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Online Shopping 101: How Do You Buy from a Lazada Link?

Okay, a couple of days ago we talked of simple facts about online shopping and how does one go about it. Today, we would be delving into ‘how to’ buy from a link you see floating on your screen — like Lazada, a renown online ‘shopping mall’. So, stay with me.

Let’s say while you were updating your social media accounts you noticed an interesting item sold at Lazada, well, don’t hesitate..

CLICK THIS IMAGE to shop and take note of the delivery options to the right
After filling out the delivery options, check out its changes and follow the process below


Because of the brief outline accompanying the link, you already have an idea of what the product is all about. But just an ‘idea’ is different from a full description, so just click the link and find out more about the product. Worry not, this stage is still free of charge!

But before we continue, let’s use a different item instead.

Say, the above is the item that appeared after clicking the link. It’s in fact similar to our first photo, I mean the structure. Except that here, the buyer didn’t immediately fill out the delivery options to the right.

Instead, after checking out the product info and its availability, the buyer then clicked ADD TO CART. And the screen below appeared.


Now check the cart details. Click on how many of it do you want — or the quantity, that is. If you still want to buy other products then click ‘continue shopping’ (which is to the left); otherwise, if you are done shopping then click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

This is the screen that would appear after ‘proceed to checkout’ is clicked


An entity would not know how to get in touch with you if you don’t leave any contact details, right? So, keying in your email address on that blank bar would open up your end for notifications.

Still here, you got 2 options: (1) ‘continue without password’ and just sign in with your social media account, or (2) click ‘I already have an account’, choosing on this would require you to log in by entering your password which is actually much better if you plan to go online shopping not just once but every now and then — as Lazada would then use your ‘stored’ delivery info to speed up the process.

Provide shipping information to the left


Upon continuing, here’s when you provide info such as your shipping address and phone number, after all, how could they send it to you without a ‘drop-off’ information? Or how could they notify you if there’s no phone number? Yep, and especially useful for issues.

Just make sure you check out the ‘shipping fee’ because there could be some if you ordered ‘bulky’ items. Otherwise, ‘standard’ delivery is FREE. Now, if you’re done then click CONTINUE.

Choose your payment then review your order and delivery info at the right side


An array of payment options would then appear on your screen after clicking ‘continue’. So, just click on which one you would prefer.

Now this is optional: If you have a ‘voucher’, you could then enter its ‘code’ and click ‘apply here’. Yes, it’s for discounts. If successful, the price would then be adjusted accordingly. But before proceeding, review your ‘order summary’ and ‘delivery information’. Correct? Then click on PLACE YOUR ORDER to finalize your purchase.



After finalizing your purchase with ‘place your order’, you would then receive an order confirmation. By the way, take note of your ‘order number’ for future order tracking. This confirmation would also be sent to you via email and SMS. So, make sure you filled out your correct details. Read. Read. Read.

Ready? Shop Now!

Simple Facts about Online Shopping

So, online shopping has become more and more popular around the world, eh — what with internet access to most everyone in the planet??! Still, many are either scared or overwhelmed by it; well, let’s then get a quick diagnosis on why such a feeling.


There’s actually a basis for this thought, I mean, being scared and stuff. For one, you’d be kinda paying online (unless they offer C.O.D. or cash on delivery) — like giving your credit card or account details! So it’s understandable. Then again, your peace of mind could come from ‘whom’ you are actually buying from.

And track record has something to do with this idea which especially includes ‘consumer experience’. Like, if the seller has an ‘inexcusable’ record of not being able to deliver on what they have promised then that’s a warning sign. See, legitimacy is more than just having ’em business papers — it’s first and foremost about the ‘experience’.

Anyhow, other revealing signs would also include the size of the company, otherwise, its years of existence. This would tell us if they are just a ‘fly-by-night’ establishment, or a company that would not run away with your money. Such companies have online security protection and you would just have to follow their procedures.


Now, speaking of ‘procedures’. One who is past the ‘scared’ stage might be in the ‘overwhelmed’ stage, you know. Like, since he is already aware of the seller’s legitimacy, he must then be eager to already purchase. Right?

