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Movie Review: Eddie The Eagle (2016)

Sports stories. Especially true stories. These are just one of those movies that inspires. And that speaks the same for ‘Eddie The Eagle’, a biographical sports film based on the story of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards who achieved his dream of representing Great Britain in the 1988 Winter Games.

Of course, it’s understandable that ‘not everything’ in any ‘true-story’ movie really happened, but for producers, it’s as close as it could be. Let’s check out the trailer and get a glimpse of it..

Know what really makes this encouraging? All the discouragements he’s been getting — right from childhood. Yeah, even from his father! Well, it’s not because his father doesn’t believe in Eddie but because his father cares. He doesn’t want Eddie to be disappointed or his wife hurt considering Eddie has physical disabilities to begin with. So, how could one even think of being an Olympian?!

Still, he continued his self-training while growing up with all those dejections — where even the country’s sporting body doesn’t want him in — showing he’s got the heart of a champion.

Then again, while one must really have a strong character and focus to keep going — truth is, it’s the ‘wind beneath our wings’ that pushes us to succeed. And that is having at least one person in this world who believes in us, who’d be with us no matter what. In Eddie’s case, t’was his mom. Then, a mentor who’d help you be you.

The 'real' Eddie Edwards on the inset
The ‘real’ Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards on the inset

The movie was long enough to bring its message across, as Warren Sharp said ‘a true Olympian is not just about a God-given skill set, it’s about never giving up no matter what; knowing that doing your best is the only option even if it results in failure’ — but because many would want to see some ‘love story’ in the film, Eddie The Eagle only surpassed its $23M budget with a $41M box office so far.


At the end of the day, we’re humans. We need a reason to live for. To share our moments and all. Unless one is deeply selfish or greedy then he’d prioritize goals over lasting attachment.

2015 NBA Weekly: Stars on International Play

While 34 of the brightest NBA stars have been called to a mini camp, well, in preparation for the coming Olympics in 2016 – participation in international play has been a subject of debate since Indiana star Paul George injured his leg just a year ago. Oh, as we know, t’was a freakish accident in an exhibition game prior to the World Cup..

Dante Exum sprawled on the floor (Photo: news.com.au

And again, with the recent injury to Utah’s Dante Exum while playing for his native Australia.. Concerns have started to grow anew.

Should NBA players be allowed to play for international competitions?

The answer is actually a no brainer. Yes, of course. Unless he’s currently nursing an injury.. Or he’s not a citizen of your country, in this case, America. After all, it’s the country’s pride at stake.

See, even Paul George himself still wants to play. So, isn’t that even commendable of him?

The NBA may be a business, and its merchandise are its players; but don’t you think they owe their country, one way or another, whatever heights they have achieved?

Paul George (R)

Yeah, particularly in the harnessing of their craft. That’s for the players. For the team owners, well, you wouldn’t have your merchandise if the players weren’t able to enhance their skills.. Right?

So? International competition is simply pay back time. Besides, even if one just plays in his backyard, injuries could still happen. So, just let your players decide.

Case closed.

2015 NBA PlayOffs: Hopefuls and Who We’d Like to See

With just about 4 games left for most teams, this year’s PlayOff hopefuls are still in a very tight race – both East and West. Wow!

Fighting for 8th spot at the Western Conference are the Pelicans and the Thunder with identical 42-36 win-loss records. On the East’s side, while the Bucks hasn’t officially secured the 6th playoff spot, they obviously have one foot in the door being 2 games up from their nearest pursuer. Same goes with the Hornets, however, on the opposite end as they got one foot out being 3 games down for a possible 8th place.

Anthony Davis trying to block a shot
Anthony Davis trying to block a shot

So this means, the real battle are among the Celtics, Nets, Pacers and Heat for the 7th and 8th playoff spots.

Noticed their records? Exciting, huh?!

While fans have their own favorite players and teams, a good first round series really lies in having a lower-seeded team capable of challenging its playoff matchup. Otherwise, that would just be a bore.

Then who do you think could give the Warriors a good fight – the Pelicans or the Thunder?

Hmm… if only Durant and Ibaka were around, the Thunder could even “upset” the Warriors – but they’re not. This means, a Davis-led Pelican team would be more intriguing to watch – what with this postseason action potentially being Davis’ first playoff appearance!

How about the East?

PG13.. Paul George
PG13.. Paul George

Guess it would be nicer to watch Paul George at this point of his return than Isaiah Thomas whose effectivity could be cancelled out by Jeff Teague. Who’s the Celtics next weapon then? They’d just end up walloped by either the Hawks or the Cavs.

Johnson. Williams. Lopez.
Johnson. Williams. Lopez.

