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Food & How To: Eggplant Recipes from the Far East

If you’re tired of just frying or boiling your eggplant, or cooking it in your usual manner — then this must be your lucky day! We got 3 easy eggplant recipes for you from the Far East that are simply worth trying!

Notice the simplicity? That’s one trademark of the Japanese — and Nasu Nibitashi (Braised Eggplant) is no exception. Yet clearly the taste lies in their own flavorings.

Dashi broth or fish stock. Rice wines in Mirin and Sake. All perfectly blending especially with the fresh ginger making the dish somehow ‘soothing’. Note, however, that the eggplants could be deep-fried and soaked in Dashi instead of being simmered — that’s version 2.

Korea’s Gaji-namul (Steamed Eggplant with soy sauce), on the other hand, brings in a 2-set preparation. One is the steaming of the eggplant and the other, the preparation of its mixture.

Here the only obvious Korean flavoring is in their hot pepper flakes — and of course, the process. You never knew how tasty garlic and spring onions could be, eh?! One key would also be in the steaming of the eggplant. Yeah, it shouldn’t be overcooked nor undercooked, otherwise, you wouldn’t get that juicy taste.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Eggplant with garlic sauce uses a lot more ingredients than their above counterparts. And yes, while Korea’s Gaji-namul is simply mixed without really cooking save for the steaming of the eggplant, China’s version is quite similar to the Filipino’s style since most recipes are really cooked. Hmm…

Mind you though, these aren’t their only eggplant recipes. Of course.