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Music Review: Starboy (The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk)

Another song of The Weeknd is on the rise, and it’s currently #2 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 through 22 October 2016. Yeah, you must have heard it already..

Starboy featuring Daft Punk.

But have you seen the music video?

The lyrics are kinda ‘complex’. Not that they could not be understood but, ahh well, just listen.. The beat though is cool but it’s a bit typical these days. The setting, hmm.. not surprisingly is pretty.. Morbid??

You know, it’s dark and all.

Well, the only bright thing here is the ‘cross’. Lighted pink. But what’s he doin’ carrying that cross? At some point, wagging, and hitting things with it? It only makes the lyric ‘mother f*ck**’ (has this line become a norm??) and the rest of the lines quite.. Unholy.

Still, with close to 90 million YouTube views plus its rise in the music rankings, not too many are aware that a ‘cross’ is not just a simple prop — but something that should be revered.

Music Review: The Hills (The Weeknd)

Wow, the first two spots on this week’s Billboard charts are actually occupied by The Weeknd’s songs! And for today, we feature The Hills, sitting at number 2..

So, do you like the video? Creepy? Well, the video, the lyrics.. kinda weird, huh?! Does it even blend? Noticed something though, he just likes fire.  Sure you’ve seen Can’t Feel My Face where he was in flames.. well, same goes with this one. Intriguing tune though.

But oh my, the house just makes you run for the hills..

Music Review: Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)

Just number 1 last week, our featured song is one spot down this week at the Billboard’s Hot 100; and that is the hit single Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd..

Wow! What a hairstyle! Well, obviously that’s what most would notice first than the song itself.. and perhaps, it’s also why the views over at YouTube just mushroomed to 69M in curiosity. Can’t be the hairstyle why he can’t feel his face though.. What about the flames?

Hah! Ow, must be.. must be..

Nice tune though. Perfect for the bar, that’s why the setting. Though the video could have improved if they were even more creative.. Still, it wouldn’t make number 1 or 2 if the music wasn’t good, right? Right.

Music Review: Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd)

Sliding to number 12 at the Billboard’s Top 100 Hits this week is Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande, and featuring The Weeknd..

Well, while there were those who complained about Sia’s Elastic Heart as being sort of pedophilic – don’t you think Ariana’s song is subtly sensual in nature?

Listen. Carefully.

Bite your lip. Moaning. Pressure between the hips. I’ll make it feel like the first time. Love me harder.

Other than being both adults, such expressions should be in private, right? I mean, we can’t have that double standard you know; if you’re upset at Sia’s video, what about Ariana’s lyrics? Children could hear them in various mediums.. And can get really curious.