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In Pictures: Durano EcoFarm Spring (Carmen, Cebu)

Beaches or the mountains. Well, that’s normally the choices up front when we seek to refreshen amidst the city chaos, or whatever stress we may want to get rid of. Yet wouldn’t it be nice if we could have them both? Water and wilderness?!? Wow!!

Here’s one place where you could experience them both..

z1-introsurroundings-2Durano EcoFarm Spring Resort at Carmen, Cebu.

To Get Here: It’s about 49 kilometers from Cebu City, so if you don’t have your own vehicle — rent one. Otherwise, take a jeepney or a Ceres bus at the South Bus Terminal. Then get off Carmen Market.

From there, just take a ‘habal-habal’ for P35 per head. And make sure you tell the driver to fetch you when it’s time, so get his cell number and try to agree on a back and forth fare.

The Entrance
The Parking Area

4-just-inside 5-just-about-in

The EcoFarm has 5 pools, so don’t worry, you got a lot of swimming space — besides, it also got a waterfalls! Just cool, eh?!



This pool is at the end of the 5 pool spring, so water is still being filled up
This pool is at the end of the 5 pool spring, so water is still being filled up

Oh, fact is there are 7 pools, but 2 are hardly used — so, take your pick! Just be careful when walking on the sides, no horse playing!

A table for four could be extended, and that's even more fun
A table for four could be extended, and that’s even more fun!
One of the accommodations
One of the accommodations
A tree house for campers' of 6
A tree house for campers’ of 6

Once you get to this place, spending the night is tempting; so, they got rooms for you. For two is P1,200 a night, while for 6 is P1,500.

For cottages, it’s P800 to P1,200 for day use. Yet worry not, ’cause their table for 4 is only P300 — and it could be extended, of course!





Don’t you just love the wilderness?!! Yep, green iiis indeed beautiful!

The waterfalls is actually not that high, still you’d feel that rush!

surroundings-4 surroundings-5 surroundings-6

More so, don’t you just wanna see more beyond ’em rocks? See ya’!

In Pictures: Gatubod Spring Resort (Compostela, Cebu)

It’s summer and getting way too hot, so if you are in search of a wonderful getaway in the midst of nature — then this hidden spring in Basak, Compostela, Cebu must be for you — Gatubod Spring Resort!


T’is the Municipal Hall of Compostela opposite its Public Market. It’s where you’ll get off on your way to Gatubod. Click Here for more.


Main Entrance

Entrance fee is P60 for adults and P30 for children. There’s no corkage fee so you could bring all the food you want and enjoy!

First pool you’d see upon entering the resort

There are actually just 2 pools not 3 as the other one is too small and just serves as some ‘launching point’ for the slides. And this pool above is about 4 to 6 feet deep.



On this area is where the little pool is for your slide launch..

Notice the ‘mini-falls’ or shower on the right?


Meanwhile, t’is the second pool and you’ll find it after climbing those steps. It’s depth is around 2 to 4 feet and where most of the crowd is since it’s wider plus it has a ‘mini-falls’ that you could enjoy!

The ‘launching pool’ for the slides



There are two paths to go up and down the resort, t’is one of ’em.


Oh, swimming would be hard if you’re alone since there’s no private room for rent, no one could look after your stuff. And if you come in a group, it’s good to rent cottages where it’s priced from P250-P500 — just pay for it upon entering. Yes, the pool is open from 8am-8pm.

Hmm… Just don’t drink if you want to swim! Enjoy!



Travel Time: Obong Spring (Dalaguete, Cebu)

Whether going for a separate visit or a follow up to your trekking adventures at Osmena PeakObong Spring, also in Dalaguete, is another great destination. Yep, from land to water, and more fun!

To get to Obong Spring: Ride a Ceres Bus Liner at the South Bus Terminal with an Oslob route, remember how to get to Dalaguete? Same goes. But this time, don’t get off the junction or market — instead, let the bus go a little further informing the conductor of your destination.

While Cebu City to Dalaguete proper costs P100, going further to Obong Spring is P110 per head. Once you get off the bus, going to the spring would require you to walk only about 250 meters..

The spring is usually overcrowded on weekends with visitors from the city and other towns plus locals who normally drop by for a swim, so if you want some sort of privacy then it would be better to come over during weekdays — and enjoy this cold spring!

Cool place, eh?! Well, the water’s more than cool — it’s really cold, like having ice cubes in your bathtub! A real nice experience you’d surely enjoy! And it only takes around 2 hours to reach the place..

Let’s go!

Fashion Watch: Vogue’s Street Style Spring 2014

Wonder what to wear this Spring? Let’s take a look at some of Vogue‘s 2014 street wear with photographs by Phil Oh.

CHLOE KERMAN, JULIA SARR-JAMOIS, FRAN BURNS .. on Chloe- Miu Miu .. on Fran- Celine top
CHLOE KERMAN, JULIA SARR-JAMOIS, FRAN BURNS .. on Chloe- Miu Miu .. on Fran- Celine top

We know many of you gals have already been wearing such. But guess, it’s Fran’s top that’s bit more striking, eh?

DEENA ABDULAZIZ .. Olympia Le Tan clutch, Eddie Borgo bracelet
DEENA ABDULAZIZ .. Olympia Le Tan clutch, Eddie Borgo bracelet

Oh, of course, what’s dressing up without matching accessories?!

MING XI .. Vintage top, J.W. Anderson skirt, Miu Miu bag
MING XI .. Vintage top, J.W. Anderson skirt, Miu Miu bag

Though it’s the top, skirt, and bag that are named here.. think her socks and shoes are what really “carries” her outfit.

CAROLINE DE MAIGRET .. Alexander Wang pants
CAROLINE DE MAIGRET .. Alexander Wang pants

Notice how Caroline’s shirt is smacked about her waist? That’s what actually brought her street style to life.