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Food & How To: Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥)

It’s just about the weekend, and what a long one we would have considering there would be no classes come Monday, as the country would celebrate its Independence Day. So, time for the last of summer outings with a tasty dish to bring along. Yey!

And what do we have? Yubuchobap. A Korean recipe of fried and marinated tofu stuffed with rice. Check this out.

So. So, so simple, right? This is why this recipe is ideal for picnics and even for your kids’ lunch packs. Easy to handle, carry, and generally cheap to make. Just make sure you know where the nearest Korean grocery store is for your Yubuchobap kit.

Yubuchobap kit

However, if there’s no such store in your area, do not worry about the exact ingredients. Instead, just try to use the closest substitutes; otherwise, try to experiment and make them yourselves. Like, the flattening and molding of the tofu wrap for one. Or using chia seeds instead of sesame seeds (this is everywhere, we’re just looking to experiment) to dip your Yubuchobap.

Experimenting is good since you could come up with a tastier dish to your liking instead of continuing with a food monotony. See?!

Consider the benefits of Chia seeds and try experimenting

And speaking of something tastier, remember also that you could still add some spices and vegetables like broccoli, carrot and onion for a more flavorful and healthy Yubuchobap. Just light fry those veggies before mixing them with your rice.

The dipping of the Yubuchobap on the seeds

Still, if you just want to save preparation time, the kit’s ingredients will do without any need to add anything anymore. Just try to use high quality rice not just for its taste but for fluffiness.



Food & How To: Tofu (Asian)

This food may not smell good to many but considering that it’s packed with protein that’s so much healthier than animal meat – would a less appealing scent really matter then?

Certainly not. And guess what we’re talking about? Tofu, those white cubes you see that’s made from soy beans..

Soy milk. Lemon juice. Water. That’s all you need to make tofu. Hmm… Simple as it is, one key here is the soy milk. If you’re not familiar on how it’s done, click here for the video.

Another factor here would be the coagulant; and in this case, it’s the lemon juice and water. And since using commercial soy milk could affect coagulation, it would be better if you just go with your homemade soy milk instead.

Still, if you just take the mixing and monitoring too easily, you could end up with a half-baked product..

Right heat. Right cooling. Perfect tofu.