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Review: Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

Okay, the most obvious ‘benefit’ if you are to take advantage of this deal would be the price. Yes, for just $49.99 — you already got a 7-inch display tablet with a single-band WiFi and an 8 GB internal storage that is even expandable to 200 GB. Wow!

Still, if this tablet were not from Amazon, you might believe that this tab is just like the cheap ones you find on the streets, or some that are on sale at malls. But of course, this is much better!

Anyway, let’s go through its key features..

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In its 7-inch display comes a 1024 x 600 pixel IPS screen; includes an 8 GB internal storage with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor. Hmm.. Just what you need for entertainment — and yeah, even some light ‘working’. Besides, it’s got a decent 7-hour battery life.

Some issues with this one though.

One. The audio. If you are one of those seeking some cinema-like sound effects then you could be disappointed — it only got a mono speaker, and not yet a Dolby with dual stereo speakers.

Two. If one is a real techie, then he’d notice the difference between high resolution and a 1024 x 600 pixel screen. The smoothness. How fine those letters are and all, especially when just used for reading.

But hey, these issues are even hardly noticeable! And they are even not that important considering its value for price — Only $49.99!

0920-fire-564Moreover, its front facing VGA camera is sufficient for even Skype calls. And did you know that as measured in tumble tests, Fire is almost 2x more durable than iPad Mini 4?? Well, just look at that bulky, plastic body for one!

See? Point is, no matter how advanced technology, or a gadget for that matter is — there’d always be an area that needs improvement. That’s why technology keeps evolving!

Gadget Review: Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Our featured gadget is one that has actually been around for decades, yes, in Japan. Really. But understandably, one could say “How come we haven’t really heard of it?” .. Really? Can’t be.

Anyway, this could also be because of practices as in every place has their own; like, the use of toilet paper is more of Western, you know. So for us, it’s really a choice between paper and water. And the product we’re talking about is the Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat..


Yes, it’s basically placed on a bowl but that in fact would help you clean your bottoms. How? First, it warms your bottoms then it cleans it by using warm water as in warm-water spraying – which is the fundamental feature of the gadget..


Hmm… so obviously, water cleans better than paper – which is what many parts of the world are now starting to realize and accept, save for a large portion of Asians..

Water has been a cleaning fixture. So, adding an electronic bidet to their lives won’t really be a problem. The only issue here, of course, would be its $250 price. Wow!

Innovation Watch: Yotaphone 2

Here’s one smartphone that would really be nice to have – the Yotaphone 2.

It’s the world’s first double-screen smartphone. This means, it does not only have the regular front screen that we know – it also has back screen, or what is called the e-ink display..

What you can do on the main screen, you can also do at the back – from checking emails to using social media to getting bar codes in apps scanned to what have you.

What’s more is that the phone’s back display can stay on all the time – there’s no such thing as “low batt.”

Cool, right?!

That would be great for emergencies! Two things though – how protected really is the back from scratches and stuff? Also, how long is long? The “power all the time” thing, I mean.. Hopefully, til the necessary support arrives.

Tim Cook and Apple TV

Apple TV has already upgraded its version to 7.0 ..and here’s what head honcho Tim Cook has to say about their kind of TV..

Hmm.. for consumers, there’s a couple of things to note here on what Cook said.

One. TV is stuck in the 70s as interface is simply terrible. Two. Apple has added more content so one has more things to do.

Guess what, TV nowadays as we can see is becoming like a giant computer – at least for tech companies that is.

Apple’s version 7.0 provides that photo uploading feature in iCloud and utilizes Beat Music for every fan to enjoy.

Then again, if technology is just concerned about what application it could add (of course) – then it’s no longer a real TV but a hybrid computer. Don’t you think so?

The controls...

Oh, it has movies? Music videos and things like that? Well, that’s what computers are noted for in the entertainment side of things. Not to mention the games.

TV is about the regular programs it airs. See, no matter how technologically advanced your TV is.. If programs take the backseat then your TV is no TV.

And it’s not about being stuck in the past. Want a good TV? Talk to your local TV stations. Really.

