’s popular line, “May the force be with you”.. Then rephrased to May the 4th be with you.

Oh, what can you do today as a Star Wars fan? Well, you could invite your friends to come over and watch these movies particularly the trilogy to remind you how the film became a classic.. to even wearing Star Wars attires or memorabilia.. And especially participating in social media about your admiration for the film.

So, if you’re in Twitter, try #HappyStarWarsDay or #MayTheFourthBeWithYou.. And you’ll see how many friends you’ll make just because of this special day.

After all, these practices has been a tradition for several years now by fans all over the world – yea, from a movie that has inspired and indeed changed our lives one way or another.

Hmm… if only we could extend this movement to also bring real peace around the world then Star Wars would have really been a Force beyond the stars. Can we do it? Just be true. And start by connecting with people and making friends.. Now.

Holy Week Clothing on Fashion Watch

Once again, it’s the Holy Week, and in fact, we’re already in Maundy Thursday. Now for Christians, these are the times for reflecting..

..well, more than the kind of reflection Santa Claus wants children to do during Christmas; after all, not all of us are kids anymore.

So, are you even sober, or are you just somewhere having fun?

See. This practice should also be good in fashion, in the way we dress, and not just how we spend our time.. even for just this week especially this Thursday and Friday.

Well, you don’t necessarily have to wear these, unless you’re comfortable with it..

..or these, unless it’s your tradition and beliefs..

..but during this time, as a practicing Christian, you’re expected not to wear these..

..or something like those, even if you’re comfortable with them. You should know better.

Instead, take on modest clothing like Kelly’s cocktail dresses..

..or even your regular Facebook outfit..


If you want Jesus to remember you, try to listen to Him especially in His time of suffering.. which He endured just for you.

Polaroid Socialmatic camera on Gadget Review

One of the more promising gadgets in the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early this year is the Polaroid Socialmatic camera. Oh, Polaroid? Yea, remember those instant photographs?


Well, it’s scheduled to be released late this year with that inkless-printing system that enables users to print those 2×3 inch sticker images, and adjust them accordingly in that 4.5 inch touchscreen.

And yes, this Socialmatic is Android-based equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means, you could share all the photos you want.. whether to a cellphone or upload them to current social media sites. See? Instagram colors..


More so, the camera is double-edged – 14 megapixels in the front and 2 megapixels at the rear. And what’s cooler is that this time, there’s no more shaking on your developing photo. Hmm… just signs of the times.

By providing me…

By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services. – Amy Jo Martin


As we see, technology has made the world smaller. Then why not take advantage of this great opportunity and connect with people – regardless of background or interests?

As previously said, we are all consumers… so? The least yet most important thing that could happen to entrepreneurs and companies is learning how to “sincerely” communicate with customers.

Developing this “trait”, this empathy, is the key to improving products and services…

…and that would certainly be a good start for this New Year.

Great entrepren…

Great entrepreneurs are often great listeners and they can spot patterns and pick up on small details in customer stories. – Alexander Osterwalder

True. That’s what entrepreneurs and leaders are – Opportunity Makers. And that’s why these individuals are into social media especially Facebook and Twitter.

So obviously.. if a “great” entrepreneur, an ambitious beginner, or even a struggling one has noticed our site then he would try to get in touch or at least Like and Follow Us.. as many do. See? We have been sharing experiences all along!

While each one of us are consumers, some of us could be or are entrepreneurs one way or another.. Just continue your journey.

Web companies, on TV advertisements?

Web companies, on TV advertisements?

You may have noticed them on the net, or you may have not. But now, you see them on TV. I mean these web companies.

Yes, they are now trying to get your attention through TV. This only means that TV has never really lost its appeal and effectiveness.. and although it’s a big boost to big companies, this could be true especially for less established companies.


See, while many spends a lot of time with social media, they still have some TV time. Not just because they want to see their favorite programs on a larger screen, but sometimes, constant “typing on the keyboard” gets on their nerves. Okay, there is this “computer-tv in one” thing but then, not everybody are into the net. So, TV just makes sense.

Page cannot be displayed??

This post should have at least appeared yesterday, but due to technical problems, you see us only now.. again.

Well, from slow networks to inaccessible websites – that’s what happened even the other day. If only on a daily basis, that was in fact the third time around that Consumer Live has missed on posting on its site.

First was because of the URL spams. Second was just a couple of days ago, and ’twas because of a slowing network just like the other day, November 14.

Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine...
Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine…

The third could be because of either the search engines, WordPress, or network problems. And these are not to make excuses but to disseminate a truthful statement especially for our loyal followers who deserves nothing but Our Best.

At any rate, we are not sure if this is because of the recent super typhoon Haiyan – or its after effects.

But one things is for sure though – Consumer Live is Alive and Kicking. We’re resourceful enough to find ways to keep you posted.

And if we ourselves are having trouble accessing our site for postings and updates, or would be affected in some way – at least until technicalities or the “power supply” normalizes then at the very least our Facebook and Twitter pages through our mobiles would breathe you life – just Like and Follow Us.

Thus, keep your dials on and stay tuned! Thank you.

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

Sure many of you knows by now..?? Just last November 1, South Korea’s Girl’s Generation bagged the 1st YTMA Video of the Year award having over 74 million views and 400,000 plus likes… besting the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and One Direction among others.

Girl's Generation
Girl’s Generation

Problem is, many could not accept it.

Well, that’s understandable. Everybody has their own favorite. Okay, so why was it a problem then? Ah, if you think about it, it’s too simple – it’s just a matter of “sportsmanship” just like seeing your favorite sports team lose and accepting it. Ugh! Of course, that must be pretty tough, especially for die-hards. But then, here’s the catch – so long as you played by the rules and did your best – win or lose, the results become secondary.

Still, it seems like fans of other stars are taking it “down to their bones” … reportedly to the extent of expressing their disappointment in a racist manner. Is that good? Everybody knows the rules, it’s just all about views and likes, so a fan of whoever should simply do what needs to be done – right? View and like.

What happened then, why complain, was there cheating??

We are all in this together, regardless of race. If we only learn to accept each other as God’s children then there would be less chaos; instead, more understanding, real peace, and greater opportunities – for all.

There’s always a next time. Peace!