Problem is.. Money. Ow, that’s a big one. Can’t be overwhelmed without money but depressed. Hehe.

Kidding aside, if money is not an issue then it must be technology. Perhaps the buyer has not tried ‘online shopping’ yet, and so, he’s overwhelmed on what to do — on how to do it without probably getting embarrassed, or making a mistake.

If that’s the case, here are his options: (1) Call or send a message to the seller for guidance. (2) If he wants independent action then do a search on the sellers’ online process. (3) Otherwise, carefully read what’s on the screen and especially take note of the delivery and payment procedures — if it suits him then he should follow ’em.


Once you are past the ‘overwhelmed stage’ — that only means, you already got an idea on how to shop online. Yes? Wow, this could be addictive. Hey, can you imagine the number of products available?? Thousands! And good quality at that! Besides, not only is online shopping convenient that you don’t need to leave your house, it’s also delivered at your doorstep!

Isn’t that cool?!! SHOP NOW!

Review: Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printer on the go? Of course, a portable one. Like the size of a smartphone. Something that could give you those instant photo printouts wherever. Yeah?

Well, then this could be the gadget you’re looking for, the.. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer.

Click the Image and Shop Now!

The device measures 2.9 x 4.7 x 0.9 inches, and weighs just 6.6 ounces or 186 grams. It has a battery of 500 mAh that fully charges in 1.5 hours — and that is only after printing 25 sheets of 2 x 3 inch pictures.

What’s cool about this though is that it works without need for ink. How? Through ZINK Zero Paper — such uses a special kind of paper that prints even smudge-free.


All you need is to activate your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth (or through NFC) and pair it with your Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer — and you got your memories in hard copy!

Yes, this Amazon Best Seller comes with the Polaroid ZIP app to complete that digital age experience.. All for only $113.98!


Still, being portable, it has it’s limitations — from editing issues with the App to kinda reddish printouts. Not to mention your photo being cropped if you happen to edit it to fit the screen.

With these, you could possibly waste a couple of sheets trying to print the ‘perfect’ shot. Hey, 20 sheets costs $10 so try learning to adjust things from the App before actually printing.

Give some allowance for mistakes though. Haha!

Review: Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

Okay, the most obvious ‘benefit’ if you are to take advantage of this deal would be the price. Yes, for just $49.99 — you already got a 7-inch display tablet with a single-band WiFi and an 8 GB internal storage that is even expandable to 200 GB. Wow!

Still, if this tablet were not from Amazon, you might believe that this tab is just like the cheap ones you find on the streets, or some that are on sale at malls. But of course, this is much better!

Anyway, let’s go through its key features..

Click the Image and Shop Now!

In its 7-inch display comes a 1024 x 600 pixel IPS screen; includes an 8 GB internal storage with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor. Hmm.. Just what you need for entertainment — and yeah, even some light ‘working’. Besides, it’s got a decent 7-hour battery life.

Some issues with this one though.

One. The audio. If you are one of those seeking some cinema-like sound effects then you could be disappointed — it only got a mono speaker, and not yet a Dolby with dual stereo speakers.

Two. If one is a real techie, then he’d notice the difference between high resolution and a 1024 x 600 pixel screen. The smoothness. How fine those letters are and all, especially when just used for reading.

But hey, these issues are even hardly noticeable! And they are even not that important considering its value for price — Only $49.99!

0920-fire-564Moreover, its front facing VGA camera is sufficient for even Skype calls. And did you know that as measured in tumble tests, Fire is almost 2x more durable than iPad Mini 4?? Well, just look at that bulky, plastic body for one!

See? Point is, no matter how advanced technology, or a gadget for that matter is — there’d always be an area that needs improvement. That’s why technology keeps evolving!

Gadget Review: Onewheel

Now one of those intriguing products we’ve noticed at the CES 2016 has been the Onewheel. What is it? In layman’s terms, it is a board with one wheel — a hoverboard kinda thing. Sounds fun? Yep!