Gadget Review: Subwoofer Speaker

With the many gadgets nowadays, choices have shifted from need to desire. Let’s start off our 2014 gadget review with something that interests many of our teens today – a Subwoofer Speaker.Subwoofer Speaker MERO_Edited

So, what makes this interesting?

First and foremost, it’s connected to music – the universal language. While the world swells with a variety of tongues, music has not only helped bridge borders but inspired many to “action” – personal (like love) or political (like causes).

Now the gadget proper.

Subwoofer Speaker
Subwoofer Speaker

Well, the Subwoofer Speaker has ports for the USB, and the SD or the MMC. On the other hand, some of these speakers also has slots to what many refers to as the “T-flash” or the microSD. This means you could play “crisp and loud” music with almost any storage device you would prefer to.

Lastly, of course, not only is it cute… and handy in some way, but it is strikingly affordable. Besides, it also comes with a rechargeable battery.

Oh, I know, that’s common nowadays.

How’s the Sun been?

Guess telecom companies should not give any sort of misleading claims or promos especially when they do not have a stable signal – for they could face many consequences from losing customers to legal suits.

As for what happened to SUN Cellular

See? Connection problems...
See? Connection problems…
Okay, but they're trying...
Okay, but they’re trying…

Despite the flaw, SUN is a good provider. They try to fix problems; but the problem is.. signals still need fixing. And.. they lack, at least, one more phone brand on their list – Alcatel.

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
Basically a good procedure except…

Notice the last photo? Most known phones are listed but no Alcatel

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone…

…although FB Zero has now been working every now and then. Still..

Web companies, on TV advertisements?

Web companies, on TV advertisements?

You may have noticed them on the net, or you may have not. But now, you see them on TV. I mean these web companies.

Yes, they are now trying to get your attention through TV. This only means that TV has never really lost its appeal and effectiveness.. and although it’s a big boost to big companies, this could be true especially for less established companies.


See, while many spends a lot of time with social media, they still have some TV time. Not just because they want to see their favorite programs on a larger screen, but sometimes, constant “typing on the keyboard” gets on their nerves. Okay, there is this “computer-tv in one” thing but then, not everybody are into the net. So, TV just makes sense.

Delivery through “drones”?

Delivery through “drones”?

Yes, on-line retail giant Amazon has this in mind – to deliver your goods through “drones”. Yup, it’s those unmanned “flying octopuses”, if that’s how you want to call it.


Can you imagine that?

A bit too futuristic huh? Well, on a quick look – yes. But looking deeper, not really. ‘Cause we’re really headed that way. Look at our smartphones, our smartwatches… and even the use of cellphones while 10,000 feet up in the air is being considered.

On hearing this, what came to mind were things like: Wow, this could be noisy. Yes, there’s no traffic but that’s just for the “start”, later on, the air would be something like polluted. Not just the air pollution that we all know but… see, these are like “giant bees” in the air hovering above us that could interfere with nature. And more so, we may not be able to determine if these are not the surveillance kind of thing.

Hmm… this would be pretty interesting though.

In-flight Cellphone calls.. Soon?

In-flight Cellphone calls.. Soon?

Yes, you heard it right. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is considering the lifting of in-flight cellphone calls. And sure many travelers would be glad to hear this news.. of course, except for those who just wants to read or have some quiet time.

Hmm… wonder what happened to those “navigational” issues? Of course, it’s solved.

Anyway, this is how it’d work. Cellphones can’t be used during take-off or while landing, however, when the plane is about 10,000 feet up in the air – passengers could use their phones – to call, text and surf the net.

Well, except for the calling stuff from very excited passengers, that’s actually great.

Nonetheless, at this time, a plane is unlike a restaurant where you could just seat your non-smoking customer to a non-smoking area. So, though things may vary in “class”, imagine the possible noise. Yet again, if crews are just properly instructed to inform passengers not simply to lower their voices but to make urgent calls only then that would be a relief to those who seek peace.

inflight calls

As it is, this could be impossible especially since this is new; and although there is this passenger “class” thing, most fliers would certainly want to experience how it is to call while flying at least for a while … ’til the excitement wears off.