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In Pictures: Compostela Boardwalk Beach Resort (Cebu)

One of the smallest beach resorts one could ever go to is the Boardwalk at Compostela, Cebu — that is 26 kilometers north of the city!

T’is easy to find though since it’s just right after the municipal hall and the town’s public market; however, just before the Green Lagoon Park which is also in Compostela. Okay, got it!?

Compostela Municipal Hall is to the left when coming from Cebu City
From Cebu City, the Boardwalk is to the right

Anyway, smallish as it is, the Boardwalk’s got a handful of signages?!

Signage #1: Just after the reception
Signage #2: After the kiddie pool and the cottages
Signage #3: In front of the main pool

We are not even counting the resort’s ID! Well, it’s just noticeable since the place is clearly just a few hundred (??) square meters in area. And so, everything is just on a rectangular landscape.

From the entrance, the cottages are to the right
Rooms are to the left

Well, the resort proper is kind of cute though — and perhaps never really experienced overcrowding unless those bigger resorts are full. So, you got ’em little pools all for yourself with this one..

Main pool
Kiddie pool

Even tho with limited parking space. But who cares, you’re alone!

Parking area just before the resort proper

How ’bout checkin’ our ‘live’ tour, ey, you might see somethin’ else!

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Summertime: Your Snorkeling Essentials

Ready to dip?? Wait. Got to prepare yourself first for the adventure to have more fun and protection in the experience. And t’is ’bout investing in equipments.

Okay, you could borrow; then again, more than the possibility of not having that ‘perfect fit’ — you could also risk damaging ’em, and t’is somethin’ that’s not yours?! So, here now are  snorkeling essentials that you would or could be needing. Just Click the Images.


Okay we need a swimwear, and if our chosen attire is other than the full wetsuit then we would especially need a sunscreen.

SNORKEL MASK: Good for beginners to advanced swimmers
DIVING MASK: Ideal for competent swimmers

For the mask, it is important to note the kinds of masks there is since it would be your aid to seeing and breathing underwater.


And remember, more than just fun, keep safe with a vest.


Then of course, what is fun without memories — don’t forget your underwater camera! GoPro or more affordable ones will do.


Now if you don’t have a snorkeling belt to tag along your camera (and your kitchen sink hehe) underwater then bring a bag.


For your footwear, you could either have flippers to speed up your swimming, or just shoes to protect your feet. Your choice.


Finally, it’s paramount to know time — even during ’em fun times and especially underwater — lest before you know it, it’s already dark.


Well, worry not though if you got a diving flashlight with you.

Oh so much to explore, so little time! Till next time!

In Pictures: The Canyoneering Rush at Alegria (Cebu, 2017)

If you love hiking and nature, if you like jumping off cliffs and swimming — then we got something for ya’. Canyoneering! And in Cebu, there are basically two towns where you could do it — Badian and Alegria — both at the southern part of the province.

You know, Badian, where Kawasan Falls is as well? Yeah, they got canyoneering there, too. Level 1 that is. However, if you want a little more challenge then go to Level 2, that’s in Alegria — the town after Badian. And that’s where we took our thirst for some adventure..

The bridge to adventure
Photo from the bridge to where we’d swim to.. After the jump
1st jump right off the bat

Don’t be surprised when after wearing your gears and crossing the bridge — you’d be making your first jump right off the bat. It’s just how the trail starts, and perhaps to get your adrenaline going.

Watch your step. Some stones are slippery.



Adventure is not for the fainthearted. Can’t keep thinking, just roll.




Hike. Jump. Swim. That’s what ‘canyoneering’ is all about — so, go!

Alegria’s trail is a 4-kilometer stretch of rocks and water in the midst of nature; plus, a kilometer or so of dry land and hill hiking..

0j 0k 0l

Which would actually leave you starving after completing the entire course! This is why it’d be good to get a nice deal from your provider. That’s at the canyoneering headquarters, or contact 0943 5247120.

0m 0n 0o

In the end, t’is just a good therapy for your mind and body.

Oslob. Whalesharks. And GoPro.

I used to hear from backpacker hostels that this is one reason why tourists flock Cebu. And yeah, it’s because of the ‘whaleshark’ watching.. Where? Some 128 kilometers down south of the province.

Oslob. In barangay Tan-awan.

Whaleshark Watching sign: Brgy Tan-awan, Oslob
To the Briefing Center

To Get Here: Get to South Bus Terminal first. From there, ride a bus with the Oslob signboard. The aircon fare to Poblacion (center) is P145/head, however, if you want to go straight to the ‘whaleshark watching’ site — it’s P170, as it’s about 10 kilometers or so further from the center.

If you want a more personalized trip, you could hire a cab to take you back and forth, drop you off, or even for moving around. Just contact 0943 5247120.

The Briefing Center
Whaleshark Watching Facts and Guidelines

Accommodations here ranges from P360/head (dorm type room) to a couple of thousands depending on the resort you’ll stay and the amenities that go with it.

