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Product Review: Simple yet Useful Combo Products

For this week, here are some simple yet useful combo products that are worth having at home..

$12 at aplusrstore
$12 at aplusrstore

A timer in a toothbrush holder. We know kids to be ‘in a hurry’ when it comes to brushing their teeth but then, having a timer around would help train them be more mindful on the importance of brushing..

$10.90 for 3 pencils at sproutworld
$10.90 for 3 pencils at sproutworld

A pencil that grows into a plant. This combo product is real interesting. Imagine??! A pencil that turns into a plant!! Just wonder how big the plant would grow, and how long it could live though..

$10 at umbra
$10 at umbra

A strainer-bowl. Always thought of having such a bowl where you won’t need to tilt it and risk spilling its contents — just to strain it.

Now, we got a wonderful creation. Just wished t’was cheaper. Hah!

Gadget Review: Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

There are those that when they first hear this kind of product, they’d say.. “What? An internet connected toothbrush? How could that be? Why, what for?”

Obviously, toothbrushes are for cleaning our teeth and helping maintain its health, but how do you know that you are doing it correctly? That’s when the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush comes in.

Kolibree was developed to help monitor and improve the way we brush and care for our teeth. All we need to do is download the free mobile app and connect via Bluetooth then all brushing are recorded. The data then syncs with your smartphone and informs you on how effective you brushed your teeth, like if you reached hard to clean areas and if you brushed long enough. Good right?

This innovation sells from $99 to $200 each depending on the model. Would you want one?

Well, the good thing here is that the toothbrushes’ head are switchable, so this means you could buy one with several extra heads and the whole family benefits from this unique technology. Of course, it’s better not to switch heads to avoid hassle and stuff..

So, how about Kolibree lowering its price?

Did you bring…

…your toothbrush? Oh, no need? Well, we are all travelers in this world, and in our travels… we interact; and of course, we eat.

Hey, was there a time when someone you met smelled that you had to sort of turn while conversing? That would not be cool, right? For either of you. But it could happen, even unknowingly. And even between friends, it would be embarrassing; and unless it’s your family then they’d be forgiving.

Always include one in your bag ...
Always include one in your bag…

But what if you had that dirt in your teeth while talking with a client, or with a romantic prospect?

Uh oh, that would spell trouble. It would mean point deduction on your part, worse, a wasted chance.

See, perfume or sprays help… but it won’t hurt to carry a travelers’ toothbrush kit with you. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be a popular brand – what’s important is that it does its job of cleaning, freshening and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Anyway, the battle is just between you and your teeth facing the mirror – well, in most cases at least… and while you still want that infectious smile.

Yet for whatever brand you’d prefer – just make sure you use it – you don’t want to lose that tooth, right? Well, off to the dentist now… See yah!