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Consumer Photos 21

Chopped chicken in a supermarket
Chopped chicken in a supermarket

If only consumers could determine “bird flu” strains without going through the microscope then that would be something. Chicken has always been a staple in our diet so, if there’s no flu threat or what, researchers should then take it upon themselves to experiment on possibilities instead of waiting for other strains to appear.

Shellfish and seaweeds in a wet market
Clams or “shellfish” and seaweeds in a wet market

As for seafood, there is also this risk of “red tide” contamination – and it does not have anything to do with whether you buy them from the supermarket or wet market. Thus, it always helps to listen to news specially in your area for any sort of food hazard.

Consumer Photos 20

The grocer at a distance ...
Grocery shoppers at a distance…

Is there a difference between men and women at the grocery? Not much really. Truth is, since we are humans, we all basically eat eggs, drink water, use soap, and things like that. Necessities, you know. What probably makes the difference is the brand preference and of course, there are a few products that are really gender-focused. That’s where sellers try to do their magic.

Ice cream - an all-time favorite
Ice cream – an all-time favorite

And unless, you are allergic, sick or under medication – obviously, there are things you can’t do and stuff you can’t eat. So, don’t waste your health care, make sure you get a regular check-up. When you are good to go, you know that ice cream is always a treat.

Consumer Photos 14

In Consumer Photos 12, we checked out the freshness between a supermarket fish and a wet market fish. For today’s set of pictures, let’s look at another side of these fishes..

See those sliced fishes on the right?
See those sliced fishes on the right?

Well, we all know that there are thousands of fish species yet not all of them are edible. And for those that could be eaten, there are so many ways to prepare them. Uh huh..

This is how it looks when they're dried ...
This is how it looks when they’re dried…

While it’s certainly good to eat fresh fishes, dried ones have a real flavorful appeal, too.. a different tingle on the palate, you know.

Have you tried one?

Consumer Photos 12

We know fish as an important ingredient to a healthy diet and so, consider the argument..

Supermarket fish
Supermarket fish…

In supermarkets, it’s presumed that “merchandise” are new or fresh — of course, especially if it’s from a renown supermarket.

Still, don’t you think that there could be times where what makes it actually fresh is only just ice? Who knows, it may have been there for many days already, see? So, next time — “inspect.”

Wet market fish
Wet market fish…

On the other hand, the lowly wet market usually gets the brunt on accusations of unfreshness and all. But then, here, it is easier to detect if the fish is good or not — as vendors don’t really have the tools and facilities for better storage.

Makes sense.

Consumer Photos 10

Rice paddy, and it's by the road ...
Rice paddy, and it’s by the road…

Rice is the staple food of Asians; this is why in this part of the world – arable land no matter how small if not utilized for crops is used as a rice paddy.

Prepacked rice in supermarkets ...
Supermarket-packed rice…

While one could buy rice in sacks or per kilo in convenient stores, it’s a good marketing strategy for supermarkets to pack them in 5 or 10 kilos to better serve especially foreign consumers and local tourists.