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The Plight of Aznar Beach Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

For those of you who have not heard of Aznar Beach Resort, well, it’s just located on the coastal area of Talisay — around 12 kilometers from Cebu City.

But sadly, t’is just one of those places that really needs improvement even more than the one we saw in Minglanilla — which is at least a private property. But this one? It’s said to be a beach resort, so..

Getting to Aznar Beach Resort
Getting to Aznar Beach Resort

Something just has to be done.

Nahh. Can’t do anything ’bout the sand. If it ain’t white, it ain’t white. But what the beach owner could do is improve the ‘landscaping’ of sorts. It’s just kinda tight and disorganized. Cottages are too close. Vendors are just about everywhere. Their kiosks that is; making the place look quite ‘dirty’. And ’em fences needs to be replaced.

Yeah, those are just the obvious. Perhaps you could even see more.
Okay, the beach is catered for the masses but still, there should be some sort ‘beautification’, you know. Hey, with its current status, ‘sanitation’ might as well becomes a question!

If only you want to save, or perhaps just for the experience of it..

Yeah, you could try Aznar — it’s still a beach.

Real Estate: Talisay City, Cebu Properties

If you’re seeking a good investment and you’ve ran out of real estate in Cebu City — then Talisay City would prove to be a great alternative. It offers good buys especially in terms of bare land or lots that’s understandably cheaper compared to Cebu City.

And you need not worry if your address would no longer be Cebu City ’cause a good number of these properties are so near the provincial capital — perhaps even just 10, 15 minutes away!

Besides, if you love the beach, waterfalls or mountain climbing — hey, you’d be first to get there since you’re already in South Road!

1 biasong
Near and along the road

2 biasong

Just about 6 meters off the seashore
Just about 6 meters off the seashore

Property #1: ‘2-Storey’ House & Lot. Lot Area 196 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 2-3 Bedrooms. 1 Toilet and Bath. Price: ONLY P1.9M.

aa1 aa2 aa3

Property #2: 1,200 sqm LOT. Near a resort. Price: P7,000 per sqm.


The whole basketball court to its ends IS the property for sale
Not only is it near a resort but along the road as well

Property #3: 1,000 sqm LOT. Near a resort. Price: P6,000 per sqm.

Obviously along the road
Obviously along the road
Part of the lot is a damaged structure ready to be demolished
Part of the lot is a damaged structure ready to be demolished (left)
That damaged structure is just to the right of your screen
Back end of the property
Back end of the property

Property #4: 327 sqm LOT. Near SRP. Price: ONLY P2.9M.

Don’t you think these properties are like give-aways?!! Accessible. Affordable. Near a resort. Along the road — even near SRP! Wow!

For those who wants to get their money’s worth — these are great investments! Yet we got more in this area, so subscribe and follow us to keep tabs on our property updates — as some might have already been sold, or we could have added more to our listings.

Invest now — Contact +63 943 5247120.


In Pictures: Villa Teresita Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

If you’ve just gotten to Villa Teresita Resort in Talisay City, you could probably be a bit disheartened with its first sight. Well, the outside doesn’t really look so cool — same goes with its lobby all the way to even its first 2 pools. Yup, just looks tight and messy inside.

Yet do not be discouraged. As you go deep into the resort, yes, to the back that is — to the so-called ‘Seaside Pool’ — you would feel a little, hmm… happier? Hah! Let’s see the resort in pictures.

The Entrance
The Parking Area

The entrance fee here is P90 for adults and P45 for children..

First 2 pools’ cottages and accommodation
Seaside pool cottages
Refreshment Area
Refreshment Area

Yet while there is no corkage fees for food, you’d pay corkage for drinks — and cottages ranging from P300 to P600.

Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 2

By the way, they got some dress codes especially in the Seaside pool, so if your attire won’t do — you could buy one in their store.





And in case you’d want to spend a night here, it’s P1,300 for 2 people and P2,200 for a family of 6. Ah there’s a dorm, too, for P400 a head.



The black door at the end leads to the sea
That black door at the end leads to the sea
That structure is one of the resort's accommodation
That structure is one of the resort’s accommodations

Oh, did we mention that you could do some grilling here? You could.



Hah! Yeah, they got Wi-Fi but it’s real slow.. so, just enjoy swimming!

Okay now, time to exit..

The Exit is just beside the Entrance (right)

Well, it’s a good idea though to have a different entrance and exit as some customers may still be dripping wet, and you would not want to make the entrance slippery. So, see ya’ next time!

In Pictures: Crocolandia (Talisay City, Cebu)

Situated just 13 kilometers south of Cebu City is Crocolandia, and you’re right — the stars of the show are ‘crocs’! Still, although the crocodiles are the main attraction of the place, yup, particularly ’cause of the feeding that many just wants to see — Crocolandia is actually more than just these beautiful creatures..

