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Product Review: Tattoo Pocket WiFi Update

After a little over a month of use, we would now like to give you an update of Globe’s Tattoo Pocket WiFi..

Power Button

To turn on the power and off for that matter, one needs to press it long enough. This kind of design is a bit precarious as one could over press and damage the unit.

Besides that, there should also be a better indicator of how much “battery life” is left, instead of it’s current indicator just turning red in the middle of one’s usage.

Charge the unit while in use? You wish. What if the battery’s already hot?


As previously said, the battery really heats up after 1.5h of use; and so the need to turn it off. Would one try to gamble and test the unit’s durability by using it to the fullest?

From a consumer’s standpoint, of course not. It would be a waste of money to buy another unit if it gets damaged.

Warranty? A waste of time especially for busy people. This is why products should be truly durable, otherwise, they would either lose customers or get a backlash.

WiFi Signal

Well, the WiFi signal is actually dependent on the provider’s reach. While it’s good in this area, fluctuations and slowdowns still happen. Imagine if the place is already filled with Tattoo Pocket WiFi users?!

So far, that’s our latest observations..

Let’s just see in the future.

Product Review: Tattoo Pocket WiFi

Most everyone needs to get online today.. Whether for career, business, or social purposes. Unfortunately, not many has good access to the internet..

..it could be because of the area they are in, or simply because one travels a lot.

Though more industrialized countries does not really have such a problem, developing nations still do.

But thanks to a continued advancement in technology, getting online has now become much easier – for one, there’s now a pocket WiFi.

More than just going through specs, how about user experience on this one? Hmm…

Tattoo is a Globe-branded device to access the internet which could be a stick, or a pocket WiFi. The stick seems to be on the phase out, so we replace ’em with the much improved pocket WiFi from Huawei.

Tattoo Pocket WiFi

Size is okay with just a little under 4×3 inches in measurement, so it’s handy. Accessibility or signal? Fluctuates in some areas but generally stable. As far as speed is concerned, it goes as the signal goes. If the signal is good then you got a speed of about 7mbps, otherwise, it fluctuates a bit more.

Battery is a concern though as the device seems to get quite hot after an hour and a half of use.. So, you got to stop a while to cool it down as a precaution.

Durability? We still have to see..

Lastly, though Huawei E5330Bs-2 also has the ability to connect up to 10 devices, it’s still pretty expensive at P1,995. After all, these kinds of gadgets are already all over the planet.

Looking forward to more improvements.