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Music Review: Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran)

At number one through February 25 at Billboard’s Hot 100 is Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran.. And what, it’s got over 287 million YouTube views and counting?! Not surprised. Not surprised.

Wanna check out the animation?

First thing that would grab you here is the beat. I mean, wow! Surely makes you feel like moving those hips, eh?! It’s like you’re at the beach or somethin’ actually. No wonder that even if the video’s just an animation, it’s been gettin’ praises! Yey!

One wouldn’t even notice the lyrics except for “I’m in love with your body”..

And speaking of lyrics, that repetition of being “in love with your body” is kinda.. Misleading though. Love again has been abused. Thus, a confusion between love and lust. Yet if only for taking it in a ‘shallower’ understanding, love here pertains to ‘like’ or ‘adore’.

After all, love can’t be founded on physicality. Real love starts at the platonic level.. Conceiving commitment before moving towards expression.


The above are the first lines that are played in the song. And true enough and in a deeper sense — indeed, the club is no place to find a LOVEr. But because of opting for the ‘club’ instead, then the loveR here is really not about love, but some mate for that matter. Did ya’ follow?

Ed Sheeran singing 'live' at Capital FM

More so given these lines..


So don’t get confused. Love maybe an abused word but ‘real love’ could only be digested by those capable of it. In all, it’s a cool song by Ed Sheeran, and we’re just wondering why isn’t his songs played in movies??

Or did we just miss somethin’?

Music Review: 24K Magic (Bruno Mars)

It’s been two years since Bruno Mars was into Uptown Funk, now he’s back with another hit song in 24K Magic! Still, the question remains..

Could this new single surpass, or even just come close to that 2014 musical success?

Okay, 24K Magic is currently at number four in Billboard’s Hot 100 through January 7. Okay, 24K Magic has over 293 million views at YouTube and growing. Okay, 24K Magic has got that typical upbeat melody.

But hey, somethin’ seems to be missin’ here.

The lyrics? Nahh. In dance hits, lyrics hardly matter — unless there’s somethin’ sooo not good. The dance scenes? Right. It’s quite lacking. Guess, they emphasized ‘luxury’ a little more, yeah, because of the title. In Uptown Funk, there were a lot of ’em dance scenes with ’em cool steps! As they say, ‘ala Michael Jackson’.. And so, the hit!

Anyway, we like the private jet though — and those fountains. The cap? Good.

See y’all!

Music Review: Black Beatles (Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane

After spending time at number 9 at Billboard’s Hot 100, we now find ’em replacing The Chainsmokers’ Closer for the top spot through November 26. Wow, what a jump and.. What a feat!

If for any reason it surprised you, better check out the video to find out what made ’em have the biggest gain in streams; the biggest gain in digital sales as well as having gains in performance.

Oh.. Frankly, if only for the music video, we are surprised ourselves. I mean, it’s actually very ordinary, ya’ know. No ‘real’ story but just partying. And yep, the scene shifts are too ordinary and, quite ‘messy’ in fact. Despite the hot babes!

Then again, the ‘beat’ is where Black Beatles pumped it up to the tune of almost 100 million views and counting! Yeah indeed, Rae and Gucci Mane teamed up well.

But hey, is blowing up a TV necessary?? It’s gotten pretty common these days. Hmm…

Music Review: Starboy (The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk)

Another song of The Weeknd is on the rise, and it’s currently #2 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 through 22 October 2016. Yeah, you must have heard it already..

Starboy featuring Daft Punk.

But have you seen the music video?

The lyrics are kinda ‘complex’. Not that they could not be understood but, ahh well, just listen.. The beat though is cool but it’s a bit typical these days. The setting, hmm.. not surprisingly is pretty.. Morbid??

You know, it’s dark and all.

Well, the only bright thing here is the ‘cross’. Lighted pink. But what’s he doin’ carrying that cross? At some point, wagging, and hitting things with it? It only makes the lyric ‘mother f*ck**’ (has this line become a norm??) and the rest of the lines quite.. Unholy.

Still, with close to 90 million YouTube views plus its rise in the music rankings, not too many are aware that a ‘cross’ is not just a simple prop — but something that should be revered.

Music Review: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (Piko-Taro)

Many must be askin’, is this the new ‘Gangnam Style’? Guess almost everybody is just curious on what’s all about this phenomenon. Hey, since it was first posted on the 25th of August, two of its YouTube videos has over 10 millions views. One is nearing 27M while the other is almost 14 million. Wow!

Well, we’ve just been observing. And so let’s see..

Whoa! The song is actually too simple, almost non-sense in fact — just about combining a couple of words. And then repeating. But the tune is like a hypnotizing video game while the dance steps look quite funny. Yeah, as especially done by Piko-Taro (a fictional singer-songwriter created by Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimaou), the performer, you know. Haha! 100116-pineapple-pen

Still, this PPAP got many doing their own version and have also gained viewership — so ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’ must be something!

Anyway, the music is a bit short, so it would be tough to tell if it could really make a run at ‘Gangnam Style’ — as listeners and viewers could somehow get bored or tired of it in the long run. But if Piko-Taro gets to do some kind of a world tour with producers also into other promotional tactics then probably..

It now all depends on its YouTube viewership pace.