When we first saw it though, some concerns popped up. Like for one it looks tough to balance, so dangerous! Hey, it’s only got ‘one’ wheel and a big one that even looks heavy or hard to control in some ways!

Second. Oh, what are the chances of ’em tires getting flat? And when it ‘suddenly’ does, what would happen especially while speeding?

Okay, it is said to be ‘self-balancing’. What? If it is then every person who tries it would get it on their first crack, got it? It is still you who controls it, after all; so ‘self-balancing’ is sort of an overstatement.

Next. It’s got ‘intuitive control’; meaning, just lean forward to drive forward, or lean back to stop while press your heels or toes to turn. See? That’s what we’re sayin’! Especially since it only got ‘one’ wheel, the control and the balancing is really on us.

0323 onewheel-1-930x613

Then, it’s got a hub motor and batteries for an extended ride. And it only charges for under an hour. Wow, that’s good, more fun!

Finally, it’s app connected. As it says, it is ‘much like a surfboard is shaped for a particular rider and conditions, Onewheel can adjust to meet your needs and ability’. Well, how useful is it really?

iPhone app is said to be available in the Apple App Store already
iPhone app is now said to be available at the Apple App Store

Anyway, let’s check out specs you’d be interested in..

Motor: 500W transverse flux hub
Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 48V. Weight: 25 lbs.
Tire: 11.5×6.5-6 Vega
Max lean angle: >30°  Top speed: 15 MPH.  Typical range: 6-7 miles. Recharge time: 20 mins (ultra charger). Dimensions: 9×11.5×30 (in)

Now, the question. It maybe ‘unstable’ at first sight but it’s definitely fun! Then again, how many could afford it for $1,499 each?


Gadget Review: DietSensor (CES 2016)

While many of our latest tech advancements are focused on, what, ‘drones’, ‘wearables’ and stuff — here is one product that caught our attention. DietSensor. And it doesn’t fly, or you don’t really have to wear it, but it gives you feedback on the nutritional contents of what you would like to eat and suggests on what you should be eating instead. Isn’t that great?!

Wow, cool eh?!! This is especially useful for those on diet, whether slimming, weight management or for particular medical conditions. But most importantly, to remind us on eating healthy.

Couple of concerns though.

One. It’s only for food, how about beverages? Perhaps they should make another device for this, huh? Hah! You know.. for a complete health package.

0301 diet_sensor

Two. Wouldn’t it be kinda freakish if you would just keep scanning your food — especially when eating out?!? People would just keep staring at you then as the basics of food is pretty much an open book. Like watch out on salt, sweets, and trans fat. And certainly, almost all of us knows this — it’s just that many of us keep ignoring the ‘red light’.

So probably, DietSensor could add another feature to their product. Vibration. That is to warn us every meal hours (just like how we set our alarms) even before we pull out our device. Hah!

Gadget Review: GoSun Grill

Soon to be available this summer of 2016 is the GoSun Grill. It is a fuel-free cooker that uses sunlight to roast, steam, boil or bake food in a working temperature of 250°F (121°C) – 425°F (218°C) and with an estimated power output of 250 Watts in full sunlight.

gosun grill MaterialsAs for its specs, the grill weighs 20 pounds with an oven opening diameter of 5″. It measures 25″ x 12.6″ x 11″ when closed and 25″ x 12.6″ x 18.5″ when opened; and it is said to cook from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the meal and the conditions with really no monitoring needed.

gosun 599.00Well, what’s nice about GoSun is that it could still cook even when the sun is blocked, or even at night as it stores the heat of the sun to enable it to cook anytime (and anywhere) with its patent pending phase change Thermal Battery. Though of course, it is rechargeable.

GoSun Grill_vsGrill_1024x1024Then again, while cleaning up and the cooking capacity had been addressed, yeah, including the grill’s weight (carrying around 9 kgs is no joke) since there are a variety of GoSun models — GoSun Sport is for the adventurer while GoSun Grill could be a fixture at home — the price of the GoSun Grill is quite hefty at $599..

Lastly, the adjustment to cylinder-type cooking? Guess excitement would speed that up. So long as its safe and efficient then GoSun!