What about the Nets and the Heat?

While Lopez and Williams are playing well, Johnson is not. Plus they don’t have Teletovic to help them out while Plumlee is still limited in his skills. So I say, Lopez and Williams would have a harder time sustaining their recent good games – than for the Heat to play with more heart.. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Cavs-Heat matchup?

After all, the Heat has got deeper experience as well as the players to give either the Hawks or the Cavs a real run for their money – that is even without Chris Bosh in the lineup.

Can’t wait!


Manny Pacquiao and Basketball

If you happen to be watching the preseason games of the PBA, you must have chanced upon the game between Blackwater and Team Kia, the team of playing-coach Manny Pacquiao.

Yes, you heard me right.. and you must have known it by now. 8-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has indeed ventured into basketball, probably his second love in terms of sports. Manny-Pacquiao-with-Team-Kia

Well, I only watched the first half of the game actually and saw Pacman’s limited minutes. His stats says he compiled 1 point, 1 rebound and 1 turnover at the half. Though t’was still the first half, it’s definitely not the stat you’d wish for in your player.

And based on what we saw, the team still needs to improve a lot and, enough of the sweet talking though – Pacquiao clearly is not for “professional” basketball. He was basically lost and lacks the fundamentals to excel in the sport.

And so, I stopped watching.. obviously, he’s just for boxing.

mp playing in the PBA for KIAStill, the sadder part is yet to come when the team and Pacman gets into the regular season and if really lucky, to the playoffs where his lack of skills would be further exposed.

Hopefully before that happens, the coaching staff could develop a good system where Pacquiao could just shoot or pass and not dribble the ball when on the court but that’s just for offense – how much more when he’s on defense where he could be exploited?

As far as coaching is concerned, ah, it’s not the regular games yet – besides, Pacquiao has got other undertakings to blame if he fails.

To Team Kia, just be more prepared when you meet better teams.

Miroslav Raduljica. The Championship. The Beard Battle.

By now, many basketball fans should know Miroslav Raduljica, the Serbian center who showed that he could really play ball against the world’s best.

Okay, his Serbian team may have lost the championship to the favorites which was the United States, 129-92..

Serbian center Miroslav Raduljica

But then, looking closely, they would have actually had a chance if not for Kyrie Irving’s.. brilliance? Nah. Though Irving is a terrific baller, it was simply his “lucky” night as he shot 6-6 from 3s – paving the way for an avalanche of 3s from the rest of the team.

Would Spain have done better? Well, the dynamics of the game would have certainly changed for one. So, who knows?

Nonetheless, what is this beard thing, huh?

Funny but it seems the battle has gone from the basketball court onto one’s facial hair – though not a serious one, of course.

American guard James Harden

Hmm.. yes, you’ve heard it – Raduljica declared his beard better than that of his American counterpart, James Harden.

Still, at the end of the day, whether Harden looks brash or Raduljica like an outdoorsman – carriage is the key here..

And, what message he really wants to send with his “beard.”

YouTube Review: New Zealand’s Haka vs USA – FIBA 2014

It was something to behold of before the basketball game between the US and New Zealand in this year’s FIBA Worlds.

Check out the video and see why..

Funny for some, but amazing for many, huh?

Hmm… the Kiwis performing their haka before the US squad sort of startled the Americans but at the same time entertained the world..

After all, they were like provoking a fight!

Well, you guessed it right. Haka as Wikipedia states it is an ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maoris of New Zealand.

It’s a good energizer indeed, eh?! How about trying it out in Boy Scout activities?

FIBA 2014: The Gilas Review

Gilas Pilipinas may have been eliminated from the ongoing FIBA Worlds 2014, but it did earn the admiration of the basketball world.

What would Gilas be without Andre Blatche?
But what would Gilas be without Andray Blatche?

In its five group games, the only double-digit loss came at the hands of highly-touted Greece, 82-70; while beating Senegal 81-79 in overtime. On the other hand, in the other 3 games, the Philippine men’s basketball team only lost by an average of 3.67 points – losing by just 4 points even against known basketball powers like Argentina.

Yes, though this is something to celebrate for the basketball-crazy country considering it has not qualified for the Worlds for quite sometime until now – remember, since it’s been a while for the Philippines to reach this stage, competition in this edition of the FIBA Worlds didn’t really know what to expect; and may have taken Gilas lightly and so the close scores.

Fajardo was promising, but it was really only 1 game..
Fajardo was promising, but it was really just 1 game..

It’s no different from beginner’s luck for Gilas.