It’s in fact something like a mini-zoo with animals ranging from birds to lizards to tortoises, and even an ostrich! Let’s see for ourselves..

zz animal ostrich

Located along P. Burgos St. in Talisay City, Crocolandia is especially frequented during the weekends for its, yep, feeding schedule..

The Entrance
The Entrance
Parking Area
Parking Area
Fees and Schedules
Fees and Schedules

Well, I particularly appreciated the park’s orderliness..

zz upon entering 1 zz upon entering 2 zz upon entering 3

And landscaping! It’s just nice and green!

zz landscape

zz landscape 4

zz landscape 3

Anyway, while waiting for that feeding hour at 4pm — not only could you check out other animals — they also got a museum. And yeah, for kids to be ever so entertained, the place has a playground and a canteen with even Wi-Fi connectivity!

zz museum 1

zz museum 2


Oh, finally it’s time for the show..

So, if you love nature, you’d surely enjoy your visit. Hmm… Did we mention that you could even go fishing??! Hah! Enjoy, indeed!

Fish and enjoy!
Fish and enjoy!
To get to Crocolandia
To get to Crocolandia

To Get Here: Again, same as getting to Sta. Teresa de Avila Church and the Liberation Park — CLICK HERE — unless you’re in a private vehicle, or you rented a Multicab for the whole family to fit.

Travel Time: Sta. Teresa de Avila Church & the Liberation Park (Talisay City, Cebu)

For this feature, we got 2 ‘destinations’ for you — yep, since they are just about 200 meters away from each other in Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu. These are the Sta. Teresa de Avila Church which is the first one you would see being along the road — and the Liberation Park which is by the sea shore.

To Get Here: The ‘sight’ is just about 12 kilometers or so from Cebu City — so, ride a jeepney with any of the following numbers 41-46 where you could just get off Tabunok market and take a motorbike or tricycle. Yet to go deep into Talisay, ride #42 from Cebu City.

To Sta. Teresa de Avila Church
To Sta. Teresa de Avila Church

While we view churches as the same, well, actually they’re not. The structures may have some similarities (however, still with variations) but what defines it is the time it was built. This means, that century-old look and all has a big impact along with the church’s location. That’s what makes it special!

Oh.. Might as well go to the sports complex another time, uh!? Hah! Know what else is cool about this structure? Ok, even if it has some similarity with another Augustinian church in Bacnotan, La Union and to some extent, San Luis in Pampanga as well as Carcar also in Cebu — it still stands out because of its covered porch supported by two columns and a balustraded terrace that connects the two towers.

Well, historical places are always a sight to behold especially for those who appreciates how we came to be. In this case, the ‘landing in Talisay’ by the American forces back in World War II that paved the way to the recapturing of Cebu in 27 March 1945; and the Japanese surrender of the province 5 months later.

Dig it? Better visit. See yah!

In Pictures: Getting to Igotan Cave (Talisay City, Cebu)

Many times, pictures do help in choosing the places we would want to visit. Yet for secluded, or sites we have never even heard of, pictures not only rubs our ‘travel bug’ but gives us that safe feeling — knowing the ‘terrain’ we have to go through in advance.

Let’s now see and feel the ‘actual’ terrain in getting to Igotan Cave.

Your landmark in taking the 'habal-habal' to Igotan Cave
Your landmark in taking the ‘habal-habal’ to Igotan Cave

In your last ride to Igotan Cave, the above photo is the landmark where motorbikes wait to bring you to the area — Brgy. Jaclupan.



The road to Igotan Cave takes around 15 minutes of scenic views..

Where you'll get off the motorbike and start your hike
T’is where you’ll get off the motorbike and start your hike

pic10 pic11 pic12

Upon getting off your ride, you just have to walk straight till you see a basketball court and a mango tree where you’d be going down to cross a dry river and onto the hill — which isn’t really that far.


Yeah, until you see this house, or the entrance to the cave’s vicinity.pic20

Since the cave isn’t that wide, spelunkers usually get in the cave on a first come, first serve basis — meaning, just gotta wait for your turn.pic22


They used to allow visitors down those rocks where the ‘outer’ falls is, but since they’re fixing the place, it’s temporarily disallowed. pic24

Finally, as a parting shot.. Read that poster before entering the cave, prepare to get your feet wet, hold your cameras well, and watch your step and head. Oh yes, you could shower in the falls inside but just secure your other stuff so it won’t slip or get wet as well.

pic14 pic15

Hmm… In case you wanna go for another short adventure, feel free to explore the dry river and its surroundings especially that bridge.

Click Here to see the cave’s inside and for more directions. Ciao!