Gadget Review: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

What we normally think of tablets is just, you know, games and stuff. Like as simple as having a bigger screen compared to a smartphone, of course, but with the power of a computer — though it’s just a little smaller than laptops where we could comfortably type.

But this one, dubbed as ‘The Ultimate Video Tablet’, Yoga Tab 3 Pro actually has several features that not regular tablets could offer; and the ‘ultimate’ of which is possessing a 70″ built-in projector. Wow!


For gamers.. Yep, nothing to worry. It’s got a 2 GB RAM which could accommodate just about any popular game we have today.


For movie and music lovers? Well, the nice thing about this is that you could actually ‘hang’ it, so even if you’re doing something, you could still enjoy its 4 JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos along with its 10.1″ QHD (2560 x 1600) screen — and it’s even splash proof!


For photo junkies. Okay, it’s still the regular 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front cam. But hey, it measures 9.72″ x 0.18″ x 7.05″ and is only 1.47 pounds with a capability to stand!


For heavy users, hmm… How does an 18+ hour battery life sound? Cool, eh?! It’s got a 10200 mAh after all. And it’s powered by an Intel Atom Quad Core processor. Yeah, with Android 5.1 as its OS!


But, do you think this would sell like hotcakes at $479.99? Really?!? The projector thing is just too inviting that one wouldn’t even mind if the splash proof design could really last. Or if apps are running while you play with RAM-hungry games. Or even if the tablet could blow up while cooking.. Whoa!?

What matters is that you are aware of the gadget. And would really take care of not abusing its features. Only then would it be worth it.

Gadget Review: EHang 184, World’s First Human-sized Drone

When I heard about this innovative drone as the safest, smartest, eco-friendly low-altitude autonomous aerial vehicle — I was first curious about how much human weight can it really carry; after all, the EHang 184 is already about 440 pounds.

Then many questions followed.

EHang 184
EHang 184

How high can it actually fly? What if there’s a system failure, or say a breakdown in even one of the rotors? If it doesn’t rotate, or is hit by a bird or something? What if there’s sudden winds — hey, the passenger doesn’t even have any in-flight control!

Wow, doesn’t make sense. Just doesn’t make a passenger ‘feel’ safe..

Hmm… Looks real cool though. But the blades need protection and the passenger needs to be given some control, otherwise, this could just be a beautiful concept of 23 minutes in the air.

Well, at least it’s a good start by Chinese UAV company EHang.

Gadget Review: Sway Lithium PLUS

What was first a concept back in around 2011, the Sway Electric Bike has now even completed its 2015 production for its second model –the Sway Lithium PLUS electric three-wheeler, an urban creative capable of reaching speeds of up to 60-70 mph.

Funded by Shark Tank, this creation by Joe Wilcox makes you feel like you’re skiing more than riding a motorbike as it allows riders to lean into turns, yup, just like a motorbike but with — I say — ‘lesser’ risk of falling. Check out one of its earliest videos in 2011..

Hmm… if a 79-year-old did ride without issues or even a girl who never rode a motorbike before felt at ease with this one then we could ride without fear as well. But I say, be cautious and try to get used to the handles first before being more adventurous..

Okay, although the trike has stability since it’s three-wheeled, its ‘control’ is a little concern. Yes, it’s agile but since you could turn while leaning as well as swerving the handles, doesn’t it make the handles a bit ‘slippery’ otherwise kinda hard? Know what I mean?

Sway Electric Bike

See, regular motorbikes do turn on leaning but it’s normally done on high speed — unlike the Sway Lithium which makes our imagination a little more active. Just look at how it was on snow and perhaps on slippery or wet roads too. Braking would be quite like ‘horse playing’ even if it has 50% more braking capacity.

Oh, in case you were wondering what’s the difference between the Sway Lithium and the Sway Lithium PLUS.. the PLUS has a 50% more battery capacity for highway speeds and longer range.

In the end, it would boil down to affordability. The first model costs $7,999 while the second one costs $10,999. Yeah, it’s worth more than some models of Harley Davidson but it has its PLUSes.