So for the country to truly reestablish itself – one, it has to conquer Asia for the next 12 years. And, at least comfortably make the round of 16 while closely battling for the round of 8 each time in world competition. Tenacity and teamwork would be key.

Still, if only for FIBA 2014 – the showing was fair enough.

2014 NBA Draft Day Fashion

If you’ve seen the 2014 NBA Draft a week ago then you also must have noticed the style each draftee brought with them. And so for this week’s Fashion Watch, let’s take a look at how some of the Top picks carried themselves, and with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver..

Andrew Wiggins, 1st overall draft pick

Andrew Wiggins clearly had the most noticeable jacket of the night.. though fixing his bowtie a bit would do him good even more.

Jabari Parker, 2nd pick

Jabari Parker wore a sleek suit with a nice pin, but should have had a little more confident stance.

Okay, that shot must be due to Jabari’s momentum.. What?!?

Aaron Gordon, 4th overall

Aaron Gordon’s suit seems a bit ordinary.. Otherwise, his posture greatly affected his attire. Chest out. Head straight.

Dante Exum, 5th draft pick

Australia’s Dante Exum was at his best. Hmm… an obviously well-ironed suit.

Marcus Smart, 6th pick

Geez, talk of basketball personality – outside and in?! Marcus Smart sure gave us some hints with his matching bowtie.

Julius Randle, 7th draft pick

The colors Julius Randle wore maybe pale for L.A., but he sure looks like Frank Sinatra in his outfit.

In the end, while there were more good dressers to follow, there were also a handful of bad dressers among the draftees..

Yet if only for the meeting of basketball and fashion – t’was indeed an added bonus!

2014 World Cup: Luis Suarez, Uruguayan Striker

Sure you must have heard of the suspension on Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez which was due to his “biting” on an opposing player during a crucial match in the ongoing 2014 World Cup in Brazil..

Chiellini in blue, Suarez in white

..and so, the FIFA suspended Suarez for 4 months from any soccer competition.

Was it right for the FIFA to suspend him that long? And at a critical time? Well, was it also right for him to bite an opponent? Reminds us of some boxing match some years ago.

But as Suarez said, he just lost his balance and so his teeth hit Chiellini. Oh, see? Then again, how about reviewing the tape?

Anyway, while Uruguay would naturally protest on Suarez’s suspension, many claimed it to be too severe – even from the man he bit, Giorgio Chiellini.

Hmm… this is interesting.

Italy vs Uruguay match, more than just skin deep

Yes, Suarez did something definitely unsportsmanlike but you heard Chiellini. He was the one offended and still deemed the punishment as too much.

Thus, even just for this year’s World Cup, Suarez should be allowed to play and just let him serve his suspension right after the World Cup. This, provided he won’t do it again. For once he does, the Uruguayan team should also share the blame and be automatically kicked out of the 2014 World Cup..

After all, Luis Suarez has already been noted for similar violations even before this competition.


Innovation Nudge: NBA bigger court, 4-pt shot?

There has been recent talks in the NBA of increasing the size of the current 94 x 50 basketball court as well as adding a 4-point shot.. and, this is all because of the players’ increasing size and athleticism.

So, do you think this would be good for the sport?

Actually, this is a no-brainer. Okay, the nearest seats in the arena are too close to the court and expensive as we know.. but what does a bigger court have to do with addressing higher fees?


See.. whether the NBA adds more seats (lengthwise or what) or not, if its location is at courtside, it would still be expensive. This means the court’s size has nothing to do with the fee except add more revenue after reconstructing not just the court but the arena, too.

If the NBA really wants to serve its patrons better then why not make the seating area safer for them? Like, moving ’em one line back to lessen the fans’ chances of being rolled over by the players. Also, reduce ticket prices to anyone who watches live games and not just give discounts to regular ticket holders.

Understandably, the NBA is an entertainment business.. thus, if you reduce ticket prices, how would it earn? Well, gate receipts are nothing compared to what the league could get from sponsors, so, increase their “sponsorship” fees instead. Have no fear, with the game’s popularity, the NBA would never run out of sponsors.


Now, yes, the players are getting bigger and more athletic but have you really thought of how a bigger court could affect them?

Because of greater fatigue, players would be lucky to still play by 34.. more so at a high level. This also means more injuries because of greater strain – not just running up and down the court, but more so, in shooting 4-point shots.

Not only that.. with a bigger court, there would be lesser excitement because offensive players would be less challenged as defensive formations would be wider – meaning, more open space to penetrate or hit jumpers.

Yes, more players are athletic now but skills is what really makes one good. Yes, more players are becoming bigger nowadays but they’re still human.. and prolonging their All-Star careers equates to prolonging the NBA’s business.