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Watches at the Mall …





Even with the advent of smartwatches, “traditional” watches would still survive. I mean, look, the appeal is different. While smartwatches would appeal more to regular online users, traditional¬†watches is really about telling time “according” to one’s personality… well, yes, though the price would have a say on it, too.

Calling WordPress…

While doing a monthly round-up of the site the other day, August 28, we noticed four of the posts (July 31 Wine… anyone?; July 27 Consumer Photos II; July 25 Frequent flyer; July 24 The customer is…) “when not specifically opened” has an initial display of the following:




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Go ahead and try searching those blogs in the search box. It seems that lender-24h.com and indypressny.org “still” found its way to “forcibly” advertise without the knowledge of Consumer Live, or even a notification to us by WordPress.


I say “still” because we did notice this intrusion “through tags” in the early days of the site — that is, whenever we did add a blog post and consequently edited before posting it. But, we were able to remove them by simply clicking “X” on the tag display at the right side of the screen. So, we let it go.

But now, when we checked the whole site — as we’ve said, 4 blogs were penetrated by ads. This forced us to temporarily close the site to look for answers.

Yes. We were looking for a way to contact WordPress about this but seems there was no way one could get in touch with their customer support except through a WP “support” link. And when we did, it just led us to another support link which was not really of help — and so that speaks of today’s blog.

If you have the answer fellow-bloggers, especially WordPress, kindly email or leave a comment. Thank you.