Oslob is the last town on Cebu’s eastern coast ‘that is frequented’ by tourists — the next towns that follow towards or near Cebu’s tip are less travelled and so, buses are real few that it’d even be better to hire a ‘habal-habal’ or a cab to move around.


Whalesharks are fed from 6AM to 10AM and so, that’s the time when ‘whaleshark watching’ is done. This means, you gotta wake up at around 5:30AM to prepare and be the among the first to see ’em whalesharks. Tell ya’, there are a lot whose lined up for this ‘show’, so not only would it be better to stay overnight in Oslob but also wake-up as early as you could. For accommodations, just contact 0943 5247120.

Just further down the shore is where 'watchers' will gather
One of the boats for the Whaleshark 'show'

The fee for this show? P500/head. This is good for 30 minutes and it includes a life vest and snorkels for you to swim side-by-side, yeah, with the ‘butanding’ (whaleshark)!




So, get ready with your GoPro!

Otherwise, if you were just too shy to borrow from your bunk mate then still the same, take that dive and just cherish the ‘whaleshark watching’ experience! Enjoy!

In Pictures: SandTrap Bar and Restaurant (Banilad, Cebu City)

If you’re looking to unwind especially on a weekend, then today’s feature may interest you. And we’re talking of no other than the SandTrap Bar and Restaurant in Banilad, Cebu City.

To Get Here: Ride a number 13 or 62 jeepney to Talamban; but of course, you’d be getting off the Banilad area, so just tell the driver to drop you off Paseo Saturnino — or just before A.S. Fortuna.

If you rented a cab or got a car, check out these pics to guide you..



From Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, The Henry is the most obvious structure that would tell you you’re already at Paseo Saturnino. Once you turn, you’d see the corner going to the ‘sports club’.



Parking would be no problem especially during daytime as you could see in our photo. Adults and not families are the normal visitors, so..





There’s your bar — with cable TV, band equipments and all!




It’s really only one pool but we just tried to give you the different angles of it. And well, the size is just right for the bar.

So, if you don’t feel like checking in a hotel but do want some drinks and a live band to go with a pool — then t’is the place to be. Ciao!

In Pictures: Ring RestHouse (Tisa, Cebu City)

If you are fond of heights, we mean the mountains, well, our next adventure is going to bring you close to nature. A mountain resort. And just within Cebu City!

Really. And it’s not even in Busay — but Tisa. The Ring RestHouse!


To Get Here: Just ride jeepney number 12 from Cebu City proper. Then get off Tisa Public Market, or the corner road going to South Hills. Take a ‘habal-habal’, and you’re on your way uphill!

The main roads are actually okay as they are concrete and two-way; but it’s when you reach the corner towards the resort that it becomes narrow, and where parking is even very limited.





The place has got 2 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools — yeah, located on two levels. Indeed, it’s really a pretty small place, and what makes it appear ‘big’ are the levels or floors in which there are three.




On these levels.. Pools, cottages, and rooms are ‘scattered’ including refreshment areas, bars, and even a little chapel.


Oh before we forget, the entrance fee is P110 for adults and P60 for kids; while cottages are at P300 and P500. They’re lower though on weekdays..

So, if you wish to stay overnight, their rooms are pegged at P1,900, and that’s good for 3. For us though, a visit is good enough considering the resort’s limitations.

Still, have fun!

In Pictures: Estaca Bay Gardens Resort (Compostela, Cebu)

Formerly known as Stakili — the Estaca Bay Gardens Resort has that appeal to the masses not only ’cause it has a pool and a beach to boot; nor because of its affordable entrance fee but because of its ambiance..

Yeah, it smells here. It smells ‘accommodating’. Hah! After all, the location is not really so deep into Compostela, Cebu. In fact, it’s just along the highway so, it’s very accessible.

Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
entrance 3
Entrance fees are lower on weekdays (P30) but even higher on Saturday nights at P75 for adults
entrance parking
The parking area

Mind you though, this is one resort that emphasizes day and night use as well as different rates for resort entrance. On a weekend or on holidays, the fee is P50 for adults and P20 for kids.

On weekdays though, it’s just P30 for adults but still P20 for kids.

a beach 4 a beach 5

a beach 6

Also, cottage fees here has got a pretty complex structure. I mean, there’s just too many classifications. So, you better ask first and check out which one you’d prefer. Anyway, it ranges from P350 for nipa huts to P800 for cabanas to even P1,500 for open cottages!

Though they got these plastic table sets that’s only P170, so..

big pool 1 big pool 2

Pools also have a different fee. And that’s P100 per head. Wow!

small pool 1

small pool 3

small pool 5

But don’t worry, it’s for both pools.. All the ones there is!

accommodation 3

accommodation 1

accommodation 4

Still, if you want to spend a night or two, you know that there are rooms. Again, it’s quite complicated in structure. Hah!

beach view 2 beach view 3

But as always, it’s just really good to be by the sea..

To Get Here in comfort — just contact +63 943 5247120.