Music Review: Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)

Remember Suicide Squad from over a month ago? Well, this is their OST — Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. And it’s currently at the number two spot in this week’s Billboard Hot 100, yes, with currently over 250 million YouTube views. Wow!

Let’s see why..

Know what? This is just one of those songs that’s perfectly suited for its movie. Yep, like t’was really composed for the film. Check out the lyrics.. says, “all my friends are heathens take it slow” and so on. Indeed like pertaining to ’em villains and what they did, eh?! And the melody? Addictive. Twenty One Pilots simply took us for a ride!

Hey, even the music video depicts disturbance! Still, while flashes of the film’s characters is common — the overall production was good.

Oh, in case you also want to refer to the lyrics, here goes..

Of course, there’s a negative side to these though; you know the characters in Suicide Squad, they got issues. And so, do not be immersed and let the music take a swing on values you’re taught.

Life may be tough at times but don’t take it on others.

Hope springs eternal. Just continue to have faith.

Music Review: Closer (The Chainsmokers)

This week’s number 1 song on the Billboards actually jumped 5 spots from last week; and it’s no other than The Chainsmokers’ Closer. Yep, with over 99 million YouTube views and counting, it’s been trending even on this part of the globe.

Let’s see why..

Obviously, a couple of cool things here. Nice drone shots. Romantic summer video. And a beat that’d make you dream.. ‘otherwise’??

Well okay, regardless of ’em lyrics popping up our screens, those aerial shots were great. Just one of those cool aerial takes we see from many of our YouTube travel uploaders. Though not original in nature, this one was somethin’ like a romantic flick; after all, an ‘original’ song comes with it!

See those flipping of pictures??! Signifies memories. While those highway travel shots tells they got a lot of it. Hey, it’s basically just the two of ’em in this video so what do y’all expect!? 0827 closer 2

A ‘porno’ as what the supposed crew said at the video’s end? Naah. Not really. But a relationship based on ‘sensuality’ — which may not last. As of course, we would get older. So, t’is just some passing fantasy.

In the end, it’s not a relationship a ‘real good’ soul would even try.

Music Review: Cheap Thrills (Sia ft. Sean Paul and Maggie Ziegler)

After seeing the controversial team-up of Australian singer Sia and American dancer Maggie Ziegler in Elastic Heart, and then Chandelier — we thought, hey, Maggie is for real! She was then just what 11, 12 but what wonderful acting?!!

And so, the team-up continues.. Sia’s song. Maggie’s expressiveness. Unbelievable combination! No wonder Sia’s Cheap Thrills has now climbed up to number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for this week — so, let’s check out their masterpiece.

Hmm… Very Sia-Maggie. Great melody. And the lyrics? It’s even just about the ‘cheap thrills’ of dancing — yep, the wordings are simply repetitive and almost like nonsense. Then again, with the fantastic dancing of Maggie coupled with a cool setting — the lyrics don’t really matter anymore, only the melody.

And that’s worth over 134 million YouTube views, and counting..

Music Review: Fifth Harmony v K-Pop

The fact that Fifth Harmony’s hit single Work From Home is trending on this part of the world made us dig the Billboard charts anew. Ow, it’s actually at 5th spot in the Hot 100 Rankings as of press time! And.. with close to 600 million YouTube views! Wow!

This made us think. Is Fifth Harmony a challenge to K-Pop?

First, the group is composed of 5 girls in Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke — products of X Factor and formed in 2012. The time when K-Pop was at its peak. Still, this isn’t the first American girl group — there were those that came even before K-Pop — thus, time here is just incidental.

Then again, if there’s something similar between K-Pop groups and girl bands like Fifth Harmony — it must be their sexy outfits and well-choreographed numbers. Even so, culture ‘divides’. Western artists are just way too provoking in their dance steps — and even uses the opposite sex to arouse viewers in their videos.

Meanwhile, K-Pop is girlish and innocent yet subtly sexy. This is why they still thrive to this date especially in Asia. Yup, they have already built a loyal following. On the other hand, the West simply controls media which is why you see what you see. Even YouTube views.

So yes, if only for YouTube views and air time, K-Pop is just no match — regardless if PSY got a billion views. Besides, many of these artists hardly speak English (language barrier is why some groups fail) and basically relies on story, setting, melody and choreography — while their Western counterparts are just about tickling the imagination.

And that speaks about the views! Know what I mean?

Music Review: Shades At Night (Everywhere)

Today for our music feature is a real cool song from a Swedish band named ‘Everywhere’, and it’s entitled — Shades At Night, their latest single.

Let’s check out their official music video..

So, just as we said — Cool, right?! The lyrics is nice and clean. And the acoustics simply took the song to another level. There are those who says that they even sound like ‘The Cure’, ‘Depeche Mode’, and ‘The Killers’, an American rock band that was formed back in 2001.

But ‘Everywhere’ is now.. And they certainly got potential!

Max Berga, lead vocal for Swedish Alt Rock Band 'Everywhere'
Max Berga, lead vocal for Swedish Rock Band ‘Everywhere’

While the video is great, we know that there’s always room for improvement especially for the next songs — so they could start making a real dent in the industry. Like, their video could do more than just light up the studio — yeah, they could make a story out of it — out of the lyrics. Max Berga’s style may be captivating but variation in MVs helps as well, and the production should know that.

Yet for now, let’s just enjoy this heckuva song!